The Cottage is a rehabilitation center located in Surrey, England. It is run by the Priory Group, a leading provider of mental health and addiction treatment services. The Cottage is a serene and peaceful place where individuals who struggle with addiction can receive the care they need to overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives.

The center is in a picturesque location surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodlands. It provides a safe and welcoming environment for people who want to recover from addiction. The center’s facilities include private rooms, communal living areas, and outdoor spaces where clients can relax and reflect.

The staff at The Cottage rehab are trained professionals who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their recovery goals. They are committed to providing a compassionate environment fostering healing and growth. The team consists of therapists, nurses, support staff, and other specialists who work together to provide individualized care for each client.

The team works in collaboration to design different programs to help clients overcome their addictions and develop the skills they need to maintain sobriety in the long term. Each such program is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and includes a range of therapies and activities that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The center also provides clients with a range of holistic therapies and has a lot of other luxury facilities nearby, including a golf course, horse riding tracks, five-star spas, and a gym. These facilities and activities assist in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which can be particularly beneficial for those in recovery.

The Cottage treatment center aims to help clients develop a new, healthy way of life free from addiction and drug abuse. The program focuses on helping people to build resilience, self-awareness, and self-esteem. By working on these core areas, patients can develop the skills they need to overcome the challenges they may face in the future.

Luxury Facilities at The Cottage Treatment Center

The Cottage rehab offers various services and facilities to help people overcome addiction. Here are some of the key facilities available at The Cottage:

Private suite

Each patient at The Cottage has a private suite, including a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and a traditional-style kitchen. The suites are comfortable and relaxing, with high-quality furnishings and décor. Patients can enjoy some privacy and downtime in their suite whenever needed.

Laundry services

The Cottage offers complimentary laundry services to patients, so they do not need to worry about doing their washing. Laundry is taken care of on-site, and patients can expect a quick and efficient service. This can help to reduce stress and free up time for other activities.

Private car and chauffeur

Patients at the center are driven to and from the facility in a private car with a professional chauffeur. This can be especially helpful for clients feeling anxious or overwhelmed, as it can help reduce stress levels. It also means clients can arrive at the facility in style and comfort.

Office facilities

The rehab center offers office facilities for patients who need to work during their stay at the treatment center. These facilities include a quiet workspace, a computer, and access to high-speed internet. This allows patients to stay connected to their work and continue to make progress on their professional goals while focusing on their recovery.

Personal garden

The facility also offers a personal garden where patients can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The beautifully landscaped garden provides patients with a peaceful and serene environment where they can meditate, read, or simply enjoy the fresh air. Spending time in nature has been shown to have numerous mental and physical health benefits, making the garden a valuable asset for patients at The Cottage, Surrey.


The Cottage treatment center offers housekeeping services to ensure patients have a clean and tidy living space. This facility helps to alleviate the stress and burden of cleaning for patients, allowing them to focus on their recovery without worrying about their rooms’ cleanliness.

Each one of the facilities provides comfort, convenience, and support to individuals who are undergoing addiction treatment. These facilities, combined with the expert care and support provided by the Priory Group, make The Cottage rehab an excellent choice for anyone seeking addiction treatment.

Beginning Treatment Journey at The Cottage Priory Group

 Starting the treatment journey at The Cottage rehab can be a daunting experience for individuals who are struggling with addiction. However, the rehab center offers a step-by-step process that ensures patients feel supported and comfortable throughout the journey.

Step 1 – Making the First Steps and Contacting the Rehab

The first step in beginning treatment at The Cottage rehab is to contact the rehab center. This can be done by phone or email, and a team member will be available to answer any questions and provide guidance on the next steps. The team at The Cottage rehab understands that taking the initial measures can be overwhelming, and they are there to offer support and guidance throughout the process. They will provide information about the rehab center, the treatment programs, and the facilities available to patients.

Step 2 – Initial Assessment

Once the patient has contacted the center, they will have an initial assessment. This evaluation is designed to provide the rehab center with information about the patient’s addiction, medical history, and other relevant information. During the assessment, the patient will meet with a member of the treatment team who will ask a series of questions to better understand the patient’s addiction and any underlying issues contributing to it. This evaluation is crucial in developing a personalized treatment plan customized to the patient’s needs. However, if a patient cannot visit the facility in person, it can also be done on the phone.

Step 3 – Developing a Personalized Treatment Plan

After the initial assessment, the treatment team will work together to develop a personalized treatment plan for the patient. This plan will consider the patient’s addiction, medical history, and other relevant information gathered during the assessment. The treatment plan is designed for the patient’s needs and may include different therapies and activities. This plan may also be adjusted throughout the treatment journey as the patient progresses.

Step 4 – Starting the Treatment

 Once the personalized treatment plan is developed, the patient can begin their treatment journey at The Cottage rehab. The treatment team will work with the patient to provide the necessary therapies and treatments and will provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable and supported every step of the way.


What types of addiction does The Cottage treat?

The Cottage rehab offers treatment programs for various addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions such as gambling and sex addiction.

How long does treatment at The Cottage, Surrey, last?

 The length of treatment at the rehab varies depending on each patient’s individual needs. Some patients may require a shorter stay, while others may benefit from a more extended program. The treatment team will work with each patient to determine the appropriate length of stay.

Will I have a private room at The Cottage Treatment Center?

Yes, all patients at the center have their private suite. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, providing a peaceful environment for patients to focus on their recovery.

 What is the success rate of treatment at The Cottage Priory Group?

The success rate of treatment at The Cottage rehab varies depending on individual circumstances, such as the severity of the addiction and the patient’s commitment to recovery. However, the center is committed to providing each patient with the highest quality care and support, helping them achieve long-term recovery.

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