Spanish Clinic is a chain of substance abuse and mental health services centers in Colorado. Established in March 2008, the treatment center has been extending its services in Denver, including substance abuse recovery programs, in-home therapy sessions, violence treatment, and supervised parenting. The clients it entertains are typically referred by social services, community schools, and probation departments; however, the rehab also entertains self-referrals.

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Spanish Clinic is also a Division of Youth Services (DYS) provider and bases most of its strategies on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. The primary goals of all treatment programs at the Spanish Clinic include evidence-based therapy and education for clients as a guide to help them become more responsible and safer individuals. The rehab also strives to help clients achieve emotional stability and processing while attaining healthier coping skills to thrive.

Offering its services in English and Spanish, the Spanish Clinic Denver foresees the significance of providing appropriate services for a diverse population in need of addiction and mental health services. It strives to help the community be safe by equipping its clients with the proper tools for a change in a culturally sensitive environment.

Services Offered at Spanish Clinic Denver

Spanish Clinic offers the following types of programs to its clients:

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse can significantly disrupt a victim’s overall health and relationships with others. For such people, healing may not be a straight path, and Spanish Clinic can help support individuals through recovery. The substance abuse treatment programs at this rehab cater to people with drug and alcohol addiction through an 18-week program.

The program combines individual and group counseling sessions based on a cognitive-behavioral approach and other evidence-based strategies to help people break the cycle of addiction and effectively cope with the symptoms. In addition to active help and support, professionals customize a relapse prevention plan that keeps clients looking straight ahead toward long-term recovery. The team of experts also connects them with various community resources that can continue to support them throughout their recovery journey even when they finish treatment at Spanish Clinic.

MRT Program

The Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) program offered at Spanish Clinic is a unique cognitive behavioral treatment designed to address the common issues of criminal offenders. The program aims to alter how offenders think and decide right and wrong. The MRT program is available in English and Spanish to cater to a maximum number of clients and runs for 18 weeks on average. However, the exact duration may vary based on an individual’s progress. Through this treatment program, the rehab aims to change the lives of criminals offers and provide them with an opportunity to foresee a healthier future for themselves.

DWAI/DUI Education

The DWAI/Dui classes provide in-person and online courses to clients according to their preferences and convenience. These classes take place on different levels with different time frames and objectives.

Level one classes typically take place in an alcohol education group and may include:

  • 12 hours of ADAD-approved DUI Classes which center around alcohol education and may continue for at least two days
  • 6 hours of DUI classes based on alcohol education in one calendar day

Level two classes are most suitable for someone who has been cited for driving in an intoxicated state. These classes may continue for five to ten months, depending on the track assigned to a person. The track assignment varies depending on the total number of driving offenses and the blood alcohol content (BAC), along with other clinical indicators. There are four types of tracks included in level two classes, which include:

  • Track A: 42 hours for 21 weeks intended for first-time offenders with a BAC below 17
  • Track B:52 hours for 26 weeks intended for first-time offenders with a BAC of 17 or more
  • Track C: 68 hours for 34 weeks intended for an individual with a BACless than 17 and a prior DWAI/DUI
  • Track: 86 hours for 43 weeks intended for someone with a BAC of 17 or more and a prior DWAI/DUI

Domestic Violence Program

The domestic violence program at Spanish Clinic Denver helps individuals overcome the triggers and thoughts of drowning or haunting. The program includes highly trained professionals that allow patients to respond to their thoughts in healthy ways so that they can continue living a life without any fear.

Anger Management Program

Anger is a healthy and normal emotion; however, when it starts affecting an individual and their relationships, it is always best to seek help. For all such people, Spanish Clinic offers anger management programs that help them learn how to recognize their anger-related signs in time and take action to calm down and handle the situation more productively. The program continues for 18 weeks, during which experts help potential clients learn to control their anger-related issues calmly. Keep in mind that this program is exclusively available in Spanish.

Caring Dad’s Program

Caring Dad’s program targets fathers maltreating their children through abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. Through this program, experts aim to help such fathers learn how to improve their behaviors using evidence-based strategies and other person-centered approaches. The ultimate goal is to foster a healthier relationship between fathers and their families through an 18-week-long program available both in Spanish and English.


What is the cost of treatment at the Spanish Clinic?

The cost of treatment at the Spanish Clinic varies depending on the services you avail. For example:

  • The cost of an intake assessment for domestic violence is $100
  • The cost for a substance abuse assessment is $200
  • Mental health assessment costs $300
  • An individual session with the staff team costs $75

A full list of all services and quoted prices is available on the rehab’s official website.

How does intake assessment take place at Spanish Clinic?

The Spanish Clinic intake assessment can either be in person or virtually. For in-person assessments, you will need to submit a request to the rehab, and one of the representatives will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. For online assessments, you will have to pay the intake fee, fill out a biographical profile, and sign a few documents the team will send over through email. Following these mandatory steps, you will be asked to participate in a virtual meeting at a preset time. The usual duration of an intake assessment is one hour, but it may extend depending on the severity of the case.

What are the locations of the Spanish Clinic?

Spanish Clinic LLC currently has three different branches in Colorado. These include:

  • Morrison Office, Denver
  • Peoria Office, Denver
  • Dayton Office, Aurora
  • Address Morrison Office:
    4200 Morrison Rd., Suite 8
    Denver, Colorado 80219