Operating from a 30-acre area of manicured jungle gardens, Siam Rehab Thailand is a recovery community extending help and support to those in need. Along with providing an effective treatment plan, the rehab also aims to cure and health their clients using a host of fitness facilities and sports activities, such as swimming pools, yoga classes, a gym, and running tracks.

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At Siam drug rehab, experts do not believe in one-size-fits-all treatment approaches. Instead, they understand how different therapies and programs can be more effective for different people. Using this philosophy, these experts closely work with all clients to find the best treatment approach that leads them toward recovery and healing. This East meets West philosophy also includes the use of Thai massage and mindfulness meditation training to make the overall experience more favorable.  At Siam Rehab, clients can learn how to overcome addiction and return home in good physical shape and high level of comfort and contentment.

Services at Siam Rehab Thailand

Siam Serenity Rehab Thailand also provides detoxification services to people dependent on alcohol or drugs. Some of these processes are medically supervised, which means they include the use of medications but only after approval from a doctor. Dr. Mark is the medical director and a licensed medical doctor at Siam rehab at the moment. He holds a medical degree from the University of Chiang Mai Medical School and a training certificate from another prestigious hospital. Mark’s responsibility is to overlook all medications that clients are using to ensure their comfort and safety.

Keep in mind that detoxification is a challenging process. However, the experts at Siam rehab will try their best to make it as comfortable as possible. The need for a prescription medication during detox also varies and depends on how quickly a person overcomes these effects. Remember that Siam rehab is not a medical center and cannot handle any inpatient medical treatments.

Addiction Treatment Program

Siam drug rehab offers an all-inclusive addiction treatment program for people dependent on alcohol and illicit and prescription drugs. The program runs for four to twelve weeks and accepts people who wish to lead a healthy, clean, and sober life. The program does not welcome people who have been forced to seek treatment. The philosophy on which Siam rehab works is to make sure that the treatment program is as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

The treatment team treats all participants respectfully and has no silly rules to make things unnecessarily difficult for them. For example, the rehab does not take away their computers and phones or limit their access to the outside world.

However, the facility has some addiction treatment rules in place for its clients. These rules include the following:

  • Avoid leaving the facility without the supervision of a staff member
  • Keep your computer and mobile with you but avoid bringing them to therapy sessions
  • Do not get into intimate relationships with other clients
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs on site
  • Treat the staff members and peers with respect and in a way you wish to be treated
  • Observe punctuality and show up for therapy on time
  • Avoid entering other clients’ rooms
  • All medications remain in the nurses’ room and will only be provided at appropriate times.

Other features of a residential addiction treatment program at Siam Rehab may include the following:

  • well-furnished private rooms with en-suite bathroom
  • daily educational group sessions
  • three meals a day
  • 24-hour onsite staff
  • individual counseling sessions twice a week
  • muay Thai boxing training
  • high-speed fiber internet on site
  • daily recovery group sessions
  • yoga sessions
  • meditation training
  • weekly check-ups with a psychiatrist on a need-basis
  • fitness training 
  • laundry service
  • pick up and drop off at Chiang Rai airport
  • housekeeping
  • weekly excursions


Is there a doctor on-site full-time at Siam Rehab?

The rehab currently has a regularly onsite doctor to take care of patient needs. Moreover, there is also a fully-operational hospital equipped to deal with medical emergencies only 5 minutes from the facility. The onsite doctor is Dr. Mark, who holds a specialization degree in addiction medicine and takes good care of the pharmacologic needs of their clients as required. His office is only 5 minutes from the rehab, so he comes over regularly whenever he is needed. The same doctor also helps clients undergo medical detox as required in inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Do clients get any medications as a part of treatment at Siam Rehab Thailand?

Every client pays a visit to a hospital or a psychiatrist before the beginning of their treatment with the purpose of undertaking a detailed assessment process. After conducting this assessment, a doctor can better decide whether a client requires medication to support their treatment.

Do I need to pay a deposit to confirm my spot at Siam Addiction Rehab?

Yes, all clients must pay $2500 to the rehab to confirm their slot. This deposit has to be paid once the team accepts them for treatment. They can pay this deposit through bank transfer, especially if they reside in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada. The treatment team sends the invoice for this deposit once a client is accepted into the program. Once the rehab receives the full deposit, the treatment program will officially begin. Keep in mind that this deposit is non-refundable, but clients can transfer it if they wish to delay their treatment for a legitimate reason.

Does Siam Rehab offer a refund policy?

Siam Rehab only accepts clients with high commitment and motivation to change and recover. It also keeps its admission and treatment fees to a minimum to ensure that the maximum number of people can seek support from the facility regardless of their current economic situation. The rehab largely relies on its clients to ensure this service to everyone at minimal costs.

While booking a place in the treatment plan, each client has to pay a non-refundable deposit as it ensures their place in the program. As for the rest of the treatment fee, the option to refund depends on when a client leaves treatment. For example, if they leave the program within the first four days of arrival, the rehab will refund 50 percent of the treatment cost to their original bank account or credit card.

In some cases, the rehab may discharge a client without offering any refund. This situation usually arises when the client participates in criminal activity or breaks serious rules. Some examples of these situations where a refund may not be offered include clients having sexual relations with other residents, using or possessing illegal drugs or alcohol on site, or exhibiting violence towards another client or a staff member.

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