Situated outside Santa Fe, Shadow Mountain Recovery Center provides people struggling with addictions and mental health issues a chance to recover while enjoying beautiful sunsets, clean air, and wide-open landscapes. The quiet, calming atmosphere with top-notch treatment services can allow all patients to focus on recovery and healing. The rehab welcomes all patients with different backgrounds, challenges, and upbringings. The treatment team at Shadow Mountain aims to provide the right atmosphere a patient needs to establish a solid foundation for their recovery journey before they can safely return home.

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At Shadow Mountain Santa Fe, experts are acutely aware that each patient needs a personalized treatment plan. The unique location of the rehab allows the team to incorporate spirituality, nature, and the Southwest culture in most of its therapies to focus on individual needs. Through a highly-personalized and focused approach, Shadow Mountain ensures that each patient gets the care and attention they need with their low staff-to-patient ratio.

Treatment Programs at Shadow Mountain Santa Fe

The treatment team at Shadow Mountain Recovery uses different evidence-based therapies to provide patients with newer and healthier ways to live life once they leave rehab. According to the rehab, most programs have a 90% success rate due to the comprehensive care included in them. Following are the treatment programs currently available at Shadow Mountain Santa Fe:

Residential Treatment

Stopping alcohol and drug use can be extremely difficult for most people, especially when they are surrounded by negative stressors, harmful relationships, and plenty of triggers. For such people, Shadow Mountain runs a residential treatment program that separates them from an unhealthy environment and places them in a place where healing and recovery become easier. The safe and secure environment available during residential treatment can successfully help patients lay the foundation for long-term recovery and change.

Onsite Detox

Detoxification is essential for any type of substance addiction and can be extremely difficult. Chemical dependence can come with various mental and physical side effects; detox is the best way to overcome them. However, the process can easily become potentially dangerous and life-threatening. Shadow Mountain Recovery aims to make detox easier and tolerable with minimal discomfort by providing medical supervision and help as needed. Experts are available round the clock to support all patients.

Unique Alcohol Treatment

Shadow Mountain Recovery provides individualized treatment to all clients based on their substance use history. The rehab incorporates various 12-step programs and alternatives to support the unique needs of all patients. The personalized approach that Shadow Mountain provides also focuses on dual diagnosis and includes therapies to ensure that all patients can achieve long-term sobriety more easily.

Onsite Mental Health Treatment

Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe not only provides high-quality medical care to support the healing journey for all clients. In addition to treating the ongoing addiction, rehab also focuses on mental health, as it plays a crucial role in regulating overall health. For this purpose, there are plenty of evidence-based therapies, self-care practices, and hands-on therapies available. Some examples of these activities to support mental health include the following:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Activity-based therapy
  • Whole-body treatment

The dual diagnosis programs include treatment for co-occurring depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Types of Therapies Available at Shadow Mountain Recovery

The therapies and treatments available at Shadow Mountain Recovery are based on evidence-based practices. Experts believe that these treatments have high efficacy levels, as proven by research and practice. Each treatments offered at Shadow Mountain Recovery serves as a piece in the recovery puzzle, helping clients achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals slowly and steadily.

Some examples of evidence-based therapies available at Shadow Mountain Recovery include the following:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

This type of therapy focuses on healing mental and physical withdrawal symptoms with the help of medications to make patients feel better.

Group Therapy

This therapy is essential for patients to develop social support and gives them an opportunity to give back to others.

Individual Therapy

This therapy involves working directly with a therapist to determine the root cause of addiction and find healthier ways to manage it. Shadow Mountain Recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

These programs aim to treat both substance use disorder and mental health issues at once to increase the chances of recovery.

Relapse Prevention Programs

The purpose of a relapse prevention program is to teach clients valuable skills that they can use whenever they feel at risk of using substances after finishing a treatment program.

When all treatment programs and therapies mentioned above are combined perfectly, they significantly increase the chances of recovery.

Guidelines for Treatment at Shadow Mountain Recovery

The time spent in rehabilitation is significant for long-term recovery and success. To make the treatment effective and stable for everyone, Shadow Mountain Recovery has set certain rules, which include the following:

Understand and follow the rehab rules

Shadow Mountain Recovery team recommends all clients familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the center as soon as possible. These guidelines have been set up to ensure the safety of all while increasing the chances of recovery for all patients.

Complete all paperwork

The treatment team advises all patients to complete the necessary paperwork, including forms, questionnaires, and documents, while signing where required before admission. If there are any questions regarding the paperwork, talk to the admissions counselor to get it sorted. Admission counselors can work with clients to ensure that they complete all paperwork before their treatment officially begins.

Read the transportation guidelines

Lastly, Shadow Mountain Recovery recommends all clients to thoroughly read and understand the transportation guidelines and familiarize themselves with when they can leave the center and what to do while checking out.

Working with the rehab team is essential to ensure success during treatment. Following the guidelines and rules mentioned above only facilitates the treatment process and allows clients to slowly work toward healing.


Does Shadow Mountain Recovery offer different types of detox?

There are different types of detox programs available at Shadow Mountain Recovery. These types may include the following:

  • Non-medical
  • Medical
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient

What amenities are available at Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe?

The following are the benefits of joining Shadow Mountain Recovery in Santa Fe:

  • The facility is only 20 minutes away from downtown
  • It has an onsite chef that provides nutritious and healthy meals while being mindful of the dietary restrictions
  • The rehab provides access to outdoor spaces, such as Bandelier National Monument, Pecos National Historical Park, and Santa Fe National Forest
  • The campus is vast, with 11 acres of area which includes a dedicated yoga space and a walking meditation path
  • The rehab gives patients a chance to take trips to the local farmer’s market for family meal planning

The facility integrates the cultural wealth of the Santa Fe community experience by allowing patients to visit the local art galleries and museums in addition to attending art installments and local performances

What will the addiction treatment programs at Shadow Mountain Recovery focus on?

The treatment programs at Shadow Mountain Recovery aim to help people overcome their addictions, free themselves from the negative behavioral cycle, and build a happy, healthy life. Moreover, these programs help clients:

  • Learn how to deal healthily with temptations and cravings
  • Find the purpose in life and the motivation to achieve it
  • Restore mental and physical health
  • Learn how to resist relapses in the future

What does Shadow Mountain Recovery provide to inpatient clients?

In addition to providing a safe space to heal and recover, Shadow Mountain Recovery also provides various items to cover basic needs so clients do not need to bring them along as they come to stay. These items include the following:

  • Daily food and drinks while taking individual dietary restrictions into consideration
  • Any supplies or equipment needed for therapeutic activities
  • Furnished rooms with high safety levels and comfort
  • Towels, bed linens, and washcloths
  • Utensils, plates, bowls, cups, and cooking pots

Does insurance cover detox programs at Shadow Mountain Recovery?

Certain insurance companies cover detox program costs in certain American states. However, remember that this coverage may be limited to a few numbers of days or to a maximum amount of money per program. Clients with a co-pay or deductible that is yet to be met may need to pay a certain amount on their own to cover the detox costs. Hence, before you sign up for a detox program at Shadow Mountain Recovery, it is imperative to confirm with your insurance company about the coverage.

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