Sabino Recovery is the best place to find peace and serenity as a leading trauma treatment center. The experts at this rehab pride themselves on establishing a sense of security and safety from the moment a client sets foot on their premises. This family-oriented private facility has elicited recovery and growth by fostering a deep sense of trust, connection, and empathy. Its focus on trauma as the root cause of unhealthy behaviors and thinking patterns sets it apart from other similar facilities.

The healing environment at Sabino Recovery is shaped by the professionalism and sustained by its staff members’ dedication to providing the best treatment course for all residents. With evidence-based treatment delivered in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment, Sabino center can be a great place to recover from addiction, anxiety, depression, disordered eating habits, and co-occurring issues.

Salient Features of Sabino Recovery Center

Some key qualities and features of Sabino Recovery that potentially makes it an ideal choice for behavioral treatment are mentioned below:

Clinically driven

This privately owned facility practices autonomy regarding treatment planning and clinical decision-making. For this reason, their programs are clinically driven, and their experts possess the capacity to individualize these services based on their personalities.

Heavy individualization

All treatment plans at Sabino Recovery are based on each client’s unique needs. The facility does not have any treatment tracks, which means that it only develops a treatment plan for a client once they arrive at the facility in person. Additionally, the dedicated team of staff members keeps a close eye on the progress and is open to making real-time adjustments based on individual needs.

Special emphasis on neuroscience

The latest research influences the treatment plans at Sabino in the field of neuroscience. Each therapeutic modality the experts use is informed by what they know about the brain and its ability to form new neural connections. Moreover, Sabino rehab also provides QEEG Brain Mapping that measures the electrical functions in its clients’ brains and provides data for treatment optimization.

Naturopathic approach

Sabino Recovery commonly integrates allopathic and naturopathic aspects of medicine to promote healing and recovery in its residents.  The facility’s medical director is a naturopath who strongly encourages using nutraceuticals to optimize every client’s mental health. These nutraceuticals also assist them in healing without relying on chemical-based pharmaceutical drugs. At the same time, the rehab also employs allopathic healthcare providers to deliver psychological and psychiatric services while ensuring that the two philosophies of medicine are not in conflict.

Integrative therapies

With therapies like EMDR, somatic experiencing, massage, outdoor adventure therapy, and equine therapy, Sabino Recovery offers more individualized treatment while providing extra support for healing.

Supportive staff members

The staff at Sabino Recovery has been carefully selected, not only based on their skills and experience but also on possessing compassion and empathy. All staff members at this rehab truly love and enjoy what they do and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective fields. Moreover, they are also devoted to the recovery of the clients they work with daily.

A personal, peaceful experience

Situated on 140 acres of peaceful desert, Sabino Recovery provides a campus-style environment to its residents in a secluded and private setup. It ensures to keep the number of residents to the minimum so that the staff can closely attend to each client’s emotional and physical needs.

Residential Treatment Programs at Sabino Recovery Rehab

Sabino Recovery offers an extensive residential program that aims to provide physical, emotional, and mental support to its residents round the clock. These trauma treatment programs address every aspect of trauma, including PTSD, depression, addiction, and anxiety that might have stemmed from it. The experts focus on identifying and adequately managing the root trauma early in the treatment so that recovery can be achieved soon.

As a part of the residential programs, Sabino Recovery routinely offers holistic treatments delivered through compassionate, empathetic, and consistent care. The goal of such programs is to assist the residents in developing new neural pathways that promote healthy behavioral change and self-perception. Moreover, enrolling in this treatment program also allows clients to step away from their daily life to focus on recovery and healing solely.  

At present, residential treatment programs at Sabino Recovery offer help for people suffering from:

  • Trauma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Sexual trauma
  • Betrayal trauma
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Eating disorders
  • Drug and alcohol addiction


Does Sabino Recovery accept health insurance?

Sabino Canyon rehab is a private pay treatment center that offers its clients the highest level of care without any parameters or limitations that an insurance company might levy. The staff believes that the individualized treatment plans it curates and provides can manage difficult psychological conditions, which may sometimes be hard to address within the boundaries dictated by insurers. Nevertheless, it is an out-of-network carrier that works with many major healthcare carriers to make treatment affordable and accessible to the majority. The intake coordinators at Sabino work hard to make arrangements that best fit each client’s financial circumstances. Unfortunately, it does not currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, or AHCCSS. People who do not have insurance can pay through wire transfer, credit card, or cashier’s check.

What do you mean by items of special consideration, and why are they important?

Sabino rehab center has a dedicated list of items of special consideration, including things the staff members will confiscate as a client arrives and place in a locked locker. Upon request for these items, the client’s therapist will be the one to determine if they can use these things. Some everyday items added to this list of special considerations include:

  • Glass items
  • Razors
  • Mirrors present in makeup cases
  • Strings or belts
  • All smartwatches, regardless of whether it connects to the internet or not
  • All electric devices with cords, such as irons, shavers, and hairdryers
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices, like iPads, iPods, and e-notebooks

How long will I need to stay at Sabino Recovery center?

The minimum length of stay at Sabino is around 35 days in general. However, it is essential to consider the client’s individual needs while deciding how much time they need to spend in treatment for recovery. Typically, most people successfully recover with the 35-day program; however, others may carry on for up to 90 days until they are ready to move forward. The duration of treatment is a decision exclusively made by the residents, and the staff members are not allowed to coerce them into staying any longer than they are comfortable with.

Is it possible to bring my snacks and food to Sabino?

At Sabino Recovery, the staff members focus on maintaining a good and healthy nutritional level and providing therapeutic treatment. For this reason, residents are not allowed to bring outside snacks or food items on the premises.

Do I need a referral to join Sabino?

While Sabino Recovery continues to receive professional referrals from across the country, you do not necessarily need it to enter treatment.

What does the Sabino Recovery cost?

The cost of treatment at Sabino depends on the type of program you go for, your current psychiatric issue and its severity, as well as your insurance plan.