Priory Wellbeing Center is a branch of the famous Priory Group working to support addicts and people with mental health illnesses living in the Southampton area. The rehab provides fast access to convenient and flexible outpatient treatment for multiple mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, posttraumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. Additionally, the facility also provides a dedicated young people’s service tailored to help them meet their needs.

At Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton, the aim is to deliver high-quality care to different populations in the UK across a wide range of services. These services typically include addiction treatment, acute mental healthcare, and medium and low-secure facilities. All information people need about seeking treatment at Priory Wellbeing Center is readily available on its extensive official website and goes through a careful editorial process to ensure it is easy to understand and accurate.

An Overview of Services Available at Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton

Priory Wellbeing Center is located close to the city center in Southampton and comes with on-site parking. It is also easily accessible from all major transport routes and operates from a beautiful Georgian house that provides a welcoming and comfortable environment to people. The team of experts believes that life can be extremely demanding, and many people struggle to look after their mental health. Hence, the rehab provides flexible evening appointments for people who cannot attend morning sessions due to work or personal commitments.

All treatment packages available at Southampton are personalized according to a patient’s unique challenges. This personalization allows experts to deliver the most appropriate help and ensure the best outcomes for all patients. The highly-skilled staff team also possesses adequate training in using a broad array of therapeutic interventions that empower clients to tackle their mental health issues and achieve sustainable recovery and well-being.

Dedicated Mental Health Support

Mental health issues can lead to a profoundly negative impact on health, especially if they remain untreated. This increased risk makes it necessary to seek timely expert support for anyone who believes that they or someone they know has been struggling with poor mental health. The team at Priory Wellbeing Southampton is committed to providing expert outpatient care in a compassionate and supportive environment. It also aims to help patients recover and overcome their mental health challenges so that they can return to the fulfilling and healthy life that they deserve.

Outpatient Therapy Packages

The Southampton Wellbeing Center offers tailored outpatient therapy programs to the citizens of Southampton, which provide a pre-determined number of individual therapy sessions. The therapy packages are also available at discounted rates and include personalization to make them more successful. Further discounts are also available for any additional therapy that a client may require following the initial treatment plan.

Quality and Regulation

All patients who join The Priory Southampton can rest assured that their treatment is of the highest standards. The rehab continuously monitors through its independent regulator, the Care Quality Commission.

Inpatient Liaison

Lastly, Priory Southampton has close clinical links with its neighboring facilities, including Life Works and Priory Hospital. It can liaise with these facilities to smoothly transfer a patient over who may require inpatient care or more intensive or specialist support.

Therapies Available at Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton

Treatment and therapy for any mental health condition at Southampton include individual-and group-based techniques that allow patients to attend flexible sessions. The rehab aims to deliver a wide array of therapeutic interventions that are handpicked and tailored according to individual requirements. Moreover, a team of highly-experienced and fully-accredited experts carefully deliver these therapies in a safe and controlled environment.

One of the most popular therapeutic specialties available at Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is a highly effective and evidence-based treatment center that stimulates the brain and induces a patient to engage in rhythmic, rapid eye movements. Experts confirm EMDR’s potential to reduce the severity of distressing memories. As such, this technique can help in the treatment of PTSD and is a part of regular PTSD treatment programs at the Southampton center.

Additionally, Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton also provides a chance to participate in mindfulness groups that effectively manage a wide array of conditions, like anxiety, stress, OCD, stress, and depression. Mindfulness also helps patients develop greater self-awareness, allowing experts to recognize essential symptoms, like stress and low mood, early on and teach patients how to respond to them more mindfully.

Payment Options at Priory Wellbeing Center Southampton

Two primary ways to pay for treatment at Priory Wellbeing Center are self-funding and private medical insurance.


There are plenty of reasons why people choose to pay themselves to receive specialist outpatient services at Priory Wellbeing Center. Firstly, the choice is because NHS usually has a long waiting time and minimal capacity for treatment. Additionally, most NHS-based facilities do not offer specific addiction or mental health treatments that people need. Hence, many prefer getting the peace of mind of receiving rapid access to quality treatment from an established rehab, such as Priory.

At the Southampton branch, the staff team can book flexible outpatient appointments for patients at a time that works most conveniently for them. The rehab also confidently guarantees to help its clients receive outstanding mental health support associated with positive mental outcomes.

Using Private Medical Insurance

The Priory Group and all of its sub-branches, including the Southampton center, are registered and approved providers for all leading private medical insurers in the UK. Some of these medical insurers that the treatment center routinely works with include:

  • Cigna
  • Aviva
  • Bupa
  • WPA
  • Vitality

People with access to private medical insurance, either through their workplace or personally, require a GP referral before officially starting treatment with Priory. The admissions team will need all clients to provide their insurance details when booking the initial consultation. This is to ensure pre-authorization with the insurance provider. Because insurance plans can be of different types and provide different coverages, it is best to contact the rehab or the insurance company to get answers to any questions or queries.


What are the specialists like at Priory Wellbeing Center?

Clients who join Priory Southampton can be confident that their mental well-being and health are safe. The dedicated, highly-trained, and flexible team of therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists at the rehab are some of the best leaders in the mental health field and are committed to providing the best treatment to all patients. The specialists at Priory also pride themselves on putting the patients at the heart of their treatment journeys. This type of treatment approach ensures that every client gets the best expert according to their needs and benefits the most from their bespoke treatment program.

What is the success rate of The Priory Group Southampton?

Priory Wellbeing Center has excellent recovery rates, as shown by the following statistics:

  • 90 percent of the patients who attended the Southampton rehab experienced improvements in their anxiety levels
  • 89 percent of people at the Southampton Wellbeing Center reported improvements in their level of depression
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