Ocean Recovery Center is a residential addiction recovery clinic that offers help to individuals throughout the UK. The treatment center offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to help people recover from their addiction and is a leading drug and alcohol rehab operated by Step One Recovery. It provides a unique residential addiction recovery experience through centers in unique environments in Europe and the UK.

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Situated directly on Blackpool’s North Shore and Promenade, Ocean recovery center is considered a perfect location for addiction recovery.  Since this CQC-registered drug and alcohol rehab first opened in 2014, it has managed to boast high-quality accommodation across three floors, along with a luxury 13-bed residential treatment facility with superb views of Blackpool Beach and the Sea. In addition, Ocean Recovery programs combine comfort and a homely feel with an intensive program of therapy and treatments for drug and alcohol addiction.

The beautifully esteemed beachfront rehabilitation center offers the best variety of developed and personalized addiction treatment programs for those seeking recovery and aiming to improve their well-being long-term. During their stay, an individual will undergo a complete detox to remove all harmful toxins. Furthermore, the expert medical team also offers free aftercare programs to maintain the health and sobriety of clients even after completing their stay at the clinic.

The specialist addiction recovery team has proudly supported over 2000 clients through Ocean Recovery programs to complete their treatment and start their journey toward sustained recovery. Professionals work closely with clients, families, partners, and employers to tackle long-term substance addiction issues and maintain their values to provide the best quality care to patients. However, the alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs are only offered to those who are fully committed to taking the path toward recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment at Ocean Recovery Blackpool

For many people, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging their struggle with substance dependence. The next step is finding a treatment program that can help them restore their overall health, happiness, and well-being. The treatment options offered by Ocean Recovery Blackpool depend on the individual’s requirements and consist of inpatient and outpatient treatment options.

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient rehab, also known as residential rehab, offers structured treatment programs designed to address all facets of a person’s addiction. Patients receive treatment at a rehab clinic with the highest level of care during inpatient rehab. Clients can access benefits such as regular therapy sessions, round-the-clock care, and one-to-one counseling. In addition, Ocean Recovery Programs are an excellent option for those battling chronic addiction, stresses, and distractions of day-to-day life and those suffering from co-occurring behavioral or mental disorders. A typical inpatient treatment program runs anywhere from 30 days to 6 months and depends on the severity of the addiction.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Outpatient rehab treatment is another form of comprehensive addiction care. Although a person receives adequate treatment and therapies in inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab treatment of Ocean Recovery Blackpool allows an individual to live at home during their recovery process. Patients need to go to rehab only when they require therapy and medications. In addition, people can continue working and caring for their families while attending scheduled treatment sessions. It is important to remember that this is a cheaper rehab treatment option and allows an individual to continue their day-to-day routine, such as work. Outpatient treatment can be useful for people with mild substance use disorder.

What to Expect During Admission

A person’s time at Ocean Recovery Blackpool begins the moment they reach rehab. On admission day, the specialized recovery team of the treatment center will welcome an individual and help them understand the treatment process and the facilities available at the center. Moreover, caring case managers will answer the questions of clients and will prepare them for the admission process along the way.

During the induction, a person is asked to complete a treatment contract and other legal documents that will help them with their care, health, and safety. In addition, the helpful staff of rehab also prepares people for their first assessment. A coordinator shows the way around the facility and ensures that people have all that they need to help them settle in their bedrooms.

Once the induction process is completed and a person is settled in, they will be introduced to the specialist doctor at the treatment center, who will evaluate all patients within 24 hours of arrival at the addiction center. The doctor assesses a person’s current and historical health conditions and addiction to drugs or alcohol and administers any necessary medications.

Once the plan is completed and the patient is stable, the admissions coordinator of Ocean Recovery Programs arranges the medication for patients and ensures they take the prescribed doses at the correct times. In the early stages of treatment, rehab monitors people closely and checks how they respond to the medication.

Time becomes a genuine factor for many people trying to come to terms with their addiction. During the first two days, dedicated recovery team members spend some time with their patients and discuss different areas of a person’s life and make a recovery plan for them. The professionals need to review this plan each week, which allows them to ensure that the treatment is working. In addition, a rehab works closely with patients themselves to confirm that each goal is achievable and manageable during their stay.


Can a person bring his car to rehab?

Ocean recovery Blackpool does not allow driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.  A family member or friend should drive a patient’s vehicle to the center for admission to rehab. In addition, a person is not permitted to use the car if they are receiving treatment from rehab, and all of their external outings will be accompanied by a specialized health club team member. 

On admission, patients should hand over their car keys to the office for safekeeping and enable them to move a vehicle in the event of an emergency at the property. However, parking is limited at some centers of Ocean Recovery.

Are the staff members at Ocean Recovery qualified?

The recovery team of the treatment center consists of a mixture of staff from different health and social care backgrounds. They range from experienced and qualified addiction and recovery workers to skilled and professional support staff. In addition, all staff of Ocean Recovery undergoes strict checking before employment, including the UK’s National Disclosure and Barring Service, and make sure that the workforce is competent to look after a patient’s needs.

Is smoking allowed during treatment?

Smoking areas are designed outside for the clients to smoke in each center. However, tobacco products or electronic smoking equipment such as e-cigs and Vape are not allowed on the premises of the centers. However, a person must ensure that all cigarettes are fully extinguished in the ashtrays.

Can a person receive and make phone calls during their stay at Ocean Recovery Blackpool?

During a person’s stay at any center, they can get access to their phone during their free time. However, phones or devices are not allowed during therapy sessions or treatments, and clients are politely asked to leave their phones. In addition, wifi is available to enable clients to keep in touch with their family and friends on social media and make calls during their free time. 

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