Based in Monument Colorado, Mountain Springs Recovery is an addiction and mental health rehabilitation center that extends help to people struggling through the most difficult times of their lives. With a team of highly professional and competent staff members, the rehab closely works with clients to devise personalized treatment plans. Patients stay in a therapeutic atmosphere with 24/7 monitoring and medical care.

Mountain Springs rehab values each patient as a unique individual with specific concerns and needs. Moreover, the institute is willing to assess, analyze, and adjust treatment programs regularly according to client needs.  With a comprehensive team of doctors, counselors, physical assistants, case managers, nurses, and support staff members, patients at Mountain Springs are always in safe hands as they slowly move toward a comfortable life in recovery.

Why Choose Mountain Springs Colorado?

Following are some reasons why a person may consider choosing Mountain Springs rehab for treatment:

Prioritized safety

Mountain Springs Recovery prioritizes patient comfort and safety at all times. The team provides medication along with other comfort methods, different types of care, and a helpful and supportive environment for this purpose. Additionally, the team is also willing to help clients through a difficult time while providing effective therapeutic procedures to them. Experts also ensure that every patient receives proper guidance and care tending to their emotional and physical needs.


Mountain Springs team acknowledges that executives and professionals lead busy lives, which is why it allows them to bring their mobile phones and laptops. This allows them to continue working remotely while engaging in treatment simultaneously. As a device-friendly rehab, Mountain Springs also has a fax machine, scanner, and computers that clients can use during selected times to attend to their businesses.

Relaxing environment

Many patients who join Mountain Springs or any other rehab are anxious about what is about to happen. To calm them down, the rehab makes use of its quiet, peaceful, and relaxing environment that allows all clients to fully concentrate on their recovery.

Confidentiality and privacy

In addition to making clients feel secure and safe, the team at Mountain Springs rehab also allows clients to express their emotions and thoughts in a private, judgment-free environment. The expert team continues to provide guidance, advice, and assistance for the timely resolution of all underlying issues. Moreover, the team follows the highest standards of privacy and anonymity while complying with HIPAA requirements.

Customized care

The team of experts at Mountain Springs recognizes that each type of addiction is unique. Hence, it creates customized care plans to help patients recover quickly and in the best way possible according to their circumstances.

Specialized addiction treatment

The treatment team at Mountain Springs delivers evidence-based treatments to help improve health and aid recovery. The rehab employs highly trained professionals with expertise in various therapies to treat the underlying addiction and mental illness properly. Some therapies included in a typical addiction treatment program at Mountain Springs include 12-step therapy, non-12-step therapy, and a dual diagnosis program, in addition to trauma therapy, psychotherapy, and grief counseling.

Treatment Process at Mountain Springs Recovery: What it Entails?

Following are the six steps a person goes through as they seek help at Mountain Springs rehab:

Step one: Contacting the team

Anyone can feel overwhelmed while beginning treatment at a rehab, and the process can seem daunting for the right reasons. Joining a rehab is a life-changing step, so it is natural to feel unsure. To join Mountain Springs, the process starts with a phone call, which allows a patient to connect with the admissions team. Anyone can contact the rehab, including the person themselves, their family members, and friends. The first call primarily focuses on information collection, including insurance details, so that the team can check if it can use the insurance to cover treatment costs. Once the insurance has been verified, one of the team members will call the patient back to ask more questions about their issues and their expectations of the treatment plan.  

Step two: The intake process

The purpose of the intake process at Mountain Springs is to help people clear their doubts and potentially change their minds in case they are still skeptical about receiving treatment. A proper intake process also smoothens the process of entering a rehab so that patients can fully focus on healing. Once a patient has made the initial call and has completed insurance verification, they will be asked to arrive at the rehab to begin the intake process. As a part of the intake process, each patient will meet the clinical and medical staff and undergo an assessment to establish the following factors:

  • Whether they have any health issues
  • The kind of addiction they have
  • How long they have been having the issue
  • How frequent or severe their substance use is

The staff at Mountain Springs will also test each patient for drugs as a part of their intake assessment. Based on the results of the intake assessment, the treatment team comes up with a plan designed according to personal needs.

Step three: Detoxification

Detoxification is an essential step of treatment for people who have been abusing substances for a long time. The process needs to be performed under medical supervision as it may become dangerous when performed incorrectly. Once a client at Mountain Springs Recovery completes the intake process, they mostly transition into the detox stage, where they attempt to clear their bodies of all toxic drugs. The process takes place under strict medical supervision and guidance to ensure patient safety and better outcomes.

Step four: Residential treatment

Once a person has stabilized following detox, the next step is residential treatment. As a part of a residential program, clients remain in dedicated accommodations on-site under the constant supervision of experts as they continue learning about themselves and their potential addiction triggers. The expert team aims to teach all clients how to develop healthier ways to cope with daily stress, which may otherwise lead to relapses.

Residential treatment in Mountain Springs Colorado also includes one-to-one therapy where clients can directly work with a therapist to address their personal issues along with co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Group therapy remains another crucial element of residential treatment, where a group of people with similar issues meet regularly to become each other’s support system and cause increased productivity and better treatment outcomes.

Step five: Outpatient services

Once a patient has successfully gone through the detox and residential phases of treatment, they may transition to a less intense step. This step may include a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program depending on patient needs and how rigorous their outpatient treatment needs to be.

Step six: Aftercare services

Aftercare helps people who have completed inpatient services smoothly transition back to the external world without the risk of a relapse. With a solid aftercare plan from the treatment team at Mountain Springs Recovery, patients can have a better chance at living a successful and healthy life in recovery.

Preparations for aftercare begin the moment a patient approaches the end of their treatment program. The process involves a collaboration between a patient and their treatment team to design an appropriate aftercare plan, which may include the following: 

  • Sessions with a therapist
  • 12-step meetings
  • Referrals to care closer to home
  • Schedules check-ins with the team at Mountain Springs


How long will I need to stay In Mountain Springs Recovery?

The time duration a person will spend at Mountain Springs rehab can vary depending on various factors, such as the underlying problem for which they are seeking help, its severity, their response to treatment, etc. In general, the rehab offers various programs of variable lengths, such as 30-, 60-, and 90-day rehab programs.

What types of addiction treatments are available at Mountain Springs?

Mountain Springs Recovery extends help to people struggling with addictions to substances, such as heroin, opiates, methadone, meth, and sleeping pills.

What do Mountains Springs Recovery reviews say?

Most reviews about Mountain Springs Colorado are positive and depict the rehab as a good option to seek mental health care.

  • Address 1865 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO, United States, Colorado.