Midwest Recovery Center is a collaboration of several people who have struggled with addiction but were desperate to make a difference. These people dreamt of starting a movement to energize the Toledo, Ohio, community against addiction. They aimed to change how the world viewed those battling addictions while modifying and enhancing the current diagnoses and treatment methods for this psychiatric disorder. The founders of this addiction treatment disorder wished to spread out while implementing a practical change in society, forcing them to establish a Midwest rehab center. Today, this rehab serves as a beacon of hope to the citizens of Ohio and the rest of the country.

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At Midwest Treatment Center, the focus is to provide a nurturing environment where clients can heal on their terms. All outpatient programs at this facility have been designed to extend individualized and heavily personalized care to every client that comes through the doors. The compassionate and highly experienced care coordinators advocate for their clients and help tailor the treatment plan to their needs as much as possible. This includes treatment of physical and mental issues, handling financial and legal roadblocks, providing extended recovery services to the family members, and supporting clients to build their work and social lives. Many team members at Midwest have suffered from addiction themselves and will be with their clients every step of the way.

Treatment Programs for Midwest Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Midwest Recovery Center provides the following key treatment programs to everyone who reaches out for help:

Women’s Rehab Center

At Midwest Recovery rehab center, the staff realizes how women respond to alcohol and drugs differently than men, physically and emotionally. To cater to these differences, the rehab provides specialized women’s rehabilitation programs with a welcoming space to recover. Some benefits offered at this women’s exclusive rehab include:

  • Unique treatment plans for every client
  • An environment free from distractions
  • An opportunity to communicate more freely with staff members in group therapy
  • A chance to form a strong support network with other women in recovery

Men’s Rehab Center

The men’s rehab center at Midwest Recovery takes help from experienced professionals to help its clients rebuild their lives. Once a client arrives at the facility to enter a men’s rehabilitation program, he undergoes an assessment process based on which the care team devises a personalized program. This gender-specific program provides the following benefits to its participants:

  • Gender-exclusive therapy to open up and explore the underlying causes of addiction more freely.
  • A chance to meet other men experiencing similar issues and struggles
  • A chance to express emotions more comfortably with others in group therapy

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program at Midwest Recovery Maumee, Ohio, is the most intensive care offered at the rehab. It includes part-time treatment, which is intensive enough to provide patients with the support they need for early recovery. The experts create individualized addiction treatment programs for everyone enrolled in this program based on assessments conducted at the time of admission.

Community Housing Programs

The Community Housing Programs at Midwest Recovery Center Maumee, Ohio, includes the following amenities:

  • Newly renovated and furnished apartments
  • Transportation to the addiction treatment center for therapies and meetings
  • Beautiful bathrooms
  • King and double bedrooms with semi-private toilets
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Spacious living rooms with televisions and couches
  • Spectacular outside quad to relax in the fresh outdoors
  • Granite countertop kitchen

Alumni Program

The alumni program at Midwest Recovery rehab includes the following:

  • A comprehensive alumni network across the United States
  • A database of contact information
  • Regular email and telephone communication
  • Educational programs to refresh knowledge about recovery
  • Invites to events at Midwest Recovery Center
  • Opportunities to provide support to recovering peers


Will I have access to my phone during treatment?

Clients cannot have any access to their cell phones during detox. However, they can make a safe call as soon as they arrive. Detox programs do not permit making any calls, and any exceptions made will be under a therapist’s guidance and at their discretion only. Clients are also not allowed to carry their cell phones in other residential care levels; however, they can make a certain number of calls per week through the landline available inside the campus. They may get their phone back once they transition into partial hospitalization programs or lower levels of care. Even then, strict restrictions on cell phone usage may apply, and the staff will be permitted to confiscate it when necessary.

Can I have visitors during treatment at Midwest Recovery Center?

Midwest detox center does not permit clients to have visitors during their stay in the facility to ensure their safety and privacy. Once the client transitions into treatment at another center, they can officially call their loved ones to come to visit them. Those enrolled in the residential facility may have weekly visits from family and friends lasting one hour on Fridays and Saturdays. Upon transition into an outpatient program, they may start getting Network Passes after two weeks, based on their progress. These passes may allow them to go for an off-property visitation period with support.

Can my family drop off something for me during treatment?

Yes, clients can ask their family members to drop off items at the rehab or mail them as often as they like. However, this facility is only available to those who have completed the detox phase. To ensure client safety, any items received by the rehab will be subject to a search.

How long will I need to stay at the rehab?

Each client entering treatment at Midwest Recovery Center Toledo Ohio will get a care team who will determine the length of their stay on a case-by-case basis. The team will consider different influencing factors to devise individualized care plans.

Can I smoke on the premises?

Yes, Midwest Recovery Center permits its clients to smoke. They can use various tobacco products, such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vape juice, and loose tobacco, as long as they bring them in an unopened packet.

Will the rehab help me transition into sober living?

During their stay at Midwest Recovery Center, each client will have a case manager to help them determine the right time to transition into a sober living facility. These case managers have enough experience and resources to ensure that every client gets a plan that works best for them. The goal of each case manager is to provide their clients with the tools they need to maintain sobriety while ensuring success in the community.

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    Toledo, OH 43617, USA.