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Mariposa Detox Center is a treatment rehab that aims to provide a high-quality, life-changing experience for those struggling with addiction. Located in a beautiful spot in Hollywood, California, the rehab team strives to provide the highest level of care by ensuring that every patient walking through its doors gets treatment with dignity and respect. 

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The team of experts at Mariposa is of the viewpoint that it is extremely important to assess every individual on a personal level to find out their best course of action. Hence, the staff dedicatedly works on coming up with individualized treatment plans that include therapy sessions, medical detox protocols, and group sessions to achieve optimized recovery. In addition to the conventional treatment therapies, the rehab also focuses on holistic approaches, such as recreational outings, meals, and gourmet meals, to focus on the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout treatment, clients also have access to continuous medical, emotional, and nutritional support.

Programs Offered at Mariposa Treatment Center

Mariposa offers the following treatment programs to people who decide to get help from them:

Detoxification Programs

Withdrawal from substances can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal if it takes place without any proper medical supervision and treatment. Attending a detox program at Mariposa allows clients to be under the constant supervision of medical professionals to minimize the risks. The staff members are with clients at all times to ensure they stay safe. Moreover, they do not hesitate to provide appropriate medical treatment whenever necessary to keep them comfortable. Most clients get customized detox programs with components best suited to their recovery and tailored to their unique circumstances.

Detox programs mainly occur in in-patient settings requiring clients to stay in the facility until they complete the process. Most people undergoing detox feel physically ill and develop withdrawal symptoms that can be best tended to in an inpatient setting. This inpatient care also eliminates the worry about getting to the facility and going back home every day. Once patients are detoxed and stabilized, the team formulates a plan for the future to help them carry on with the support, whether it is a residential plan or the one where they recover while shifting back to home.

Residential Programs

Most people who finish their detox course at Mariposa Detox Center eventually transition to one of their residential programs. The residential facilities at the rehab have been designed to help clients learn everyday habits to practice sobriety. For many people, this involves following a pre-set schedule waking up at a fixed time, and participating in structured therapy, exercises, classes, group programs, and other wellness activities. Routine is one of the essential features of these programs, and experts ensure to enforce it throughout the treatment.

Deciding to go for a rehabilitation program to overcome an addiction can be life-changing. Hence, it is crucial to choose an authentic program, like Mariposa Detox Center, where patients can continue to receive comprehensive treatment targeting their specific goals and needs. The treatment professionals at the rehab will closely work with all clients to design a treatment plan that holistically meets all treatment needs. At Mariposa, the core foundation of all programs includes a combination of evidence-based traditional and alternative therapy models to make a recovery achievable.

The staff at Mariposa rehab believes addiction to be a chronic illness that hits every person uniquely. While two people may struggle with one type of addiction, the struggles they face related to their addiction can be quite different. For this reason, the typical cookie-cutter treatment programs focusing on substance rather than the person struggling with its use can often go unsuccessful. The most successful ones are typically those that help patients learn more about their addictions and the roots behind why they turned to substance use in the first place. Treatment programs at Mariposa follow this philosophy and use evidence-based therapy models to support and guide patients as they learn and acquire safer ways to achieve and maintain a sober life.


Where is Mariposa Detox Center working from?

Mariposa Detox Center owns two campuses in Los Angeles, California, that serve as treatment homes and offer comfortable accommodations to all clients. Both treatment centers provide spacious living areas, nutritious meals prepped by an in-house chef, and a cozy backyard patio to relax and socialize.

What is the treatment team like at Mariposa Treatment Center?

Mariposa Detox Center provides a team of highly experienced and trained professionals with adequate skills to help others fight drug addictions. Some of the treatment members are in recovery themselves after fighting a battle with addiction. Having members that can directly relate to some or more of the problems that a patient is going through often makes it easy for patients to open up about their thoughts and emotions more comfortably. Moreover, they also have someone to relate to, which makes recovery more accessible and more achievable.

What does the residential program at Mariposa rehab include?

After the detox process has concluded, clients are ready to enter residential care. At the residential treatment center of Mariposa, clients start living in a facility shared by others fighting similar addiction-related struggles. Residents are constantly under the care of a counselor and medical team and have a daily schedule to help them learn self-care, essential life skills, and how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Why should I go for a residential facility like Mariposa?

While attempting to recover from addiction, most individuals have two options to choose from inpatient and outpatient programs. Both programs have pros and cons, but inpatient programs are better and tied to quicker outcomes for people battling addiction. These inpatient facilities help them fully immerse themselves in treatment and sobriety to get the most significant benefits possible. They also help patients struggling with addiction how to cope with their cravings and give them the necessary skills to manage life on a day-to-day basis.

Does Mariposa Detox Center accept insurance?

Unfortunately, the official website of the rehab does not mention which type of insurance they accept for treatment coverage. The best way to find out is by contacting the rehab team at their dedicated email address or phone number and discussing it with a representative in general. Most rehabs are generally accommodating and try to find a financial plan that works best for their clients without too much pressure.

When will I be able to leave the treatment center?

There is no fixed duration of treatment for people who choose to join Mariposa Detox. The detox process usually requires 7 to 10 days, followed by at least 28 days of residential care. However, keep in mind that for most people, these numbers can vary depending on their personal needs and how well they respond to treatment. An addiction treatment expert can best guide you about the estimated time you may need to spend in rehab to achieve a sober life that lasts for years to come with minimal risk of relapse.

Can I leave treatment whenever I want?

Yes, clients can get out of an active treatment plan whenever they wish. The experts, however, encourage them to let the team know about their intentions and discuss why they want to drop out without completing the tenure. The aim of this discussion is to sort out any problems that might be compelling the patients to leave treatment early and ensure that they complete their outlined programs for a better chance at recovery.

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