One out of every 12 adults across America struggles with alcohol abuse; around 8% of people over 12 have an underlying drug addiction. While these people may feel alone and isolated in their struggles, various substance rehabs, such as Liberty Bay Recovery Center, are actively working to support them. Situated in Portland, Maine, Liberty Bay can help people with addictions find the information and support they need to begin their recovery journey.

What to Expect at Liberty Detox and Rehabilitation Center?

People who choose to join Liberty Recovery Center can expect the following during their experience:

An Understanding & Supportive Staff

All team members at Liberty Bay have the same values and level of passion for what they do. These team members always exhibit professional behaviors and care deeply about the patients, allowing them to truly empathize with them.

Nutritious Meals

Liberty Bay has a fully-fitted, modern kitchen on-site to provide all residents with nutritious, delicious, and wholesome meals and snacks. The team believes that recovering from addiction involves learning to break substance use habits and a greater focus on adopting healthier eating habits. The healthy meals available on-site can also help patients compensate for their underlying nutrient deficiencies due to prolonged substance use.

Exceptional Counseling Services

Counseling remains a crucial part of a successful addiction recovery experience. For this reason, the staff at Liberty Bay provides people with individual and group counseling sessions throughout their duration of stay. The experts know that overcoming addiction can be a lifelong process; hence, they provide exceptional counseling sessions to help them get back to their normal lives and continue practicing sobriety as quickly as possible.

The advisers and counselors at Liberty Bay Recovery Center collaborate with patients to deeply understand their ongoing issues and overall recovery goals to help achieve them. The aim is to do everything in power to help these people steer clear of substance relapses once they finish treatment.

A Focus on Individual Needs

Experts running Liberty Bay understand the need to tailor and individualize every program so that it can best support patients. For this purpose, they conduct an in-depth assessment to get to know every patient and their struggles so that the treatment can focus on the problematic areas.

Emphasis on Safety

The team members at the rehab always ensure that every client has a safe experience at Liberty Bay. The campus has physicians, nurses, and other staff members on-site at all times to deal with emergencies as needed. Moreover, Liberty Detox Center is open 16 hours a day to help people get through the process without complications and ask for help as needed.

Caring About Privacy

The treatment team at Liberty Bay understands that many people with addictions have concerns about their privacy and wish to heal in seclusion. Hence, it provides each client with single rooms with shared bathrooms. Moreover, staff members also ensure to maintain full confidentiality.

How to Get Into Treatment at Liberty Bay: The Admission Process

People struggling with alcohol or drug addiction can seek help from Liberty Bay Recovery Center through the following steps.

Calling the Helpline

Liberty Bay has a dedicated helpline where a person can call about themselves, an employee, or a loved one potentially struggling with substance use disorder. Calling this line connects them with an intake specialist who will provide them with information about the treatment center and guide them about how to seek addiction treatment. The helpline is open 24/7 to answer all emergency and regular calls.

Completing the Pre-Admissions Intake Evaluation

Once a client is ready to admit themselves or others to a treatment program at Liberty Recovery, the intake specialist conducts a brief evaluation over the phone. In this assessment, they may ask about the following:

  • Types of substances they abuse
  • Frequency of use
  • Duration of use
  • Other co-existing medical and psychiatric conditions
  • Any past history of addiction treatment
  • Current living situation and employment
  • Other aspects of life with significant distress

Once a person completes the pre-admission intake, they will connect with a clinician who will work with them to design a program that perfectly fits their situation.

Providing Financial Information

To make the intake process smoother, the intake specialist takes the insurance information from clients and seeks their permission to contact the insurance company on their behalf. Known as insurance verification, this process will help the specialists understand each client’s coverage so that they can help patients learn more about alternative payment options if needed.

Making Travel Arrangements

Once the admissions team at Liberty Bay confirms admission, clients must start making arrangements to visit the facility in person. The rehab runs from Portland, Maine, and people belonging to far-off areas may need to arrange transportation. The intake specialists at Liberty Bay can help with these travel arrangements if required. Clients who wish to arrive by air can choose Portland International Jetport as it is nearest to the treatment center. The rehab can arrange a ride to escort patients from the airport to the facility. Alternatively, clients may choose to travel via train or bus.

The Liberty Bay staff members highly discourage patients from driving themselves to the treatment center as it can be risky. In case a person is struggling to reach rehab, the staff members can happily work with them to sort it out and reach a solution.


What programs does Liberty Bay Recovery Center provide?

The following programs are available at Liberty Bay Rehab:

What should I bring with me to Liberty Bay if I am arriving for residential treatment?

Clients who are joining Liberty Bay to seek residential treatment must bring enough clothes and toiletries to cover at least two weeks. The rehab provides linens for the bed, towels, and toilet paper, so there is no need to bring these. MP3 players that cannot connect to the internet are also allowed on the premises. However, tablets, cell phones, gaming consoles, and laptops are strictly prohibited. Those from a far-off area who wish to bring a phone can submit it to the staff upon admission and collect it once they finish treatment.

Are family or couples’ sessions available at Liberty Bay?

Experts at Liberty Bay regularly encourage family members to join the treatment session and repair the damages caused to their relationships due to the ongoing addiction. All family and couples sessions are private and involve no unnecessary person.

What are the qualifications of the staff members at Liberty Recovery?

Liberty Recovery has highly qualified staff members, some of them holding Master’s Degrees while others with Bachelor’s Degrees and Medical Doctorates. All clinical staff members are at least Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors with a license to practice issued by the state of Main. In addition to their qualifications, these staff members have years of experience in helping others overcome their mental health and addiction issues.

How much will treatment cost?

Liberty Bay is happy to connect with many private insurance companies and accept their coverage. The team also provides free-of-cost insurance verification in which a member of the staff connects with the client’s insurance company after seeking their permission to confirm the type of coverage they offer. For people with no insurance, the team can provide alternative payment methods. A special treatment rate is available for clients who wish to pay via cash.

What is the success rate of Liberty Detox and Rehab?

The rehab claims that more than 90 percent of people joining the Liberty Bay program seek recovery. However, it acknowledges that the true measure of recovery is hard to predict as it is based on the number of clients who maintain long-term recovery following treatment. Nevertheless, the rehab is confident that most clients continue to live a substance-free life.

  • Address 343 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States, Maine.