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Situated in West Palm Beach, Florida, Heal Behavioral Health is a luxury treatment center accepting men and women fighting addiction and mental health issues. The rehab focuses on helping patients as a whole while guiding their loved ones through every step of the treatment as patients progress to different levels of care. At Heal, the goal is to help people establish a solid foundation for recovery. It aims to treat people instead of their symptoms and frequently relies on holistic therapies that allow clients to connect with their authentic selves.

The expert team at Heal Recovery Center believes that sustainable recovery is only possible once all underlying causes for a possible relapse are identified and addressed. With this in mind, it gives clients adequate time and opportunities to explore and manage their triggers with practical skills to ensure long-term sobriety and recovery.

Heal Recovery Center Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Approach

Heal’s approach to drug and mental health rehab is rooted in understanding the complexities of addiction and psychiatric disorders. The rehab strongly advocates a patient-centered, holistic methodology that not only relieves symptoms but also identifies and manages the root cause of the problem. Its strategy is based on expertise, compassion, and evidence-based practices to ensure that each person gets the highest quality of care.

The following are the components of addiction and mental health treatment at Heal Rehab:

Holistic Care

The rehab considers each patient as a whole and takes all aspects of their health and well-being into account, including spiritual, physical, and emotional health. All treatment plans are designed to improve overall healing with a combination of alternative and complementary therapy.

Supportive Environment

Seeking recovery from substance use disorders and mental health issues requires living in a nurturing and safe environment. The staff at Heal Rehab strives to create an environment where clients can focus on recovery while feeling supported, acknowledged, and free from stigma. The treatment team is available for continuous support throughout the duration of treatment.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Heal Behavioral Health uses evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted therapy, and motivational interviewing, to facilitate recovery.

Continuous Education and Support

Heal Behavioral Health considers recovery as an ongoing process. Hence, it offers its clients resources for continued healing and growth. These resources include educational workshops, relapse prevention strategies, and support groups. The aim is to equip all clients with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain well-being.

Dual Diagnosis Services at Heal Recovery Center

Heal Behavioral Health acknowledges the widespread prevalence of dual diagnosis and understands that overcoming two co-existing issues is not easy. Hence, it offers deeply personal support for each individual with a comprehensive collection of treatment options. All treatment programs are available as a part of the dual diagnosis treatment to address the intertwined nature of co-existing addiction and mental health disorders. The ultimate goal of this program is to support recovery and improve overall well-being.

The following are the components of a dual diagnosis program at Heal Recovery Rehab:

Evidence-Based Therapies

Evidence-based treatment forms the core of the treatment approach at Heal Behavioral Health. The rehab uses evidence-based therapies proven to be effective for both substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Medication Management

The use of medication becomes essential for many individuals with an underlying dual diagnosis. The purpose of medication management is to offer stabilization for mental health issues while addressing problems related to substance use.

Holistic & Integrative Care

The dual diagnosis programs at Heal Behavioral Health recognize the importance of treating clients as whole people. To this end, they use many integrative and holistic therapies.

Interventions at Heal Recovery Rehab

Intervention services at Heal Recovery are intricately designed to help individuals struggling with mental health disorders and addiction kickstart recovery. The critical process includes strategic planning and a compassionate approach aimed to encourage individuals to identify their need for help and take a step toward treatment.

Following are some common steps of an intervention program at Heal:

Strategic Planning

The intervention team at Heal Behavioral Health closely works with families, friends, and loved ones to understand the situation and develop a personalized strategy. The preparatory process normally includes educating the families on addiction and mental health issues, setting goals for the intervention, and rehearsing it to ensure that everyone delivers a coherent message.

Professional Guidance and Help

At Heal Behavioral Health, experienced individuals lead interventions to ensure success. These interventions take place non-confrontationally while maintaining respect and decorum in a space where an individual feels supported. All sessions are supervised by a specialist to ensure that the discussion is focused on encouraging treatment.

Customized Intervention Approaches

Heal Recovery Rehab recognizes that every individual has a unique situation. Hence, it tailors its intervention service to accommodate specific needs in each case. This adaptability comes depending on how a patient feels about their problem and can change to break common barriers, such as fear, resistance, and denial. This flexibility and room for personalization make getting good clinical outcomes easier.

Follow-Up and Treatment Transition

Following a successful intervention, the team continues to engage with the individual and their loved ones and support them as they transition into an appropriate recovery program. This continued support helps them maintain momentum toward recovery while assisting with emotional support and other logistical arrangements.

Continuous Family Support

Heal Behavioral Health understands the effects of addiction and its impact on family members. Hence, it provides ongoing support and resources, such as support groups, educational materials, and access to counseling.

Getting Started at Heal: The Admissions Process

Beginning the recovery journey can be a difficult time for anyone. Heal Behavioral Health takes several measures to make this process as smooth and simple as possible. The admissions process at the rehab is straightforward and supportive so that all clients feel valued and understood from the beginning.

Step One: Initial Consultation

The recovery journey with Heal begins as soon as an individual contacts the rehab through email, phone, or website. A team of compassionate staff members will contact potential clients as soon as possible to schedule an initial appointment and answer any questions they may ask.

Step Two: The Initial Visit

During the first visit, each client goes through an in-depth assessment with one of the therapists. This assessment allows the team to understand the intricacies of their underlying issues and gather enough information to create a personalized plan.

Step Three: Personalized Treatment Plan

Following the assessment, the treatment team at Heal collaborates with clients to create individualized plans. These plans include integrated, evidence-based therapies and support services to address the unique challenges and provide clients with a roadmap for the recovery journey.


What is the Heal Behavioral Health campus like?

Heal Recovery Center provides a tranquil environment to promote introspection and healing. The rehab spreads over 5 acres with top-notch amenities and executive accommodations to provide support and comfort throughout the treatment. From well-appointment rooms to the beautiful South Florida landscape, the luxury rehab pays attention to every detail to ensure privacy and peace.

Does Heal Recovery Center accept insurance?

Heal Behavioral Health works with all major insurance companies to help clients pay for treatment. It also has various modes of payment to facilitate as many clients as possible.

Does Heal Rehab provide nutritional services?

Heal Behavioral Health considers nutrition a key aspect of recovery. Its team includes many licensed nutritionists who work closely with clients to develop individualized dietary plans to promote emotional stability and physical healing.

How are Heal Behavioral Health reviews?

Heal has received many positive comments from people who directly attended the rehab and their loved ones. These comments have highlighted how the rehab has a highly supportive team of therapists, comfortable rooms, and genuine care and concern shown by staff members. Many have also called the rehab a turning place for them and their loved ones.

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