With a legacy spanning over three decades, the Hanley Center is among the foremost and reputable addiction treatment providers. Renowned for its expertise and unwavering commitment to aiding individuals in recovery, Hanley Center Rehab has established itself as a beacon of hope and healing.

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Rooted in the mission of facilitating a transformative shift from substance use disorder to a state of enriched mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, the center caters to individuals of all ages and stages of life. Whether struggling with the enduring complexities of addiction or navigating newfound challenges that have led to substance use, Hanley Center offers clinically superior, holistic care that paves the way for sustained recovery.

As a vital member of Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s network of addiction treatment centers, Hanley Center is located within the lush tropical landscapes of Palm Beach County, Florida. The serene campus provides a nurturing environment conducive to healing and growth, enhancing the comprehensive treatment experience.

Comprehensive Healing – Treatment Services at Hanley Center

With a steadfast commitment to guiding individuals toward sustained recovery, the Hanley Rehab Center’s treatment offers various evidence-based and specialized services that address the multifaceted nature of addiction. Some of the services at the facility include the following:

Age and Gender-Specific Treatment Options

Recognizing the unique challenges and needs that different age groups and genders present, Hanley Center West Palm Beach offers specialized treatment options. Such a tailored approach ensures that individuals receive care that resonates with their life experiences and circumstances, fostering a deeper connection and a more effective recovery journey.

On-Site Medical and Detox Services

Hanley Rehab boasts on-site medical and detox services, a critical foundation for safe and thorough recovery. What sets the center apart is its capacity to manage chronic and co-occurring medical conditions, aligning physical health with the broader recovery process.

Cutting-Edge Neurological Interventions

The Center for Brain Recovery, an integral part of Hanley’s offerings, introduces cutting-edge neurological interventions that propel recovery beyond traditional boundaries. These innovative approaches tap into the brain’s remarkable capacity for change, offering renewed hope for those seeking transformation.

Hallmark 12-Step Immersion Experience

A significant component of Hanley’s treatment philosophy is its hallmark 12-step immersion experience. This time-tested approach provides individuals with a structured framework for addressing addiction, promoting self-awareness, and forming connections with fellow participants in recovery.

Trauma Therapies

Hanley Center Florida understands the importance of trauma-informed care in addiction treatment. The inclusion of trauma therapies acknowledges the interconnectedness of past experiences with present struggles, providing a platform for healing at its deepest levels.

Complementary Therapies

The center goes above and beyond by offering additional holistic therapies. Acupuncture and massage therapy, available upon request, provide avenues for relaxation and physical rejuvenation, further enriching the recovery journey.

Experiential Therapies

Hanley Rehab’s commitment to holistic healing extends to experiential therapies, recognizing the power of hands-on engagement. These therapies encompass activities like art, music, and equine-assisted therapy, harnessing creativity and connection to foster growth.

In-Depth Continuing Care and Discharge Planning

Hanley Center’s support continues after the completion of an initial program. The center emphasizes in-depth continuing care and discharge planning, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the tools and strategies to navigate life’s challenges beyond treatment.

Which Conditions Does Origins Hanley Center Treat?

With a nuanced understanding of the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical well-being, Hanley Treatment Center offers professional guidance and treatment for diverse conditions, including:

Substance Abuse Disorders

At the core of Hanley Center’s expertise lies its profound dedication to treating substance abuse disorders. With decades of experience, the center employs evidence-based practices, personalized therapies, and a nurturing environment to guide individuals through recovery. Whether individuals are facing challenges with alcohol, prescription medications, illicit drugs, or other substances, Hanley Center’s personalized approach addresses each person’s unique needs and experiences, fostering a path toward lasting sobriety.

Mental Health Disorders

Hanley Rehab Center offers a comprehensive approach to treating mental health disorders. From anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and beyond, the center’s experienced professionals provide integrated treatment that acknowledges the complex relationship between mental health and substance use.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis, often called co-occurring disorders, is a realm where Hanley Center excels. This category encompasses cases where individuals simultaneously face both substance abuse and mental health disorders. The center’s multidisciplinary team is adept at understanding and treating the complexities of these intertwined conditions, crafting comprehensive plans that address both conditions simultaneously.

Guided by a philosophy that embraces the whole person, Hanley Rehab Center offers a sanctuary for those seeking recovery from diverse conditions. The facility’s holistic approach recognizes that true healing involves more than just addressing symptoms; it involves understanding the roots of these conditions and fostering sustainable transformation.

Charting Your Path to Healing: Mandatory Admission Steps at Hanley Center

When seeking recovery at Hanley Center, a structured approach to admission ensures a seamless and supportive entry into the healing. Understanding the importance of the initial phase, the center has laid out mandatory steps that guide individuals toward comprehensive treatment, including:

  • Initial Inquiry: The treatment begins with an initial inquiry, where individuals, their loved ones, or referring professionals contact Hanley Center. During this phase, questions can be answered, concerns can be addressed, and a preliminary understanding of the individual’s needs can be established.
  • Pre-Admission Assessment: A pre-admission assessment is conducted once the decision to pursue treatment is made. The evaluation gathers vital information about the individual’s medical history, substance use, mental health, and co-occurring conditions. It serves as the basis for creating a personalized treatment plan.
  • Verification of Benefits: For a smooth admission process, it is essential to verify insurance benefits. Hanley Center’s team assists individuals in navigating the insurance landscape, ensuring clarity about coverage and financial considerations.
  • Clinical Assessment: A comprehensive clinical assessment follows, delving deeper into the individual’s emotional and psychological well-being. This step helps the treatment team gain a more nuanced understanding of the person’s challenges, enabling the creation of a tailored treatment approach.
  • Customized Treatment Plan: A customized treatment plan is developed based on the gathered information. This plan outlines the therapies, interventions, and activities that will be part of the individual’s recovery journey, aligning with their unique needs and aspirations.
  • Admittance and Orientation: With the treatment plan in place, individuals are welcomed to Hanley Center. A thorough orientation familiarizes them with the facility, staff, daily routines, and expectations, ensuring a smooth transition into the treatment environment.

By following these well-defined stages, individuals and their loved ones can be assured of a supportive and guided entrance into recovery.


Does Hanley Center offer outpatient rehabilitation?

Hanley Center offers a range of treatment options, including outpatient rehabilitation. The center provides various levels of care tailored to individual needs, including intensive outpatient programs (IOP) or partial hospitalization programs (PHP) that allow individuals to receive treatment while maintaining some daily routine.

How expensive is treatment at Hanley Rehab?

The cost of treatment at Hanley Center can vary depending on factors such as the level of care, duration of treatment, and individual insurance coverage. Hanley Center’s admissions team can provide you with a personalized assessment of costs based on your specific situation. They work closely with individuals to navigate insurance benefits and explore available options to make treatment as accessible as possible.

How can I verify insurance to begin my treatment at Hanley Center?

Verifying insurance coverage is an essential step in the treatment. Hanley Center’s experienced admissions team can assist you in verifying your insurance benefits. You can start by providing your insurance information during your initial inquiry or assessment. The team will then communicate with your insurance provider to determine coverage details and ensure you clearly understand any potential financial responsibilities.

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