The Hader Clinic is a private, homelike mental health care, drugs, and alcohol treatment center in Australia. The clinic was founded in 1998 with a vision to create an addiction treatment program dealing with alcohol or drug problems. The primary purpose of rehab is to formulate effective holistic treatment models and help those addicts who are suffering from the pain of active addiction and untreated mental disorders.

The Hader clinic offers a medical, psychosocial model of care for people looking for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The center is considered Australia’s most credible and devoted addiction treatment facility. They have a complete awareness of all aspects of addiction, from physical to metaphysical.

Programs at the Hader Clinic Queensland

Hader Clinic deals with the following extensive programs:

Proper Understanding of Detox and Withdrawal

The first step of the Hader Clinic’s addiction treatment is managing physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. This is a 14 or 28 days detox and withdrawal program to find dependence through different ways like improper nutrition, poor sleeping habits, and chronic health issues. At Melbourne detox center, professionals are available 24/7 to support recovering addicts in regulating their alcohol withdrawal and physical symptoms of drugs.

Detox from alcohol and drugs can be threatening. In the first stage of addiction treatment, 28 days medically assisted detox program is offered to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure safety. The kind of drugs and how long it was used affect what detox will be like. The Hader Clinic’s Melbourne drug and alcohol detox program’s focal point is to discuss addiction’s emotional, physical, social, psychological, and spiritual effects. 

There are different aspects of this initial program like:

  • Weekly individual counseling sessions
  • Daily group check-ins and support group therapy
  • Recreational and entertaining activities
  • sports
  • Other experimental programs

Rehabilitation and Inpatient Transition

Hader treatment clinic offers an inpatient rehabilitation transition program to treat addiction and mental health. They help patients return to their everyday life by following the 28-Day detox and withdrawal Program. People can also be admitted through other referral sources like mental health therapists or physicians. The rehab facility of Hader is located in Essendon, and the treatment center provides pleasant, cozy, and caring surroundings to patients to reduce their addictions through obedience and self-determination.

The inpatient rehab transition program is a holistic model of care and focuses on the emotional, physical, social, psychological, and spiritual effects of addiction. For a successful transition, inpatient care to the community often demands a complex and fragmented healthcare system.  Rehab management services mostly meet individuals’ needs, and their treatment goals are also planned properly. Elements of this inpatient rehabilitation program consist of the following:

  • A range of other holistic therapies
  • Education groups
  • Group check-ins and support  group therapy
  • 12-Step facilitation
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Family program and support
  • Other experimental programs

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Outpatient Services

An outpatient rehab facility can be very beneficial for individuals with mild substance abuse problems who are serious about getting better. The outpatient relapse prevention program offers alcohol and drug treatment sessions and support groups that can be attended at various times throughout the week. 

These programs support their patients to improve and rebuild themselves in society by following the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. Outpatient drug and alcohol detox treatment supports the long-term sobriety of patients and makes it difficult for a person to set back. The outpatient drug rehabilitation program at The Hader Clinic Queensland works hard and helps its patients, and allows them to continue their regular responsibilities properly.

The outpatient relapse prevention program carries on its holistic model of care and implements them in other stages of treatment by addressing the emotional, social, physical, psychological, and spiritual influences of addiction. This is discussed through the two main courses of action:

  • Transitional Housing: Patients are offered safe, secure, and supportive accommodation to bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing by providing supervision, structure, and support for addictions and mental health.
  • Intensive Outpatients: A type of mental health care where patients can see a therapist once or maybe twice in their office, and people can revisit programs and therapies from the Hader Clinic consisting of individual counseling and peer support.

Support Services at the Hader Clinic

Outpatient services

The Hader Clinic provides diagnosis and care for patients that do not need to stay overnight. They offer safe and supported programs for patients who want medical attention outside the clinic. Outpatient services play an essential role in the overall running of the clinic. 

Holistic outpatient services of this rehab Queensland include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Daily check-ins and individual counseling
  • Peer support and group therapy

Family intervention

The Hader Clinic utilizes certified interventionists and health care professionals to work systematically with the patient’s family for treatment, prevention, management, and rehabilitation of bio-psycho-social problems. Family interventions centering on physical health issues and the efforts of healthcare professionals involve families in treating these problems. The clinic can help people to perform and intervenes by:

  • Helping patients to prepare for interventions from the start to the acknowledgment of treatment
  • A proven approach consisting of successful elements of a wide range of evidence-based models
  • Affection and sympathy, but a resistant and non-antagonistic style of healing


Hader counseling services have fully equipped modern state-of-the-art infrastructure. Social workers in medical facilities assist with patients’ support, help clients find resources during and after their time in the hospital, and complete their mental health assessments. Counseling sessions are organized by highly trained staff, and they help people find resources and helpful activities for when they are discharged. 

Counseling services of this rehab queensland include:

  • One-on-one counseling and personal mentoring
  • Psychotherapy and Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Group therapy consisting of addiction education groups

Forensic services:

Forensic services are for lawbreakers with mental health illnesses. A client with legal issues and in need of treatment for addiction can get help from the Hader treatment clinic. This rehab Queensland understands the sensitivity around legal issues, facilitates people’s admission, treatment, and discharge, and will always help people with the highest possible degree of discrepancy.

Hader clinic offers a client a wide range of forensic services, consisting of:

  • Advocacy in court and to bail inpatient treatment facilities
  • Forensic assessments for mental health issues and all kinds of addictions
  • Comprehensive and precise court reports and pre-sentencing reports

Transitional housing

The supportive programs are designed by rehab as an intermediate step between permanent housing and emergency shelter. People who are addicts mostly need a safe and secure location to help themselves improve and rebuild themselves in society. Such patients want distance from the people and situations they were previously linked with. The transitional housing program of Hader clinic takes place in a private home with a cozy environment and allows patients to continue their recovery period outside of the clinic. 

Transitional housing includes:

  • Peer support groups
  • Ongoing one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Supported recovery with a significance on personal independence
  • Alcohol breath testing  and urine drug screening to make sure a safe environment


What are the accreditations of Hader Clinic?

The Hader Clinic offers the following accreditations:

  • Private hospital provider with the number 0037020A
  • Clinical staff register with AHPRA 
  • Accredited by NSQHS 
  • Victorian Health Registered with registration number 2578
  • ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation number F5 568594

Does Hader Clinic offer any unique program for veterans?

Veterans are often thrown into civilian life without relief or little help when returning from service. This can cause disturbance in their life, and the stress can lead to a range of psychological, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual effects. 

The Hader Clinic and The Department of Veterans Affairs help people in this situation. DVA provides health cards to veterans and their families to utilize healthcare and related services. If a person is a Gold or White DVA Health Card holder, they can be facilitated for minimum 90 days program at no cost.

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