Many years ago, a group of individuals identified the multiple core elements missing from the available addiction treatment plans, such as quality, innovation, personalization, and comfort. They noticed how outdated treatment and overcrowded rehabilitation centers with one-size-fits-all treatment approaches were the norms in the addiction treatment world. Sensing room to grow, these individuals established an organization to transform the lives of people battling addictions through education, inspiration, and support. They paid particular attention to personalization, progressiveness, the importance of community, and the use of evidence-based treatments. Targetting three primary types of clients, i.e., those fighting addictions, their families, and other healthcare providers who require assistance, Footprints to Recovery finally opened its doors to the world in 2013.

Ever since its establishment, Footprints to Recovery has only been going up, owing to its dedicated and sincere values, mission, and outlook. Since then, the rehab has gained a team of educated, passionate, and dedicated specialists and clinicians who continue to offer the best care to addicts across the country.

Services at Footprints to Recovery Addiction Treatment Centers

The following services are routinely offered at Footprints to Recovery New Jersey and other branches:

Medical detox

Detoxification programs at Footprints to Recovery are usually the first step of the addiction treatment program. These programs aim to help clients cleanse their bodies of all residual drugs and alcohol so they can officially enter treatment with a clean mind and body.

Residential treatment

Residential treatment at Footprints to Recovery provides a well-structured and safe environment for clients to recover from drug and alcohol addictions under the supervision of dedicated staff members.

Partial care program

As the first level of treatment, partial care programs best suit individuals who require structured treatment without 24/7 supervision or assistance.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

As a part of these programs, clients can continue to seek treatment while taking care of their other life obligations, like school or work.

Outpatient treatment

The outpatient rehab at Footprints to Recovery Elgin IL is based on a similar structure as that of an IOP. However, the only difference is that the former is less intensive in terms of duration and frequency of treatment.

Sober living

Also called an independent living or recovery house, sober living at Footprints to Recovery allows clients to live in a supportive environment where they learn to live sober by utilizing skills learned in formal treatment.

Paying for Treatment at Footprints to Recovery

Fortunately, Footprints to Recovery offers multiple ways to pay for treatment. These include the following:

Using a Credit Card

Clients can use a credit card to pay for the treatment fully. Remember that every credit card comes with a specific credit limit based on the owner’s monthly income, credit scores, and other factors. Based on these factors, some may qualify for a zero percent balance transfer offer, meaning they won’t have to pay any interest on their balance.

Similarly, some companies providing credit cards specialize in medical costs. Remember that some of these companies have restrictions on how their cards are used, and it is imperative to be aware of them before you use them to pay at Footprints to Recovery. For instance, a credit card limit may not be high enough to find the entire treatment cost fully.

Using a Sliding Scale

You may also consider using sliding scale services, especially if you are facing any financial difficulties. The sliding scale fee takes a client’s financial situation and current income into account while charging them for treatment. This helps minimize the cost of treatment depending on what each person earns in a year. Using a sliding scale, people with lower annual incomes can afford the same treatment and therapy as those of higher incomes and enjoy equal care levels.

Using Insurance

For clients with valid health insurance, the Affordable Care Act provides them the right to pay for mental health treatment using the insurance benefits. However, remember that every insurance company and the plans they offer are different in terms of their level of coverage, how they provide coverage, and what treatments they cover. The best way to find out more about your insurance coverage is by letting the staff members at Footprints to Recovery contact your insurance provider directly. A representative from the rehab can work with the insurer to determine the maximum amount of coverage possible and help clients avail of it.


Does health insurance cover residential programs at Footprints rehab NJ?

Yes, insurance may cover some or all of the residential treatment at Footprints to Recovery rehab. The admissions team can help sort this out before starting treatment at the facility. This will allow you to relax without worrying about whether your insurance will pay for treatment or not. To start this insurance verification process, contact a representative by phone. The representative will require some basic information about your insurance provider and current policy to begin the process and will get back to you as soon as possible with the data.

How long does the PHP Footprints program last?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the PHP timeline varies from client to client. The following factors may include the time you may require to spend in the PHP program:

  • The severity of addiction
  • Your external support system
  • Your response and compliance with the program
  • Your willingness to stick to your ongoing treatment
  • Your history of past relapses and treatment episodes
  • How you are managing your co-occurring mental disorders if any

What is included in the intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Footprints to Recovery Illinois?

The program specifics of IOP treatment at the Footprints program include the following:

  • Didactic lectures
  • Skills training
  • Mutual self-help programming
  • Process-based programming
  • Psychoeducation
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Recreational programming
  • Experiential programming
  • Nutritional counseling, along with other wellness initiatives
  • Community support
  • Process-based programming
  • Expressive therapy, including art, comedy, music, tai chi, and yoga

What are the rules of living in a sober house at Footprints to Recovery Colorado?

The house rules that every resident of a sober house needs to follow include but are not limited to the following:

  • Adhering to all overnight and curfew rules, if any
  • Maintaining abstinence from all substances that alter mood
  • Complying with all regular alcohol and drug tests
  • Participating in any household activities, like everyday chores
  • Paying your rent and expenses
  • Having a plan to maintain ongoing recovery through therapy, meeting, etc.
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