Dominion Hospital VA is a freestanding mental health running in Northern Virginia, offering short-term mental health services to people aged five years and above. Through various levels of care, such as partial hospitalization, inpatient care, and intensive outpatient programs, the rehab focuses on children, teens, and adults and helps them achieve their personal goals. The treatment approach at Dominion involves an emphasis on crisis stabilization and intervention in a highly-structured environment that gives everyone a chance to focus on getting well and achieving recovery with the help of a devoted care team.

The mental health hospital claims to be attuned to the needs of the local VA community and provides a secure treatment environment at an easily-reachable location. The rehab has a large team of experts, comprising psychologists, mental health nurses, expressive therapists, social workers, and other specialists to help people address various aspects of their ongoing psychiatric issues for a more comprehensive experience.

Programs Available at Dominion Mental Hospital

Dominion psychiatric services currently include the following programs and levels of care:

Medically Supervised Detoxification Services

A medically supervised detox program at Dominion focuses on care and support before, during, and after the program. The facility currently accommodates people with addictions to benzodiazepines, opiates, and other addictive substances. Each patient gets a primary counselor or social worker who ensures that they get dedicated support and an individualized treatment plan which may include the following:

  • Initial assessment and evaluation for the formulation of an appropriate treatment plan
  • A Three- to seven-day detox in a medically safe and 24/7 monitored environment
  • Daily group therapy focusing on safety, trauma-informed care, and harm reduction
  • Certified on-staff addictionologist to help patients deal with individual issues
  • Daily conferences with a physician for reviewing progress and discharge planning
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meetings conducted on site
  • Aftercare services to help patients connect with personal and community resources, for example, outpatient psychiatry, family support, and housing support

Throughout the detox and addiction program at Dominion, experts encourage all clients to eat a healthy diet. The team believes that fueling the body with healthy food sources is a crucial part of everyday care to ensure long-term recovery.

Intersect Program for Dual Diagnosis

The intersect program at Dominion Hospital aims at individuals suffering from a substance use disorder and a mental health illness simultaneously. Described as a dual diagnosis, this condition requires specialized care as both issues need to be sorted at once for optimal recovery. The Intersect program at Dominion provides adequate services to address all underlying issues in adolescent and adult patients. The team believes in enhancing a patient’s capacity to induce a positive change in life by formulating an environment of acceptance for them. In this environment, clients find it easier to identify the issues related to their substance use and change them with the encouragement and support of the staff members.

An intersect program at Dominion Rehab delivers integrated, holistic, patient-centered care combined with adequate social support. The team equips all patients with the tools they need to manage their coping mechanisms, improve communication skills, and grow personal accountability. With time, these skills help patients manage their symptoms in a better way. Following are the certain principles on which an intersect program works:

  • Dedication to trauma-informed care
  • The belief that social support and family members form the cornerstones of recovery
  • The belief that humans possess a capacity to change
  • Dedication to evidence-based treatments

Trauma Treatment Program

The goal of a trauma treatment plan at Dominion Hospital is to provide a space for interpersonal engagement to reduce fear-based reactions. As a part of the program, a team of experts supports clients learn various strategies and skills that can increase their resilience levels by helping them to:

  • Reduce the intrusion of self-injurious behaviors, traumatic experiences, and suicidal ideations
  • Buffer against a traumatic experience’s neurobiological effects
  • Inspire curiosity leading to understanding and integration of individual traumatic experiences

Trauma programs at Dominion take place in two different settings:

  • Inpatient Trauma Programs: These programs offer care and help throughout the week. Each participant undergoes an intake assessment before beginning treatment to determine the best course of action to help them recover. Some components of an inpatient program for trauma management include 24/7 nursing care, group and individual psychotherapy, daily medication management under a psychiatrist’s supervision, resilience group work, and collaboration with family, friends, and outpatient providers to constant recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization: A PHP for trauma management is ideal for those who can benefit from intensive therapy on a part-time basis. These programs run on weekdays and allow patients to relax and unwind at home over the weekend. Some treatment components of a PHP trauma management plan include resilience skills training, case management, and group psychotherapy.

Child Mental Health & Wellness Programs

Dominion psychiatric services also cater to young children and typically begin with an intake assessment to determine the level of care they will truly benefit from. Once a child is admitted to an appropriate level of care, the professional team will perform additional assessments to develop an excellent treatment plan that helps them meet their individual goals. At present, child services are available on the following levels:

  • Child Inpatient Mental Health Treatment: This level of care provides round-the-clock pediatric care with close monitoring and nursing care. It also includes various other supportive treatments, such as family therapy. The aim is to ensure that each child gets the most out of their treatment.
  • Child Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): PHP for children at Dominion Mental Hospital in VA takes place in a highly structured environment every day. The sessions run from 8 am until 2:30 pm, allowing patients to return home by evening and spend the rest of the day with family and other loved ones. This program provides a balanced mix of personalized treatment, growth opportunities, and other supportive therapies. A PHP is most appropriate for children requiring a detailed assessment to identify and treat issues that cannot be addressed through conventional outpatient services.

The Behavioral Team at Dominion Mental Hospital

Because the hospital caters to a wide range of patients, from children to adults, Dominion Hospital has a comprehensive treatment team that includes a wide range of specialists, such as the following:

  • Physicians: These specialists assess a patient’s needs for medication and decide if they are stable enough to transition to the next level of care.
  • Nursing staff: Their responsibility is to monitor all patients throughout the day or during the limited hours they spend as a part of a PHP and ensure they are safe.
  • Social work staff: This team meets with patients to identify underlying stressors and issues and create plans to maintain therapy and safety even after discharge
  • Expressive therapists: These therapists include alternative therapy techniques to help adults and children find other forms of communication and expression
  • Educators: These team members are involved in children’s programs and teach and monitor patients in dedicated classroom spaces after seeking parental permission. Moreover, they also coordinate with local student services to implement any changes needed before a child can return to school following treatment.
  • Education services staff: These staff members help create a supportive learning environment while a child continues to focus on their mental health treatment.


What mental health illnesses does Dominion Hospital treat?

The treatment team at Dominion Hospital treats anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, and other psychiatric disorders in addition to extending substance use services. The team also caters to people presenting with dual diagnoses, such as a chemical addiction coupled with self-injury, suicidal behaviors, or other behavioral, emotional, or mental health issues. The rehab also provides condition-specific services for co-existing eating disorders.

Is Dominion mental health rehab accredited?

Dominion Hospital is part of HCA healthcare hospital- a leading provider of healthcare services across the UK and certain states of the US. Additionally, it has also been accredited by the Virginia Department of Health and The Joint Commission.

  • Address 2960 Sleepy Hollow Rd
    Falls Church, VA 22044