Clearfork Academy, located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, is a well-known treatment center for teenagers and young adults battling substance use, mental health challenges, and co-occurring disorders. At Clearfork Academy, the treatment team passionately believes in the untapped potential within every teenager and recognizes the profound impact of religion in altering the course of their lives.

What sets Clearfork Academy apart is more than just its role as a drug rehab facility. It is a sanctuary with practices rooted in a profound commitment to holistic healing with the power of faith and religion. The academy goes beyond conventional methods, offering a unique blend of behavioral health treatment for substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. The distinctive approach shows the rehab’s dedication to addressing the multifaceted aspects of its patients’ well-being.

As a residential treatment center for teens, Clearfork Academy provides a supportive and nurturing environment where adolescents can recover successfully. The academy’s ethos revolves around empowering young individuals to overcome challenges, promoting personal growth, and guiding them toward a brighter, more fulfilling future

Embracing Transformation – The Core Values of Treatment at Clearfork Academy Fort Worth

Clearfork Academy embodies a set of core values that form the basis of its treatment approach, distinguishing it as a beacon of hope and transformation for young adults. Some of the core values of the treatment approach of the center include the following:

Compassionate Empowerment

At Clearfork Academy, compassion is not just a word but a guiding principle. The staff members approach each patient with empathy and understanding, recognizing that behind every struggle lies a unique story. They help adolescents to find their voice, creating an environment where they feel safe, valued, and understood. Such an approach forms the cornerstone of the academy’s treatment, providing a nurturing space for healing.

Holistic Wellness

The academy’s treatment model transcends the conventional by addressing the multifaceted aspects of wellness. Recognizing that substance use and mental health issues often intertwine, Clearfork Academy offers a holistic approach. They focus on treating the symptoms and understanding the underlying causes, providing comprehensive treatment. The strategy ensures that every aspect of a teenager’s well-being is considered and addressed throughout their recovery.

Faith-Centered Guidance

The transformative power of faith is a significant component of Clearfork Academy’s treatment philosophy. Embracing the teachings of Christ, the academy believes in the potential for spiritual healing as an integral part of the recovery process. Through faith-centered guidance and support, teenagers are encouraged to explore their spirituality, finding strength, solace, and a renewed sense of purpose in their relationship with a higher power.

Individualized Care

Understanding that each patient’s case is unique, Clearfork Academy strongly emphasizes personalized treatment plans. The staff takes the time to comprehend each adolescent’s specific needs, backgrounds, and circumstances, tailoring interventions and therapies accordingly. The individualized approach ensures that every teenager receives the care and attention essential for personal growth and recovery.

Family Involvement and Support

Recognizing the critical role of familial relationships in a teenager’s recovery, Clearfork Academy significantly emphasizes involving families in the treatment process. The academy offers family therapy sessions, educational workshops, and support networks, fostering a supportive environment where families can heal together. The involvement strengthens familial bonds and equips families with the tools and understanding necessary to support their teenager’s recovery beyond the academy.

Education and Life Skills

Clearfork Academy integrates education and life skills training into its treatment programs, acknowledging the importance of equipping teenagers with tools for a successful future. Through academic support and life skills workshops, adolescents can continue their education while gaining essential skills to navigate life’s challenges post-recovery.

Therapeutic Pathways to Transformation – Comprehensive Approach at Clearfork Rehab Center

Clearfork Academy adopts a multifaceted therapeutic approach that encompasses various evidence-based therapies customized to meet the needs of teenagers struggling with substance use, mental health challenges, and co-occurring disorders. The center offers a comprehensive array of therapeutic modalities to foster healing, growth, and lasting transformation. Some of these therapies are the following:

Group Therapy

Group therapy at Clearfork Academy is a big part of the treatment process. In these sessions, teenagers find support in a community of peers facing similar struggles. Guided by skilled therapists, these gatherings provide a safe space for adolescents to share experiences, learn from one another, and develop essential interpersonal skills. Group therapy cultivates empathy, encourages mutual support, and allows teenagers to explore diverse perspectives, fostering a sense of belonging crucial to the healing.

Individual Therapy

Recognizing the significance of individualized care, Clearfork Academy offers one-on-one counseling sessions. These personalized sessions allow adolescents to delve deeper into their challenges, emotions, and underlying issues. Through individual therapy, teenagers can explore their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in a confidential and supportive environment, promoting self-awareness, emotional regulation, and personal growth.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a fundamental therapeutic approach utilized at Clearfork Academy, focusing on identifying and modifying negative thought patterns and behaviors. Through CBT techniques, patients learn to challenge destructive beliefs, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and cultivate more adaptive behaviors. The evidence-based therapy equips adolescents with practical tools to navigate triggers, manage stress, and alter harmful thought patterns, promoting resilience and positive change.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Clearfork Academy integrates DBT, a specialized therapy emphasizing mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. DBT equips teenagers with skills to manage intense emotions, navigate interpersonal conflicts, and cultivate mindfulness practices. This approach empowers patients to cope with distressing situations effectively, promoting emotional stability and healthier relationships.

Family Counseling

Understanding the pivotal role of familial support in a teenager’s recovery, Clearfork Academy offers family counseling sessions. These sessions provide a platform for open communication, healing rifts, and addressing underlying family dynamics. By involving families in the therapeutic process, the academy aims to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and provide families with the tools and understanding necessary to effectively support their loved one’s recovery.

These evidence-based therapies show the academy’s commitment to nurturing healing, fostering resilience, and guiding teenagers toward sustained transformation and well-being.


How much does a treatment program at Clearfork Academy cost?

The cost of treatment at Clearfork Academy varies based on individualized treatment plans and the duration of the program. Factors such as the teenager’s specific needs, the level of care required, and any additional specialized services can influence the overall cost. Clearfork Academy aims to provide transparent information regarding fees and works with families to explore available options, including insurance coverage and financial assistance.

What is the privacy policy of Clearfork Rehab Center for Teenagers?

Clearfork Academy values the confidentiality and privacy of every teenager undergoing treatment. The academy adheres to stringent privacy regulations and practices, ensuring that all personal information and interactions remain confidential. The staff strictly follows HIPAA guidelines, maintaining the utmost discretion in handling sensitive information related to treatment and the individuals involved.

What are Clearfork Academy reviews like?

Reviews of Clearfork Academy often highlight its compassionate and holistic approach to adolescent treatment. Families and individuals have praised the academy for its dedicated staff, personalized care, and effective therapeutic interventions. Many testimonials speak to teenagers’ transformative experiences at Clearfork, emphasizing the supportive community, comprehensive treatment modalities, and the positive impact on their lives post-recovery. However, individual experiences can vary, and it’s essential to consider a range of perspectives when evaluating any treatment facility.

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