Central Florida Treatment Center is an opioid addiction rehab specializing in medication-assisted treatment to help clients overcome their narcotic dependence and addictions. It has been catering to the needs of people addicted to pain medicine and heroin since 1983. The addiction specialists employed by the rehab understand opioid dependency and are willing to help each patient follow a recovery plan designed to meet their needs.

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Using different drugs, such as suboxone, Vivitrol, and methadone, Central Florida rehab helps individuals break the grip of withdrawal. It also supports them in building on their strengths for a healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical recovery. To make this possible, the rehab takes help from a well-experienced clinical team that includes board-certified medical doctors, medical directors, therapists, licensed practical nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, counseling staff, physician assistants, social workers, and more. The common goal of this huge clinical team is to assist patients on the path to recovery so that life becomes livable for them once again.

Services Available at Central FL Treatment Center

Central Florida Recovery Centers offer various services that may vary slightly depending on their clinic locations. These services generally include:

Methadone or Suboxone Therapy

This treatment program involves using different medications, such as suboxone, Vivitrol, and methadone, to help clients slowly taper off opioids. Experts carefully choose the choice of medication to ensure adequate management of withdrawal symptoms without raising the risk of another addiction.

Individual Counseling

As clients continue to participate in methadone or suboxone therapy, Central Florida rehab encourages them to enroll in individual counseling. These sessions involve sitting one-on-one with a therapist and walking through the common issues in addiction recovery. As a part of these sessions, the therapist also works closely with clients to find the root causes of addiction and address them.

Group Counseling

Group counseling involves sitting down with other people fighting similar issues under the supervision of a therapist and working through different problems with the aim of finding solutions. This type of counseling allows clients to develop robust support systems that can push them toward recovery and long-term sobriety.

Family Counseling

Central Florida Treatment Center Lake Worth recognizes the importance of involving family members in addiction recovery. Hence, it offers different family counseling programs that involve the client and their loved ones and helps them mend broken relationships and cultivate a healthy environment at home.

Drug Screenings

Central Florida Treatment Center also requires its clients to undergo regular drug screening tests to ensure that they are in line with their treatment program and are not at risk of relapsing.

Supervised Tapering-Off

Quitting any drug cold turkey can lead to a multitude of serious side effects and withdrawal. To avoid this uncomfortable experience, Central Florida Treatment Center offers supervised tapering off of the offending drugs to avoid these effects.

Physician-monitored Treatment

Physicians monitor every treatment step at Central Florida Treatment Center to ensure safety.

Complete Assessment

Every person that seeks admission to Central Florida Treatment Center undergoes a thorough assessment that allows clinicians at the rehab to understand their position better. Using the information extracted from this assessment, these experts formulate a personalized program that specifically caters to each client’s individual needs.


How long will I need to continue taking medication-assisted treatment?

At Central Florida Treatment Center, medication-assisted treatment aims to help clients practice long-term abstinence from all psychoactive and mood-altering substances while re-establishing a healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical lifestyle. Most people require six to twelve months to achieve these goals. Once a patient undergoing medication-assisted treatment to overcome their treatment achieves a solid and healthy place in their recovery process, they may either become a maintenance patient who receives a stable therapeutic dose or slowly starts tapering off. Even for someone tapering off, the reduction occurs slowly, with a reduction of one to three milligrams per week, meaning that the process may take quite a long time.

I currently have Medicaid insurance. Will it cover my treatment at Central Florida Treatment Center?

In most cases, Medicaid fully covers methadone treatment at Central Florida Treatment Center. Most people with this insurance are also on an HMO which this rehab frequently works with. However, these services may vary from region to region, and it is best to contact the clinic you are considering joining and ask them about it directly.

I am pregnant but wish to stop using drugs. What can I do?

If you are pregnant and still using opioids, Central Florida Treatment Center offers a safe methadone treatment plan to protect you and your baby from the risks of illicit drug addiction.

Does Central Florida Treatment Center have a sliding fee scale?

Private patient payment is the sole funding source at Central Florida Treatment Center, along with Medicaid and Medicare. The rehab team is actively working on programs to get funding for these slots while increasing access to medication-assisted treatment. However, for now, there is no such program in place at the moment.

How often will I need to come to the rehab during treatment?

You will need to come to the clinic seven days a week for your daily dose during the initial few weeks. Each client will have a minimum requirement of weekly counseling. As the treatment progresses and you start responding positively, experts may gradually reduce your attendance.

Can I opt for a short-term detox at Central Florida Treatment Center?

Central FL Treatment Center’s short-term detox remains for at least six months. The team of experts in this facility believes quicker detoxes rarely lead to any long-term benefits and often result in relapses. Addiction is a serious disease and requires comprehensive and in-depth programs instead of quick fixes, so the rehab highly recommends its patients practice patience and give themselves some time to recover.

What should I bring to Central Florida Treatment Center Palm Bay on my first day?

The rehab recommends bringing a picture ID, the first week’s treatment fee, and the intake fee when they arrive at the treatment center. It is also better to bring proof of income that shows you can afford the treatment you are undertaking. The staff members also encourage everyone to bring family members or loved ones who can help them adjust to the new place and support them in recovery.

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