Online therapy has been helping millions of people across the world feel better. BetterHelp is one such platform delivering online therapy through licensed mental health practitioners with an aim to help people feel better without leaving their homes. The platform allows patients to take advantage of their affordable mental health services without needing health insurance.

BetterHelp online platform matches patients with licensed therapists with adequate training and experience. The effective and convenient online therapy provided at this platform helps people fight common mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, and other daily life challenges. Signing up is easy as it requires filling out an online questionnaire. Based on the information provided, the company matches each client with a suitable therapist who can change their circumstances positively. At BetterHelp, the aim is to help people get the support they need while overcoming any barriers to treatment, such as a lack of mental health professionals, high treatment costs, and commuting issues. So far, the platform has various extremely positive Better Help reviews backing their claims and urging people in need to join it and get the help they need.

The Therapists at BetterHelp

The professional team at BetterHelp comprises trained, experienced, and highly credentialed practitioners, including counselors and psychologists. For a therapist to join the team, they must have a relevant academic degree along with a minimum of three years of experience. The hiring team also ensures that the professionals they hire have completed the necessary education, training, and exams before they can start practicing.

The BetterHelp team ensures that every therapist they bring to the online therapy platform is in good standing with the relevant registering organization. All providers interested in joining the professional portal must provide professional documentation and proof of identity. The hiring team then cross-checks their information with the respective registering organization to ensure that they are legitimate.

In addition to verifying credentials, the BetterHelp company also requires all providers to complete a case study exam which gets an evaluation and a grade by a licensed clinician through a video interview. This evaluation process is rigorous as, according to the company, only 25% of the applicants interested in joining BetterHelp pass the test. The company also provides the full credential information for each professional to all patients so they can know the person they seek help from.

How Does BetterHelp Work?

At BetterHelp, there are many ways to connect with a therapist. A patient can choose the modality they deem fit based on their availability, convenience, and needs.

Live Chat Sessions

Patients can begin a text conversation with their therapist in real time. This way, they can experience the convenience of talking through messages while enjoying the live interaction, which helps them get instant responses and feedback from the professional. To enter a live chat, clients must schedule a time with the therapist beforehand. They can start the live session at the appointment time by logging into their account.

Live Phone Sessions

Phone sessions at BetterHelp are a great way to speak with a therapist through a cellphone or landline, regardless of where a person is. All phone sessions require fixing a time beforehand to ensure that both clients and therapists are free to interact. A therapist will begin the phone session, and the system will send a message to the p patient asking for their phone number. Once they provide the phone number, the system will make a call and connect the patient with the therapist. Remember that the call connection works through the system, and the therapist cannot see their client’s phone number.

Live Video Sessions

The third way to connect with a therapist at BetterHelp is through video sessions. These sessions allow clients to engage with a professional and talk to them, setting up a virtual face-to-face meeting. Once you have requested a live video session, log in to your account and wait for the therapist to begin the video session. You will receive a message to join the video chat. Once you accept the invite, the video session will begin at once.

Is BetterHelp Worth it? Reasons Why it Shines?

Following are some of the reasons why a person struggling with mental health issues may consider seeking Better Health online therapy:

It is professional

All therapists working under Better Help are accredited and licensed. The platform connects all patients with appropriate professionals while providing them with a convenient and safe healing environment online. BetterHelp currently has more than 25,000 licensed mental health professionals available to connect through online platforms. These therapists come from different practices, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds and can help with specific challenges.

It is affordable

Better Help therapy is extremely affordable, one of the reasons why people consider it the best online therapy site at present. Compared to in-person therapy, which charges up to $200 per session, Better Help costs between $60 to $90 every month which helps people save money.

It is convenient

BetterHelp allows people to communicate with their therapies remotely through various platforms. These platforms include live chat, video calls, phone calls, and messaging services, all of which are available through different devices. Clients are free to choose whatever works best for them and seek help however and whenever they need it.

It is effective

A licensed therapist at BetterHelp can help people address a variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, and anger. People with trauma-related issues and relationship problems can also seek counseling using this platform. The online therapy offered at BetterHelp has been designed for the seamless delivery of help and support to people who need it without having them leave their houses.


Where is BetterHelp office located?

The office is present in the middle of Silicon Valley, where it has various iconic companies, like Apple, Facebook, and Google, as neighbors.

How does the treatment work at Better Help Therapy?

Once a client signs up, the company matches them to an available therapist fitting their preference, objective, and the type of issues they are suffering from. Different therapists have varying areas of focus and approaches; hence, the platform focuses on matching the right professional with the right client. If a patient feels that their therapist is not right for them, they have the option to request a change.

Is BetterHelp Good? Can it substitute traditional therapy?

The professional team at BetterHelp includes registered therapists with appropriate credentials and expertise to deliver therapy. The platform claims that its services can deliver similar benefits as face-to-face therapy; however, it may not be a substitute for it in every case. It is also imperative to remember that a therapist cannot formulate an official diagnosis, prescribe medicine, or fulfill a court order.

How long are BetterHelp sessions?

The duration of treatment at BetterHelp may vary from one patient to another. Some may start noticing benefits within a few weeks, while others may have to stick to the program for a longer time.

Will BetterHelp let me stay anonymous while seeking help?

When a person signs up for Better Help online therapy, the platform does not ask for their name or contact information. Instead, it creates a nickname that clients can use to identify themselves in the system. Emergency details are only required once the treatment process has begun and are only used for emergency situations, such as when a therapist believes that a patient is in danger.

Are BetterHelp therapists licensed?

According to the company’s official website, more than 25,000 therapists are working for it. All have the necessary credentials and hold the required license to practice.

What is BetterHelp cost per month?

The cost of treatment can vary from one person to another, depending on the nature of their problem, the level of care they require, and the overall duration of treatment needed to address the issues. The company claims to be much more affordable than others, costing $60 to $90 per four weeks.

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