Balance Treatment Center is a mental health rehabilitation facility network across California. The rehab claims to offer unique treatment programs that target the infrastructure on which a mental illness, psychological problem, or conflict is based. All programs are delivered in a safe and protected environment under the supervision of a highly-experienced and trained treatment team. The team aims to go deep-sea fishing to find the faulty foundations on which patients base their struggles throughout their lives. Moreover, they also guide patients about resetting these foundations or swapping them with healthier and stronger ones to improve their overall quality of life. The treatment approach adopted by the Balance rehab team can have a strong impact leading to a lasting change.

Types of Programs at Balance Treatment Rehab

At Balance Rehab, patients can choose from one or more of the following treatment programs.

Kids Treatment Program

Balance Treatment Center has recently expanded its mental health programming to accommodate younger patients from ages 6 to 12 years. This expansion has occurred due to the increased demand for focus and support toward the younger communities following the pandemic. The purpose is to unite all family members to help their kids strengthen their weak parts.

As a part of the kid’s treatment programs, participants will have a supportive environment to learn more about their emotional and social well-being. Moreover, kids will also understand how to develop healthy strategies to effectively regulate their bodies and minds. The program will also provide built-in support for parents in the form of weekly parenting groups where parents can learn more about managing their social and emotional health as they care for their kids. Psychoeducational sessions will also be provided to help families learn how to co-regulate together and adapt and grow as a healthy and cohesive family unit.

According to the founders of Balance Treatment Center, the kid’s treatment program will include nine hours of group therapy which will include kids along with their family members. The program will follow a curriculum to help kids build social skills and healthy emotional regulation. Moreover, they will also learn more about executive functioning, emotional functioning, and sensory processing according to their age groups. The ideal candidates for the kid’s treatment program at Balance include those fighting mental health issues like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. Those with milder presentations of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may also benefit from the program to some extent. For more information, interested individuals can contact a rehab representative.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Balance Treatment Center is available to everyone who may benefit from a stronger source of structure and support on their recovery journey. Most people join IOPs as a type of aftercare service after completing an inpatient or partial hospitalization program. It can also be a good treatment choice for people who believe that psychotherapy alone cannot help them overcome their mental health concerns.

IOPs at Balance Rehab Center provide all patients support, guidance, and structure while allowing them to remain active in their daily life and maintain other aspects, such as work and school. The program accepts people with various types of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiance, sexual and gender identity issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and co-existing substance abuse issues.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHPs, allow clients to continue seeking treatment and care as an outpatient. These programs engage participants in several hours of therapy, following which they can return home for the rest of the day. This level of care is ideal for people who do not require a stay in the hospital or constant supervision. Moreover, it allows patients to heal under professional care while living with their loved ones and attending their everyday jobs.

The following are some key features of a PHP program:

  • It takes place in an outpatient setting, allowing all participants to live in their homes
  • The program continues for several hours a day from Monday to Friday
  • PHPs include intensive treatment with many modalities similar to the ones available in residential programs
  • The program can help certain people slowly and successfully transition back to their homes following a successful treatment experience.

In short, a PHP at Balance Treatment Rehab is a short-term program that runs for up to four weeks. However, clients always have the option to extend the duration if they feel like they need it. 

Adolescent Program

Teenage mental illness is becoming more common with every passing day, especially in terms of depression, anxiety, family and societal pressures, and self-harm behaviors. These mental health issues can impact the whole family, leaving them in crisis. For most such people, weekly therapy is not enough to induce healing. Such people can consider joining adolescent programs at Balance Treatment Center, where a team of experts helps teenagers explore their strengths, admit their vulnerabilities, and learn how to take better care of their mental and physical health.

The staff members at Balance Rehab adopt a family systems approach to dealing with adolescents and their loved ones. They also help families come together and work through difficult dynamics and unresolved emotions. The treatment program includes regular counseling sessions and educative classes for everyone to understand more about the trouble a teenager goes through.

Psychological Testing

Balance rehab offers many psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, including various tools and standardized tests to measure a person’s behavior and abilities in different domains. These assessments help experts understand a person’s intellectual and cognitive functioning along with their memory, language, and emotions. Moreover, the results can also pinpoint the changes that occurred across these domains due to an underlying mental illness or substance use disorder. Psychological testing can help mental health experts clarify diagnoses, answer diagnostic questions, develop personalized treatment plans, and provide useful recommendations based on results. The purpose of these testing services is to reveal individual strengths and weaknesses and design a program that patients can benefit from.


Does Balance Treatment Center accept insurance?

The rehab is in network with Tricare and Blue Cross and can work with most of the major insurance providers. For more information about the types of insurance providers Balance Rehab works with, call the rehab directly to talk to a representative. Remember that the facility does not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Medi-Cal coverage.

How long are the treatment programs at Balance?

The treatment team at Balance luxury rehab understands that the treatment needs of each person can greatly vary. Hence, it offers several initial assessments to understand how long a treatment program must be for a patient to truly benefit from it.

How can I know which level of treatment will benefit me the most?

Because no people are the same, everyone will require a different level of care based on their personal circumstances. To analyze these circumstances, the intake staff at Balance works closely with all clients and their loved ones to determine which level of care can best suit them. This focus on the personalization of treatment can ensure long-term success.

Who should join a partial hospitalization program at Balance Rehab?

The team of mental health professionals can assist patients in determining the best level of care according to their circumstances. A partial hospitalization program can, however, suit the following people in general:

  • People struggling to function properly at school or work
  • Those with mental health conditions but with no risk of harming others or themselves
  • Those with a positive and supportive environment at home with no access to drugs
  • People who are currently in a lesser-intensive level of care and require additional support and structure to make a recovery
  • People who have completed a residential program but require ongoing care to safely transition back to their normal life
  • Those who are medically stable and do not need constant supervision as they recover from mental illness

What do Balance Treatment Center reviews say?

Most reviews about Balance Treatment rehab are positive and highlight the facility as a pleasant, secure, and non-judgmental place to recover from long-term psychiatric illnesses.

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