Aware Recovery Care is an in-home mental health and addiction treatment industry. Run by a highly-trained team of professionals, the rehab provides the best in-home and in-class addiction treatment programs backed by evidence. These programs offer a full continuum of care, including in-home detox, medication-assisted treatments, and different therapies.

By changing the local community and home into a treatment setting, Aware Recovery helps people recover from addiction in a familiar environment. It offers the right amount of healthcare to its clients in the comfort and safety of their homes for better treatment outcomes. At the moment, Aware Recovery Care serves clients in Indiana, Florida, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

What is Aware Recovery Care In-Home Addiction Treatment Plan?

The in-home addiction treatment model that Aware Recovery treatment center follows is not a linear process. Instead, the rehab takes an individualized approach to address the client’s needs while strengthening their external support systems. Mentioned below is how the process works in general.

Meet and Greet

The very first step of the Aware Recovery addiction rehab program is the meet and greet. At this stage, the medical team performs evaluations and assessments to decide the most appropriate level of care for each client.

First Home Visit

Following the selection of an appropriate level of care, the client meets their care team and provides an overview of the program. Next, the team collaborates with the client to transform their home into a treatment center.

Maintenance of Treatment Plan

Once the client has met their care team and is briefed about the Aware Recovery Care program, they undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Each client also keeps in touch with outside providers throughout the program, such as medical specialists, primary care physicians, and individual therapists to get their vitals regularly checked.

Community Assimilation and Goal Setting

At this step, a Certified Recovery Advisor (CRA) connects each client with community recovery resources. The CRA also utilizes a wellness plan to help clients navigate what they want for their recovery. They may also hold urine drug screenings with clients and use them as non-punitive awareness tools.

Recovery Support

Throughout the Aware Recovery Care Program, the rehab team will also work with a client’s family members. The program includes Family Systems Therapy sessions to help clients bond with their families. Additionally, a Family Education Facilitator also provides the families with intervention guidelines according to their current circumstances.

During the entire Aware program, the rehab will conduct regular team meetings to ensure proper alignment with the client, their goals, family, and the care team.

Care Recovery Care Detox Program: Salient Features & Benefits

The care Recovery Detox program provides clients a chance to undergo safe and effective detox at home. The program comes with the following features:

Comfort and Safety

Clients can continue to detox at home where they feel the most secure and the safest. The staff members continue to monitor them to ensure their safety.

Expert Care

The detox team at Aware Recovery Care uses different technologies to monitor all clients and provide them with the best care backed by data and logic.

Individualized Treatment

Every client receives treatment specifically tailored to their needs. In this respect, clients can choose to use medication-assisted detox or a no-drug detox process per their wishes.

Connected Care

The treatment teams at Aware Care ensure that all clients are in regular communication with their primary care provider, specialist, therapists, and other experts. This team of experts regularly collaborates to identify what each patient needs for improvement.

Privacy & Confidentiality

By providing in-home detox, the rehab ensures that clients recover and heal in complete privacy and takes strict measures to protect their data and confidentiality.


The in-home detox program at Aware Recovery comes with a lot of flexibility. Clients are free to choose the program time according to their availability, such as on weekends or during evenings after they come back from work.

Family Support

During the Aware Recovery detox program, clients can remain at home, closer to their loved ones to navigate healthy relationships and achieve long-term recovery.

Seamless Transition

The in-home detox program medically stabilizes patients in their homes followed by seamlessly transitioning them to start addiction treatment.


What is the admission process like at Aware Recovery Care?

The first step of admission to Aware Recovery Rehab involves a telephonic evaluation with one of the clinical representatives. The assessment typically goes on for 30 minutes and helps the staff determine if you will benefit from in-home addiction treatment. At the same time, the staff team will also conduct a verification of your benefits according to your insurance policy and provider. Once the team has clinical approval for admission and verification of benefits, you will get an appointment for a virtual or in-person document signing. The rehab aims to make the process faster and more comfortable.

How quickly can I get into a treatment program?

At Aware Recovery, the team understands how desperate a person can be to seek help. The rehab tries its. Best to ensure that every client gets through the admission process quickly and effectively. As soon as the telephonic evaluation is completed, a member of the admissions team connects with the client to schedule a time for an in-person document signing and some additional initial assessments. Some clients can do this step virtually to save time and speed up the process. Upon the completion of the signing, treatment begins officially, and a home visit is scheduled shortly after. Generally, the rehab team tries to accommodate every patient into a treatment plan within 24 to 48 hours of the initial call.

What is the cost of treatment at Aware Recovery Care?

There is no fixed cost of treatment at Aware Addiction Recovery Center. The admission staff works closely with every client to determine the best mode of payment depending on their circumstances. It offers a private pay option which can be billed at an affordable monthly rate. Additionally, the facility also accepts insurance benefits for clients who are customers at Anthem plans, VA Community Care Network, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Tufts Health Plans.

What is the typical length of stay at Aware Recovery?

At Aware Recovery Care, experts use the evidence-based 52-week program. Research has shown that a treatment program that runs for a whole year has a significantly higher success than shorter programs. Every patient who makes their way to the rehab is offered to stay in treatment for 52 weeks; however, the team understands that it may not be suitable for everyone. Hence, it conducts evaluations to find out the most appropriate length of treatment for each client individually.

How often will I get to see my psychiatrist during treatment?

All clients who enter Aware Recovery Care undergo a psychiatric evaluation with one of the community-based providers pre-approved by the rehab. This evaluation takes place within the first two weeks of treatment. How often a client gets to see a psychiatrist will be determined by their provider. If a client already has a psychiatrist and wishes to stick with them, the rehab will respect their decision. Moreover, if someone is unhappy with how things are progressing and wishes to change their psychiatrist, the rehab will also support their decision, and a care coordinator will work with them to find a new one.