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Autism Treatment Center of America

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Autism Treatment Center of America is a popular facility primarily dealing with individuals presenting with autistic traits. Since 1983, it has been helping autistic children and adults manage their lives in a better way through its well-known program called The Son-Rise Program. The rehab focuses on creating a deeply respectful and loving learning environment for parents and children to build a happy connection.

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The rehab operates from a 100-acre campus situated in thees of western Massachusetts. In addition to offering a therapeutic environment for clients to practice healing, the property has waterfalls, trail hikes, woodlands, and wildlife to make the treatment experience pleasant. It also offers a host of seasonal sports, like canoeing, swimming, golf, and biking, to all clients in routine.

An Overview of the Autism Treatment Center Son-Rise Program

The Son rise program at the Autism Treatment Center of America is an effective and powerful modality for children and adults challenged by these spectral disorders. Claimed to be the opposite of what other rehabs offer, this program proves how joining autistic children in their unique worlds before forcing them to follow societal norms can make them reach new heights. The program has been awarded the Best Autism Therapy at the National AutismOne Conference. It has benefitted more than 45,000 children and their families from 140 different countries over the past 40 years and continues to support many more.

The Sonrise Program for autism has been divided into different modules to help every client differently. Some of these modules include the following:

The Son-Rise Program Start-Up

This program runs for five days and includes live e-learning courses along with other parents and professionals. The course takes place online through Zoom and involves participation by senior teachers.

The Son-Rise Program Online

This go-at-your-own-pace program includes an online course that helps parents understand how to create and utilize The Son-Rise program with their children at home.

The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact

Once the parents have taken The Son-Rise Program Start-Up or Online modules, they can opt for advanced programs that help them improve and grow their potential to help their autistic children. One such program is The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact which allows these parents to hone their skills with mastery and knowledge while rejuvenating their attitude with excitement. The course equips the participants with practical guidance to overcome struggles and setbacks while providing keys to effective leadership and solutions to their child’s problems.

The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers

This module is another advanced course offered at the Autism Treatment Center of America that enables the participants to assess the social development of their children clearly. The course teaches them how to set clear goals and equips them with skills to keep an autistic child moving forward while focusing on social education and curriculum development.

E-Learning Training Courses

As a part of the Autism Treatment Center Son Rise Program, these e-learning courses help trainers and parents learn new strategies and skills to help autistic children. Each specific training course consists of thoughtful, dynamic, and interactive sessions with highly-skilled and knowledgeable teachers. It uses a user-friendly learning platform that walks all participants through every module and provides them with inspiring videos and printable resources to solidify their learnings.

Accommodations at The Son-Rise Program America

The Sonrise Program tuition comes with lodging and meals for all participants. Mentioned below are some key features of living at the dedicated lodges:

Standard Lodging

Autism Treatment Center of America owns three modern and comfortable guesthouses, including The Woodland House, The Arbor House, and The Ravine House. These houses have standard accommodations surrounded by a natural setting. Each room is shared between two or three people and has hallway baths.

Private Lodging

Private lodging comes with all features of standard accommodation but without the condition of sharing a room with others.

Luxury Suites

Autism Treatment Center of America also provides luxury suites to The Taylor Roy Residence participants. The facility has spacious rooms, each with two queen beds, internet services, telephone, fax machine, mini-refrigerator, and private bath.

Dining Experience

All participants lodging in one of the houses at Autism Treatment Center of America get three healthy, delicious meals a day. All meals are available in a buffet style and come with various options, including whole grains, vegetables and fruit, tofu, meat, eggs, cheese, bread, and a salad bar. Residents can choose to go for indoor dining or take their meals out into the patio to enjoy it amidst the scenic beauty of the surrounding hills.

Fitness Facilities

The Autism Treatment Center of America has a private fitness center with an exercise bike, two elliptical trainers, two stair climbers, a treadmill, free weights, and multiple independent workstations that target all major muscle groups. This fitness center provides amateurs and professionals an equal opportunity to get their bodies moving and stay in shape as they attend the program. Residents who prefer the outdoors can take part in hike programs leading up to the mountain tops or use mountain bikes on rent.


Does The Son-Rise Program equally effective for teenagers and adults?

According to the Autism Treatment Center of America, this program can be equally effective and beneficial for children, teens, and adults. The rehab has been providing this program to people even beyond 35 with a high success rate.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment for The Sonrise Program?

Unfortunately, the Autism Treatment Center of America does not accept any third-party insurance to cover the cost of its program at this point. As a non-profit organization, it regularly conducts fundraisers to arrange scholarships for those who cannot attend the program and treatment due to financial barriers. Contact a rehab representative directly for more information about these scholarships and their eligibility.

Does my child need an Autism diagnosis to join The Son-Rise Program?

No, a child doesn’t need a specific diagnosis to qualify for and benefit from The Son-Rise Program. Suppose you believe a child faces social, developmental, or physical barriers. In that case, the rehab trusts their assessments and is willing to enroll them into the treatment program.

Can the Son-Rise Program be combined with other therapies?

Participants can easily combine the program with other therapies, such as biomedical interventions, dietary changes, and physical therapy. However, it is better to discuss this with a representative as specific therapies have been found to hamper the program’s efficacy due to a conflict in their approaches to autism management.

What is The Son-Rise Program location?

The Son-Rise Program is available to participate in at Sheffield, Massachusetts.

  • Address 2080 S Undermountain Rd, Sheffield, MA 01257, United States