With more than three decades of experience, Arch Academy operates with the aim of transforming lives while giving hope to adolescents and their families affected by alcohol and drug use. The treatment center considers substance use disorder a long-term, progressive, and potentially life-threatening condition and provides high-quality care to those struggling.

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Exclusively targeted toward adolescent males, the arch academy uses research-based programs and proven techniques to engage patients in meaningful recovery. The programs strike a balance between adventure, academics, and therapy through individualized care. Arch Academy adopts a 12-step approach to treat the whole patient, including their family issues, co-occurring mental health issues, poor academic confidence, and relational barriers.

Adventure & Experiential Services at Arch Academy Nashville

Adventure therapy, also known as experiential therapy, carries high benefits for recovering adolescents. Research also indicates that adolescent males are more likely to benefit from a multi-sensory or kinetic approach to address difficult issues, work with their fellow residents, and adopt healthy habits that last a lifetime. The 177-acre campus provided by Arch Academy has an ideal setting for adventure therapy, allowing youth to address their issues of the past, present, and future in non-traditional ways.

It is common for many young men to struggle to express their feelings in a one-on-one therapeutic setting. They may decline to participate in traditional therapy and delay recovery. Experiential therapy at Arch Academy allows such adolescents to experience new, thrilling activities that allow them to bond well with their peers, open up to therapists and learn to enjoy life without alcohol or drug use. Some common types of experiential therapy offered at the academy include equine therapy, ropes courses, expressive art therapy, zip line, fly-fishing, and weight and aerobic workout rooms.

Off-Campus Experiences

Arch academy provides patients with multiple off-campus activities, such as sporting events, hiking plans, and canoeing activities. It also engages them in various adventurous activities on its main Cumberland Heights campus which is only a 15-minute walk from the Arch Academy. From there, patients are welcome to go to disc golf, pond, and wall-climb or simply visit the full-size gymnasium.

Community Service Work

Community and connection are two important aspects of recovery for adolescents. Through service networks, adolescents at Arch academy can learn more about the locals of Nashville, care for the community, and engage in volunteerism to find a sense of purpose. The community service opportunities include planting gardens, working with students, maintaining public parks, and feeding the homeless.

Academic Services at Arch Academy Nashville

When parents decide to seek treatment for their adolescents, many of them worry about what will happen to their academics. Arch Academy ensures that every patient who enters rehab continues to receive education as they work on achieving addiction recovery. It aims to cultivate an environment that promotes academic growth through an education department that provides personalized care and academic support to each client based on their grade level.

Accredited Private Schools

Arch Academy operates a fully-accredited private high school in Nashville Tennessee. The programs available at this school are from grades 8 to 12 and include services like credit recovery and follow-up academic placements.

Personal Attention

The academic coordinators at Arch Academy work with each family directly to provide guidance and support throughout the treatment process. Parents can track their son’s academic and personal growth and progress through weekly reports.

Graduation Support

Arch academy also provides graduation support and celebrates it for those who finish high school during treatment while meeting the graduation requirements set by the state of Tennessee. The rehab also works with many collegiate recovery programs to facilitate seniors with academic services.

Continuing Education

Arch academy functions as a HiSET testing site approved by Educational Testing Service. HiSAT is equivalent to GED in Tennessee, and the rehab provides preparatory support for the test to patients who qualify. If a patient discharges but does not complete the HiSET program, the academics coordinator can work with them and their family to find an education site near their area.

Family Involvement Programs at Arch Academy

Arch academy runs plenty of services and programs that involve their patients and allow their loved ones to participate in their recovery.

Individual Family Sessions

It is common for the loved ones of an addict to have multiple feelings, such as grief, guilt, sadness, shame, frustration, and anger associated with their children’s substance use. Arch Academy helps such people involve in their child’s recovery process through family programming sessions. These sessions help them understand how substance abuse significantly impacts an entire family. Moreover, they also aim to educate all family members on the subject of substance use and provide them with a space to work on their relationship dynamics.

Family Intensive Program

This program runs for four days, mainly through virtual platforms, and involves an adolescent family therapist. Both patients and their families participate in a group setting to help them realize they are not alone. Some general topics that the family intensive program covers include:

  • Addiction education
  • Parenting
  • Family roles
  • Effective communication
  • Boundary setting
  • Family recovery
  • Forgiveness
  • Healthy detachment

The intensive family program aims to empower parents by providing new skills, tools, and knowledge. The aim is to decrease the scary feeling that both patients and their family members may feel when they return home after completing treatment. To sign up for this program, each family will receive a call from an adolescent family therapist within 2 working days after admission.

Multifamily Group and Visitation

Families can visit their adolescents virtually on Sundays and other holidays. Campus visitations are suspended so far and will resume when the experts deem it safe.

Lunch and Learn Support Groups

The “Lunch and Learn” support groups operating from Arch Treatment Center are another way to provide extended care to the parents of patients. The rehab invites patients who have been transitioned into extended care and have completed the intensive programs alongside their family members. The aim of this program is to build upon the gains made during the primary treatment phases. The programs run on two monthly Fridays between 12 pm and 1 pm. Each session includes an adolescent family therapist who uses concepts of family intensive and Al Anon programs, such as trusting the process, letting go, family recovery, honest communication, and self-care. Once a patient completes the family intensive programs and transitions into extended care, a family therapist contacts them and their families to schedule a lunch and learn session.


Does Arch Academy accept insurance?

Yes, Arch Treatment Center works with over 25 insurance providers, including Cigna, Beacon, Aetna, Anthem, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Where is Arch Treatment Center located?

The address of Arch Academy is 062 Highway US-70, Kingston Springs, TN 37082.

What is Arch Academy’s community outreach?

Arch Academy frequently conducts free community educational events open to everyone who wishes to learn more about substance addiction and prevention. Moreover, these events also guide them about what to do as a community to stop the stigma and prevent overdoses.

  • Address 1062 Highway 70S, Kingston Springs, TN, United States, Tennessee