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Established by Dr. Daniel Amen, Amen Clinic is a network of various treatment centers working from different parts of the U.S. to help people struggling with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. The clinic team believes brain health is at the center of overall well-being, health, and success. Therefore, all treatment programs offered here aim to provide clients with happier, wealthier, and physically healthier lives with a chance to make better decisions and be more successful.

With a working experience of three decades, Amen Clinic offers a brain-based process to help clients get to the root cause of anxiety, PTSD, memory issues, depression, and addiction, along with many other similar problems. Using SPECT brain imaging, the clinic has the world’s most extensive database of brain scans related to behavioral, learning, and emotional issues. This widespread experience has trained the team to provide the best care in terms of brain health.

Today, Amen Clinic takes pride in providing a better quality of life to up to 85% of people who come to the center for treatment.

How Treatment at Amen Clinic Works

The treatment process at Amen Clinic typically involves the following steps:

Welcome Encounter

As soon as an individual calls the clinic, their healing journey begins. The admissions team ensures that every client understands what the treatment process at
Amen Clinic entails and what to expect from it.

Personal History Taking

To learn more about clients, all clients meet with a trained manager at Amen Clinic, who asks them about their critical symptoms regarding their spiritual, social, psychological, and biological health. The history-taking process sometimes takes up to two hours to ensure nothing is missed.

Brain SPECT Imaging

SPECT brain imaging measures brain activity and blood flow to diagnose symptoms. For better results, the clinic recommends undergoing two studies: one at rest and the second when a client is performing a concentrated task. 

Detailed Clinical Assessments

In addition to one-to-one history taking, Amen Clinic also includes neuropsychological testing and brain mapping to rule out any biological issues contributing to patient symptoms. For this purpose, all clients undergo a neuropsychological test known as “Total Brain” that measures their intellectual, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Other tests may also be available based on individual needs.

Meeting With a Doctor

Meeting with doctors at Amen Clinic is one of the most exciting parts of the treatment journey. In contrast to other healthcare centers, the doctors at these clinics take sufficient time to review personal history and correlate it with clinical assessments and scans. Moreover, they conduct multiple face-to-face appointments to debrief clients about their current brain health.

Client-doctor meetings at Amen Clinic focus on clearly discussing all valuable information so that clients can get answers to their questions. Moreover, clients have plenty of opportunities to ask questions directly about their diagnosis and learn about their treatment options and overall recovery.

Formulating Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Following discussions with clients, Amen Clinic experts will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to individual needs. In addition to suppressing the ongoing issues with pills, doctors at Amen Clinic adopt a brain-body approach to manage these problems from the core for lasting recovery.

Ongoing Follow-up

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the initial evaluation, all clients who have attended Amen Clinic have a follow-up appointment. This appointment can be through telephone, in person, or video call and aims to check how well the client has been doing in terms of treatment. It also gives clients a chance to ask any remaining questions from doctors.

Services Available at Amen Clinic

Amen Clinic provides a range of activities tailored to its clients’ presenting complaints and ongoing issues. Some of the most important programs offered at this treatment center include the following:


Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan helps the team identify underlying brain issues contributing to the patient’s symptoms, make a formal diagnosis, and provide the most effective treatment.

Psychiatric Evaluations

All experts at Amen Clinic are trained to take in-depth medical and psychiatric histories and conduct psychiatric assessments. Additionally, they use a holistic approach involving the brain and the body and often include SPECT imaging to understand patient issues.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services at Amen Clinic involve video and telephone sessions to help clients get the care they need regardless of where they are. The highly trained mental health experts and functional medicine specialists are easily approachable and can discuss issues from the comfort of home.

Memory Rescue Program

This program has been designed to recognize risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Following the initial brain assessment, all clients are provided with customized plans to retain their memory function best.

Concussion Rescue Program

This three-step program includes advanced brain imaging followed by innovative solutions to the health of the brain and overcoming concussion-related symptoms for a better life.

Nutritional Services

These services are crucial to all treatment methods available at Amen Clinic and are included in the full evaluation. The clinic also provides one-on-one nutrition consultations with dieticians to get a tailored plan beneficial for the brain.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Targeting the unique patient needs, IV nutrient therapy at Amen Clinics includes rapid nutrient replenishments in patients. Some common indications where the treatment is appropriate include detoxification, immune system enhancement, overall rejuvenation and relaxation, etc.


Quantitative electroencephalogram, or brain mapping, is a diagnostic tool available at Amen Clinic that measures electrical activity in the brain. This unique testing can highlight issues related to cognitive inflexibility, impulsivity, and anxiety.


What makes Amen Clinic different?

Unlike conventional psychiatry, experts at Amen Clinic use SPECT imaging techniques to measure the activity and blood flow to the brain. This information allows them to explore the brain more accurately and diagnose and treat ongoing issues. The treatment approach at Amen also includes in-depth assessments, laboratory testing, personal history taking through checklists and questionnaires, and cognitive testing. The team combines all the data to formulate targeted and highly individualized treatment plans to suit their ongoing needs.

What do Amen Clinic reviews say?

The official website of Amen Clinic has many positive customer reviews and testimonials, reflecting the high success rate of the treatment it offers. The treatment center itself claims to have an 85% success rate in improving quality of life.

What is SPECT imaging?

Abbreviated for single photon emission computed tomography, SPECT is a nuclear medicine procedure used to study various organs in detail, such as the liver, heart, brain, thyroid, and bone. It gives the team more information on the brain’s activity pattern and blood flow.

How long will my treatment go on at Amen Clinic NYC?

Clients should expect the team to complete their evaluations in 2 to 3 days. Each day would include 2 to 3 hours of assessments. To avoid delays, clients are asked to make these days consecutive.

Does Dr. Amen take part in patient evaluations?

Unfortunately, due to his writing, teaching, and research load, Dr. Amen is not always present in the clinics. However, he has personally trained all physicians to carry out the clinic’s treatment method most effectively and smoothly.

Can I get a discount on my treatment plan at Amen Clinic Chicago?

A 10% discount is available for those referred by previous patients who completed SPECT scans and evaluations at the facility. A Family First Discount is also available for loved ones of older clients. Interest-free financing is offered to those who cannot afford upfront payment. More information can be sought by contacting the admissions team.

Where is Amen Clinic located?

Following are the branches of Amen Clinic:

  • Amen Clinic NYC
  • Amen Clinic Atlanta
  • Amen Clinic Dallas
  • Amen Clinic Los Angeles
  • Amen Clinic Miami
  • Amen Clinic Orange County
  • Amen Clinic San Francisco
  • Amen Clinic Seattle
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