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Passages Ventura is an addiction treatment rehab focused on healing underlying substance use disorders through highly individualized treatments designed by experienced specialists. Established in 2009, Passages Ventura is owned by Chris and Pax Prentiss, father and son who opened this rehab following the success of its sister branch, Passages Malibu, in 2001.

Pax Prentiss, one of the owners of Passages Ventura, has firsthand experience with substance use disorder as he struggled with multidrug addiction for years. Following repeated failures and relapses with the conventional 12-step programs, Pax and his father, Chris, came up with the idea of creating a treatment plan that focuses on and addresses the underlying causes of addiction. Pax was also the first person to try their designed holistic program, which now serves as the core program at Passages Ventura.

The holistic one-to-one approach at Passages Ventura is complimented by multiple state-of-the-art services to inspire clients and keep them engaged. All programs are designed to make clients feel empowered. The facility strictly opposes using labels like alcoholics or addicts and believes in helping clients ascertain that they have the power to overcome their underlying issues.

Why Choose Passages Ventura?

With approximately two decades of experience in the addiction treatment industry, Passages has stood out at the forefront of experiencing a life free from addiction. The rehab kickstarted its journey when one of its co-founders, Chris, designed a program to help his son break free from the cycle of addiction.

Following the success of this customized treatment plan, the father-son duo decided to launch the program for everyone to benefit from in the form of Passages Ventura. The program that Chris designed became the template for treatment at Passages. The rehab claims to have used this program for over twenty thousand people from different parts of the world.

In contrast to other treatment centers, Passages Ventura aims to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Instead of labeling clients as addicts or imprisoning them with false beliefs about themselves, the treatment team helps them see and feel their natural power and use it to overcome the addiction hurdles. From plush bedding to innovative therapy methods, Passages Ventura has a lot to offer to ensure the delivery of the best addiction treatment.

Following are some essential features that may make Passages Ventura stand out from the rest:

  • The rehab highly focuses on individual therapy and ensures at least seven one-to-one sessions per client every week.
  • It has round-the-clock nursing staff available on-site to attend to clients’ medical needs.
  • Passages Ventura has a team of highly trained and experienced members, including doctors, licensed therapists, and addiction experts.
  • Unlike many other rehabs, Passages Ventura does not ban the use of laptops and cell phones. Clients are free to use them during treatment to connect with loved ones and manage work affairs.
  • Passages Ventura is a family-owned rehab that provides trustworthy, reliable, and personalized treatment services, tested by the co-founders since 2001.
  • The facility offers highly comfortable and immaculate grounds to create the perfect environment for relaxation and healing.
  • All treatment programs include holistic therapy elements customized to meet all patients’ individual needs.

Passages Ventura Programs Overview

Following are the substance use disorders treatment programs currently available to clients who join Passages Ventura:


Many clients who join Passages Ventura present to the rehab with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that begin when they stop alcohol or drug use cold turkey. Such people can join the detoxification program following an initial assessment by the rehab team to assess their health and drug use history.

Detoxification at Passages Ventura, California, is medically assisted, which means it uses various medications for symptom control. Throughout the program, clients live in detox rooms that are comfortable and well-appointed, with wireless internet connection and room service for meal delivery. A therapist is also available throughout the process to support them during this transition.

Residential Program

The residential treatment program at Passages Ventura allows clients to fully immerse themselves in a life-changing recovery experience. The treatment team focuses on helping clients forget their past and envision a brighter, hopeful future.

Following the initial assessment, a team of experts at Passages helps create an individualized residential plan for each client that incorporates holistic and evidence-based components. Throughout the program, all clients remain in supervised facilities and undergo a comprehensive recovery program where comfort and safety remain at the forefront of the healing process. The program includes a blend of individual, group, and family therapy to cover all aspects of addiction and focus on long-term healing and recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Two types of outpatient programs are currently available at Passages Ventura:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program: The IOP at Passages Ventura includes 3 to 4 hours of therapy for 3 to 5 days a week. It allows clients to continue treatment while engaging in daily responsibilities and tasks. Treatment at this level aims to help clients reintegrate into every day while structuring life around their newfound recovery. The IOP team at Passages supports clients in finding and creating a healthy community, achieving career goals, and tackling challenges in early recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization: This program runs five times a week, each session lasting 6 to 7 hours. Partial hospitalization is the next stepdown level following residential care and focuses on structure and accountability without having clients live onsite. The focus of this program is to help clients use their newly acquired skills in practical life and determine long-term recovery goals.

Sober Living Arrangements

Many people who attend Passages Ventura residential treatment do not feel comfortable living independently immediately after they complete this program. For such people, the rehab has come up with sober living arrangements located only two blocks away from the beach. The purpose of sober living arrangements is to help clients safely go through the transitional period where they move from inpatient rehab to another supervised facility with more level of freedom but a substantial level of accountability at the same time.


What is Passages Ventura’s priority?

Passages Ventura prioritizes patient safety. The rehab delivers the most recent, cutting-edge services to ensure safety and comfort, as well as excellent clinical outcomes during treatment. It also assesses all patients daily, especially during high-risk stages like detoxification, to keep them comfortable and safe.

Is Passages Ventura California accredited?

Passages Ventura is accredited by The Joint Commission on all health and safety requirements, confirming that it ensures a high level of care.

What does one-to-one treatment at Passages Ventura look like?

Passages Ventura pays special attention to one-to-one sessions as it believes they are faster and deeper when it comes to healing. It claims to offer more individual therapy sessions than any other similar rehab to provide clients with more opportunities to talk about their issues more openly. These sessions allow clients and therapists to come face to face and discuss private issues instead of focusing on a group of people. These sessions take place in private rooms, giving ample time to both parties to resolve underlying conflicts.

What do Passages Ventura reviews say?

Passages Ventura has received multiple 5-star reviews from clients who found the rehab extremely supportive and effective. Clients have particularly commended the helpful staff members and the delicious food available on site.

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