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As one of the UK’s bespoke addiction and mental health treatment centers, Parkland Place Rehab is a friendly place to recover and heal. The facility offers a calm space to help clients reflect on their ongoing issues and overcome them under the supervision of a trained team of experts with years of experience. Parkland’s non-clinical therapeutic model aims to help clients transform their lives and become part of the abstinent recovery community to support each other mutually.

The Rehab Program at Parkland Place Lancashire

Parkland Place offers a therapeutic rehab program based on personal needs. It combines a schedule of healing activities with a flexible range of support to deliver the best outcomes. The interventions it uses are based on the rehab’s 40 years of experience in managing people with addiction and mental health disorders. These programs are supervised by an experienced staff team, many of whom have successfully battled and won addiction.

Every service that Parkland Place provides is well-rooted in evidence-based principles. The rehab program uses person-centered, solution-focused models of care that promote recovery.

Following is an overview of the rehab program at Parkland:

Initial Assessment

Before joining Parkland Place Rehab, the rehab team offers a comprehensive assessment to fully establish client needs and use them to create a tailored program for them. The program involves both individual and group interventions to address the addiction patterns and the underlying social and psychological issues triggering them. The focus is on enhancing thought processes, acquiring healthy coping strategies, and withdrawing from triggers.


Many clients who join Parkland require a medical detox before they can begin treatment. Such patients are offered a transfer to the Lancashire branch to commence detox. The Lancashire branch is situated on 14 acres of space and provides a safe space for everyone to move past the acute withdrawal phase.


During the active rehabilitation process, a team of experts closely works with all clients to encourage their recovery. These highly skilled individuals design bespoke programs that are tailored to client needs while letting them learn new coping strategies.

The recovery phase normally continues for two weeks and may include the following:

  • Managing cravings
  • Controlling panic
  • Keeping social anxiety in control
  • Practicing assertiveness while managing anger
  • Identifying and overcoming belief-led behaviors
  • Activity scheduling


Once a client approaches their discharge date, the team in charge closely works with them to plan a safe return home. This final review involves assessing the client’s learning while discussing important topics like relapse and coping strategies. Both the client and their treatment team agree on certain professional and personal goals while making concrete plans to achieve them.

Family Therapy

Parkland Place ensures to involve family members and loved ones in ongoing recovery and treatment. Family therapy visits are available to involve the near and dear ones as a client slowly heals.

Aftercare Services

Before a client steps out of Parkland, the team of experts ensures that they have an aftercare plan worked out for them. This plan is in the form of a portfolio that includes everything the client has done while staying in the rehab, the skills and strategies they have learned, and a stepwise guide to help them move forward comfortably.

The staff team also ensures that each client has the contacts they need to continue community support, communicate with employer liaisons, and find mutual aid groups.

Follow Up

All clients who have recovered at Parkland Place are called to follow up 12 months after their discharge. The aim is to keep them focused and allow them to make the most out of their recovery.

Parkland Rehab Accommodation and Facilities: An Overview

Parkland Lancashire operates from a generously proportioned mansion with high ceilings, lawned gardens, and mature woodland in the surroundings. Each bedroom onsite is individual and comes with a range of options and beautiful views. A superfast Wifi service is available across the building and an extensive menu involving local, nutritious dishes is always available.

Let’s look at these facilities in more detail:


Parkland offers boutique rooms, each with its en-suite bathroom, including a shower or tub. Other amenities that clients can enjoy as a part of their bedrooms include the following:

  • 32” LED TV
  • Double Bed
  • Complimentary toilet
  • Free Wifi


Using fresh ingredients directly sourced through prime producers, the kitchen team at Parkland offers all guests a daily menu involving bistro-quality fresh Welsh food. The food is delicious and packed with all essential nutrients and minerals to facilitate recovery. The chef team can accommodate dietary requirements upon request.

Communal Areas

Parkland has two generously-sized sunny lounges for informal gatherings, group work, or entertainment at the end of the day. It also has a library for carrying out one-to-one discussions, work, study, or quiet contemplation. The dining room in Parkland resembles a cozy coffee shop with plenty of space to refuel and regroup.

A dedicated treatment room is available to guests where they can participate in complimentary and additional therapies offered locally.

Patient Transport Services

This transport system helps transfer clients from one rehab branch to the other. Moreover, clients can also book this transport facility while arriving at the facility to begin treatment or leave it following a discharge.

Joining Parkland Drug Rehab Lancashire: The Admissions Process

Joining a rehab program can be a stressful experience; however, the expert team at Parkland strives to make it as easy as possible for all new and returning clients. The admissions members are fully trained to deliver clear, concise information and are willing to answer all queries through email, web chat, and phone.

Following are the five steps to follow for joining Parkland Place Rehab:

Make the first call

The very first step involves making contact with the admissions staff through one of the communication channels and seeking information about how to join the facility. The admissions staff possess a deep knowledge of all issues related to addiction. They can determine if Parkland’s treatment plans are appropriate for a person and can offer the best course of action. The admissions staff also go through a detailed questionnaire with potential clients to assess the nature and severity of their ongoing issues.

Provide personal medical information

The admissions team encourages all potential clients to be honest about their medical history. This information can help the team determine if the client will benefit from any treatment program offered at Parkland Place Lancashire.

Arrange funding

Most clients who join Parkland Place usually go for private funding. However, the rehab also accepts other sources of funding based on individual circumstances.

Travel on the chosen admission date

Once all pre-assessments are done, the admissions team sets an admissions date after consulting with the client. It is essential to make travel arrangements so that clients can get to the rehab as easily and smoothly as possible.

The admissions day

The admissions team warmly welcomes clients arriving at Parkland Place Rehab on admissions day. The team also tries its best to ensure that clients settle in well and are as comfortable as possible.


Which areas does Parkland Place Rehab cover?

Parkland Place covers the majority of the UK, accepting admissions from a variety of areas, such as the following:

  • Essex
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Manchester
  • Cheshire
  • Luton
  • Durham
  • Liverpool
  • Watford
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Eastern Scotland
  • Bristol Bath & Somerset

Does Parkland Rehab Lancashire accept clients from abroad?

Situated in North Wales, Parkland is only an hour’s drive from Manchester, making it easily accessible to people traveling from abroad. The rehab has already welcomed and successfully treated clients from different parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the USA. It also provides a chauffer to greet clients at the airport and take international clients directly to the rehab for a warm welcome.

Where is Parkland Place Rehab situated?

Parkland has two main campuses, one in Lancashire and the other in North Wales.

What types of diseases does Parkland drug rehab treat?

This rehab treats various issues, such as the following:

  • Heroin addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • High-stress levels
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Trauma
  • Cocaine and cannabis addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Computer phone gaming addiction
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