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Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Mandali Retreat Center is a source of light that is willing to guide people on a quest to seek spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. The team of expert teachers and beautiful views of the lakes and hills provide clients with a perfect getaway from the distractions of life to focus on healing and rejuvenation. In addition to concentrating on mental health and spirituality, Mandali offers a luxurious environment with delicious chef-prepared vegetarian means, cozy rooms, and a sustainably crafted ecosystem.

As a non-profit organization, Mandali is open to all guests and teachers from various backgrounds, lineages, and traditions. The aim is to build a diverse environment where everyone feels welcome.

Types of Retreats Offered at Mandali Italy

Mandali Meditation Retreat Italy offers the following four types of retreats to its customers:

Themed Retreats

These retreats are available for people wishing to dive deep into a specific teaching or theme. All sessions included in this retreat are conducted by visiting faculty.

Mandali Experience Retreat

This relaxing retreat runs for three to seven days and allows clients to connect with themselves deeply.

Mandali Experience Special

This special retreat is available once in a while for people who are looking forward to participating in a wider range of experiences and celebrations.

Mandali Immersion Retreat

The immersion retreat is a 7-day program aimed at people who wish to go on a transformative journey. It is usually perfect for people with previous retreat experience.

Every program and service that Mandali Yoga Center offers aims to promote personal transformation and healing.

Mandali Retreat Services and Key Features

The design of Mandali Retreat is inspired by the medieval Italian towns surrounding the rehab. Its construction involved a lot of repurposing of the locally retrieved materials.

The rehab offers plenty of key facilities and features that support clients in achieving a balance between their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Some of these key features are explained below:


Mandali offers delicious, locally sourced food prepared by chefs to balance nourishment and encourage good health. The rehab provides three meals a day, along with fresh fruit, herbal teas, and filtered water available all day.

Mandali offers a vegetarian menu that is locally sourced by a chef. The menu has Italian cuisine with mixed modern flavors and often includes seasonal vegetables to add variety and uniqueness. Alternative menu options, such as dairy-free or gluten-free meals, are also available to accommodate client needs. The rehab strongly encourages everyone with special needs to be informed of these requirements upon making a booking.


Mandali has plenty of high-quality, cozy rooms that can accommodate 57 guests at a time. Different types of accommodation are available to suit all needs and budgets, including dormitory-style rooms and premium single rooms with stunning views of the garden and surrounding hills. The rehab also has a couple of hermitages with personal kitchenettes.

All spaces at Mandali have been designed to make clients feel comfortable and homely. There are quiet spaces for when clients need to relax and introspect and public spaces where they can interact and mingle with others.

Garden & Sustainable Ecosystem

One of Mandali’s core values is harmony with the ecosystem. Hence, the owners paid special attention to ensuring that its construction only uses eco-friendly materials.

The rehab uses wood chips for heating and solar panels to power the kitchen and swimming pools. Any surplus energy it produces is given to the local grid so the community can use it. Additionally, to maintain sustainability, the rehab uses locally sourced vegetables to prepare the daily vegetarian menu.

Mandali Retreat has a private garden with chestnut trees, flowers, bees, and three resident cats. It offers plenty of spots to sit down and reflect. Other garden highlights include a little pond, a zen labyrinth, a centuries-old water well, and a cozy fire pit. Despite having many icons belonging to different religions, the owners of Mandali Yoga Center have clarified that they do not reject or practice any specific religion.

Other Facilities

Mandali Retreat Center offers the following facilities to the customers:

  • Practice Rooms: These rooms have flexible light options, sound systems, temperature control, and high-quality ventilation. It also has multi-functional spaces to practice, such as the diamond room, dome, and temple.
  • Bodycare center: This center provides a relaxing space to relax and rejuvenate. It includes a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi. Additionally, clients can also book bodywork treatments and massage sessions.


What is the vision for Mandali Retreat Center?

Mandali Yoga Retreat Italy aims to be a light point for people who have started their quest to achieve physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Since its establishment in 2017, the rehab has been serving as a sanctuary designed to help people disconnect from the daily grind, distance themselves from technology, and engage in dynamic programs for their well-being.

Where is Mandali Italy located?

The rehab sits on a hilltop, offering mesmerizing views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Orta. Guests can enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets close to nature’s raw beauty. The location is perfect for clients who wish to find clarity and calm in the body and mind.

Can I travel to Mandali Retreat Center by airplane?

Mandali retreat is 75 minutes from Milan Malpensa International Airport, making it easier for clients to fly in. Taxis can be prebooked, and they can be taken from the airport to the rehab.

What languages are spoken at Mandali?

Mandali Yoga Center primarily contacts everyone in English unless a client clearly states otherwise. Occasionally, the rehab offers services in other languages, such as Dutch and German. Unfortunately, translations are not available at present.

How can I pay for treatment at Mandali?

Mandali Rehab accepts cash, credit, and debit cards, except American Express.

Can I bring my child or pet with me to the rehab?

Mandali rehab has designated weeks for families and children; clients can call them for a meet-up on selected dates. Unfortunately, the rehab does not currently accommodate pets as it is not equipped to host them.

Does Mandali Meditation Retreat Italy have any reviews?

Most reviews about this rehab are positive, with most clients describing their experience as positive. They have particularly commended the location and its fantastic views and calm. Moreover, clients have also been happy with the 24/7 assistance available in addition to the luxury environment of the rehab.

Can I stay at Mandali without joining any retreat?

Since Mandali is dedicated to conducting retreats, only people willing to participate in these experiences can stay on-site.

What will happen when I first arrive?

On the day of admission, clients will get their rooms by 14:00. They will get some free time to settle in before joining a welcome meeting in the afternoon. Most guests start with the body care centers where they can enjoy an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a steam and sauna. From here, clients are free to do whatever pleases them, such as having some silent moments on the terrace, enjoying the surrounding views, walking, or simply napping.

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