Stationed in West Palm Beach Florida, Better Tomorrow Treatment Center is a rehabilitation facility delivering the most advanced and effective addiction care to people fighting substance abuse. The facility strictly adheres to an evidence-based model to help individuals find the strength they need to move past their addiction. Various programs are available to accommodate specific needs, including medical detoxification, individual therapy, therapeutic yoga, and medication management.

The modern addiction treatment, promised by Better Tomorrow and delivered by highly trained experts, aims to foster personal growth that ultimately contributes to a lifetime of recovery.

Voyaging Through A Better Tomorrow Rehab Programs

The treatment Experience at a Better Tomorrow Treatment Center involves passing across an intricate multi-step process. Some of the elements commonly included in a standard treatment program at this West Palm Beach treatment center are explained below:


The treatment team at A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center pays great attention to providing individualized treatment to every client. Hence, a pre-admission screening is mandatory for every client aiming to be a part of the rehab. This screening may take place in person or over the phone and involves a direct conversation with a skilled staff member. The purpose of pre-screening is to guarantee delivery of the best-suited program to each client. Once completed, all suitable clients can move forward to engage in formal treatment.

The First Week: Orientation

A Better Tomorrow rehab takes on board the challenges most people face during the first week of treatment. The organization has designed its programs to give all individuals a sense of comfort and peace during their stay at the facility. The first week, in particular, includes activities supporting this cause. These activities include intake interviews, assessments, and mapping out individual needs. All new clients get plenty of time to meet other members of the community and settle well.

The Second Week: Clinical Structure

Through the second week at Better Tomorrow, the clinical team focuses on helping clients build a strong recovery foundation. Each client attends 5 days of treatment during the first two weeks under expert supervision. The aim is to ensure each individual seeks maximum benefit from the therapy available.

Following the completion of the second week, all clients pass through an assessment to tailor ongoing treatment based on individual progress.

Ongoing Treatment

As treatment progresses, the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center team maintains a focus on helping clients build the tools needed to live in recovery. The program provides plenty of time for self-discovery which helps clients identify the elements of addiction and focus on treatment goals. Other elements of the program focus on trigger avoidance, emotional regulation, and general healing. All programs at A Better Tomorrow Rehab also account for preparing clients to live an addiction-free life outside the rehab wall.

Long-Term Planning

After spending a few weeks at Better Tomorrow, all patients are expected to have built a strong foundation for recovery with a sound background knowledge of recovery principles. The intricate addiction treatment program at the West Palm Beach treatment center also instills self-knowledge and confidence for all clients to thrive well. At this point, experts start focusing on long-term planning through various ways, such as helping individuals:

  • Learn essential life skills
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Return home or to an assisted living arrangement
  • Find work or continue education

Guaranteeing Long-Term Success: What Aftercare Plans Does Better Tomorrow Offers?

To help clients sustain a lifetime of success, A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center provides various long-term plans to continue working on recovery without residing onsite. These options include the following:

Supportive Housing

The high-quality addiction houses at Better Tomorrow provide a safe space for patients to continue recovering from addiction while returning to their regular lives. This recovery housing comes with all the necessary skills required for a client to transition to a new life, such as a living area, an equipped kitchen, swimming pools, and other recreational areas. Some of these houses are pet-friendly so that no one has to leave a supportive member behind.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A Better Tomorrow Rehab provides top-notch and well-planned partial hospitalization programs to people requiring intensive support without the need to live onsite. While some clients may directly enroll in these programs, others can step down from a residential program and continue working on their sobriety. Some elements of a partial hospitalization program include therapeutic yoga, medication management, and individual therapy. All sessions are clinically supervised by a team that continues to assess the treatment needs of every client to ensure that they receive the required help to attain their personal and spiritual goals.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Also known as IOP, the intensive outpatient programs at Better Tomorrow West Palm Beach treatment center are a crucial stage of care of the addiction treatment curriculum. The program has been specifically designed to enhance personal growth as experts consider it imperative for lasting recovery. IOP includes regular group meetings at least three times a week where individuals discuss relevant skills and topics, such as maintaining work-life balance, healthy living, and achieving mental resilience. The aim is to polish the survival skills and use them to find the inevitable addiction and sobriety-related challenges in life. 


A Better Tomorrow Rehab firmly believes in the role of an alumni program in facilitating continued recovery. The Alumni Department established by the facility serves as a primary tool to connect with the sober community and seek support and guidance in the ongoing recovery process. The department regularly arranges various events to keep everyone connected and inspire each other to continue living a life of sobriety.


What addictions does Better Tomorrow Treatment Center treat?

The rehab provides treatment for addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates and heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Ecstasy
  • Hallucinogens
  • Stimulants
  • Inhalants
  • Crack
  • Dual addictions

Why should I choose Better a Tomorrow Treatment Center?

Experts at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center offer patient-centered care through smaller programs that bring a personal feeling to the entire experience. All professionals at the rehab carry the expertise to deliver dedicated holistic care coupled with modern medicine to heal the mind, soul, and body. Some features exclusive to a Better Tomorrow Rehab include the following:

  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Experienced and kind staff members
  • A holistic approach focused on personal growth
  • Outpatient campus for tailored care
  • Individualized and highly personalized care
  • Promotion of deep insight for long-lasting recovery
  • Well-planned aftercare
  • Continued alumni support

Does Better Tomorrow Rehab provide support for people with dual diagnosis?

The rehab provides extensive dual diagnosis services directed at people suffering from a substance use issue and a psychiatric disorder simultaneously. The 3-phase program offered at Better Tomorrow helps clients tackle all underlying issues with scientifically proven strategies without losing sight of their holistic and spiritual needs.

How long does a treatment program at Better Tomorrow last?

Experts at Better Tomorrow believe that each recovery journey is unique to the individual. Hence, there is no way to accurately predict the time duration someone will need to stay in and recover. In general, the inpatient program runs for a few weeks before switching clients to outpatient programs and support services.

How are Better Tomorrow Treatment Center reviews?

The official website of Better Tomorrow has many reviews confirming the authenticity and the quality of services offered by the rehab. Most clients have left positive reviews, focusing on a welcoming team, highly personalized treatment programs, and well-planned aftercare.

What are the working hours for A Better Tomorrow Rehab?

The rehab is open 24 hours and welcomes individuals to call their helpline for immediate assistance at any time.

  • Address 901 Northpoint Pkwy #400, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, United States