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Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Anabranch Recovery Center is an 81-bed facility treating men and women with substance use disorders. It specializes in evidence-based interventions that program detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient care under trained doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff members. This full-service facility only used evidence-based therapy methods to ensure high clinical outcomes.

Everyone who joins Anabranch Recovery is recognized and treated as an individual with a unique personality, perception, and family background. The expert team delivers care to all clients while considering that addiction may look different for different people. Hence, the facility does not rely on a cookie-cutter approach but invests in in-depth assessments and evaluations to personalize each treatment plan. All clients receive one-to-one care and ample time to participate in group activities to achieve sobriety and maintain it for years.

Why Choose Anabranch Recovery Center?

Following are some features of Anabranch Recovery that may make this facility a good choice for seeking treatment:

Top-Notch Care

Clients who choose Anabranch Recovery Center get high-quality care and services from highly trained professionals.


The team at Anabranch Recovery ensures a judgment-free environment for everyone where clients can identify and break their substance abuse patterns without feeling any pressure or stigma.


At Anabranch, recovery is viewed as an ongoing process designed to help clients achieve long-term success instead of temporary relief.

Types of Treatment Programs at Anabranch Recovery

Anabranch Recovery currently provides the following treatment programs to clients.”


Not all people who join Anabranch require detoxification. This process is medically supervised and aims to help manage the withdrawal process from alcohol and drugs as safely and effectively as possible. A team of licensed medical staff is available around the clock to assist and help individuals. Medications may also be used to control withdrawal symptoms as needed.

Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program at Anabranch provides a structured and supportive environment for people to break free from substance use disorders and slowly work toward achieving long-term sobriety. Adults struggling with substance misuse can reside in specific accommodation and work on managing their issues under specialist care.

The residential program types lasts for 30 to 90 days and involves the following based on client needs:

  • Detoxification to safely manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Various therapies, such as family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, one-to-one therapy, and other evidence-based approaches
  • Round-the-clock care under the supervision of clinical staff and trained professionals
  • Relapse prevention programs to equip clients with tools and skills to maintain sobriety following discharge
  • Amenities like nutritious meals, comfortable accommodations, and other activities promote holistic healing.

In-Person Intensive Outpatient Services

Anabranch Recovery proudly provides in-person outpatient services to help individuals who require help and support without the need to reside on-site. This program involves a well-integrated comprehensive treatment approach, such as one-to-one counseling, group therapies, medication management, psychoeducation, and psychiatric care. These services are best for people who wish to participate in active treatment but want to return home to spend the night.

The following are the requirements of an in-person intensive outpatient program at Anabranch:

  • One-to-one sessions are mandatory every week
  • Patients must take part in two sessions of 12-step meetings per week
  • Patients must be willing to engage in urinalysis and breathalyzer tests every week
  • Patients must participate in an autobiography in a group setting

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

This telehealth program aims to address substance use and mental health issues through remotely delivered healthcare. These programs provide structured and comprehensive care to people who cannot attend inpatient sessions or prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. Some benefits of joining a virtual intensive outpatient program at Anabranch include the following:

  • It cuts down travel time.
  • It allows clients to engage in treatment from the comfort of their homes.
  • It makes treatment more accessible to get.

Before joining a virtual outpatient program, it is essential to ensure that clients have access to a private and secure environment to participate in virtual sessions.

Pregnancy Treatment Program

Anabranch Recovery Center provides prenatal-centric programs to help pregnant mothers adopt a healthy lifestyle. The program begins with a carefully planned, safe detox followed by a residential program that extends to 28 days. It aims to help mothers understand that prenatal factors can affect the risk of addiction in later life and use strategies to reduce these risks. The following are some components of this program:

  • 28 days of residential treatment
  • Postpartum relapse prevention services
  • Transportation to and from local doctor appointments
  • One-to-one parenting skills development personalized for each mother
  • Education on self-awareness and acceptance
  • Techniques to overcome codependency
  • Medication management without compromising safety
  • Emotional regulation and anger management resources
  • Essential skills to foster healthy parenting

After inpatient treatment completion, the Anabranch team liaises with sober living centers and its community partners to arrange aftercare services. All therapies and interventions used throughout pregnancy programs are evidence-based and safe. All mothers up to 30 weeks of pregnancy are welcome to join the program to receive individualized services.

Educational Programs at Anabranch Recovery Center

In addition to the provision of standard therapeutic interventions, Anabranch Recovery also pays attention to educating its clients about addiction and helping them develop practical coping skills for long-term healing.

Addiction Education

Despite a very high global prevalence, a lot of people remain misinformed about what addiction is. Anabranch Recovery focuses on educating its clients, their families and healthcare professionals in general about addiction, its causes, and the long-term consequences. Addiction education programs organized at Anabranch also teach clients about various types of available options while raising awareness to combat the stigma surrounding the issue.

Life Skills

Life skills are an essential part of recovery at Anabranch. Through comprehensive programs, clients learn practical skills to keep their recovery on track. These skills include eating a balanced diet, following a regular sleep cycle, and exercising. Clients are also advised to use their interests and hobbies to participate in sober activities to keep boredom in control, as otherwise, it would lead to cravings.

Relapse Prevention

Anabranch Recovery put efforts into creating a relapse prevention plan for every patient who is about to leave the facility after completing inpatient treatment. This plan equips clients with the tools they need to identify triggers that may potentially make them use substances again. Moreover, it helps them develop coping strategies to keep these triggers under control. A robust relapse prevention program can also give clients an idea about their support system and how to reach out to them when they are on the verge of succumbing to their triggers and cravings.


Does Anabranch Recovery have an alumni service?

Anabranch Recovery Center gives all graduates a chance to join its alumni program. This program helps old clients improve their recovery through a network of lasting friendships. The presence of an alumni network also ensures that they have support available whenever they need it. The rehab frequently arranges recreational opportunities to engage all alumni members without extra costs.

Where is Anabranch Recovery located?

Anabranch Recovery has two campuses to support and help with addiction management. The main campus is on Crossing Boulevard in Terre Haute, and a separate facility for outpatient services is available on Wabash Avenue.

What do Anabranch Recovery reviews say?

The reviews consider Anabranch one of the best rehabs in Terre Haute, Indiana, due to its excellent service provision, intricately developed highly personalized plans, and highly trained team involving empathetic professionals to support client recovery.

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