THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab & Treatment Center in Mallorca Spain is the best in the world for people who know they need best professional care, guidance and the transformations it can bring. Where you can revive your inner energy, mental health and physical wellbeing.

If you commit to creating positive change in your life, then it will happen. And our personalized program designed around your specific needs will help you achieve it.


1 – Biochemical Restoration of Body & Mind
Our biochemical imbalances can be affected by diet and stressful life events, but it often goes back to genetics and epigenetics. We do specific biochemical laboratory testing to determine an individual’s biochemical imbalance. Combining the results of the lab tests with anamnestic information’s and clinical tests we prescribe an individualized and compounded vitamin, mineral, nutrient protocol to help our patients recover from various disease states.

2 – Treating the complexity of underlying issues from a 360°
Our holistic and top-rated program supports a wide range of emotional, physical and psychological issues covering all addiction and mental health problems. This includes dependencies, anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders and trauma & PTSD as well as biochemical rebalancing of brain and body. A unique concept for severe Addiction and Mental Health issues.

3 – One client a time – intensive, unique, proven and 100% tailored with 24/7 support
We focus on holistic and person-centered approaches and include both alternative and traditional models to help you become the best version of yourself. We believe our lives are a reflection of our inner worlds. We aim to challenge any negative beliefs and thought patterns. We view the body as a reflection of the mind, and vice versa. Living constantly in stress, unhappiness, or negativity have a serious impact on the physical health. After traumatic or negative experiences, we may struggle to reform our identity. We encourage you to see all experience, good or bad, as an opportunity for growth.

4 – A 5-star luxury, private and discrete residence with premier hospitality to feel at home
During your time at THE BALANCE, you will stay in one of our luxury residences or a location of your choice. We aim to make you feel completely at ease by surrounding you with abundant nature and making sure all your needs are met. A personal in-house counselor, a private chef, complementary therapist and many more take care of you 24/7. As best and private luxury rehab in the world we are perfect suitable for celebrities, executives and CEO’s.

  • Address Mallorca - London - Zurich