The Banyans is a private treatment centre in Southeast Queensland. This health and wellness centre offers unique research-based modalities. Situated in the beautiful Brisbane, the centre offers you a green and natural surrounding intended to create a calm environment for recovery. The Banyans Health and Wellness offers a highly experienced, qualified suite of medical and therapeutic services.

The Banyans team of medical specialists, psychiatrists, exercise professionals and support staff are highly qualified in the treatment of depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout, drug and alcohol dependency and addiction, eating disorders, and a variety of additional conditions. All members are fully trained and qualified to offer clients world-class care and service. The staff includes several specialized members each responsible for a certain duty, which they perform with devotions and passion. The residence welcomes a maximum of 8 guests at one time to ensure that each guest receives the proper amount of attention and support. The dining area receives revitalizing natural light of the sun through the glass floor to ceiling glass windows. Clients can enjoy the formal lounge room decorated with houseplants, a fireplace, and floor to ceiling bookshelves. The therapy spaces have beautiful surrounding that can help the client relax during the sessions. The Banyan facilities include a fully equipped gym for exercise and therapy. Each suite is luxurious and spacious and furnished to ensure comfort and style. The suites also include an exclusive spa bath. At The Banyans Health and Wellness, they place great importance on the values of care, respect and joy. Their therapeutic team and support staff cultivate an environment where you feel supported, respected and free to explore the sense of joy that comes when you experience the fullness of life.

The Banyans’ program incorporates aspects from each of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, according to the National Wellness Institute. Each aspect of your rehabilitation intends to restore a different component of the self. The multidisciplinary programs include a variety of comprehensive medical, emotional, nutritional and physical therapies delivered by highly qualified professionals. The Banyans understands that one-on-one, private therapy is essential and more specialized than group therapy. Experience the confidential, self-paced approach of The Banyans, allowing you to be yourself in a judgment-free space, experience deep healing, learn relevant skills and gain long-lasting recovery.

Each visitor of The Banyans undergoes a pre-arrival assessment and support, including a pre-arrival consult with one of our senior team.
This allows the staff to build an understanding of the client’s situations and needs. On some occasions, such as addiction, the therapeutic team may recommend a medical detox at a private hospital before you arrive at The Banyans residence.

Based on the finding of the assessment you will then receive a briefing and a personalized treatment plan. Engaging with medical specialists is a foundational aspect of The Banyans program. Consultations with General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses and Addiction Medicine Physicians ensure that you are safely cared for. Psychological and emotional therapies occupy a significant aspect of your schedule, as degree-qualified professionals encourage insight into the underlying causes of your experiences. The Banyans offers a variety of evidence-based and emerging therapies, including psychology, equine-assisted therapy, art therapy, and neurologic music therapy. Exercise physiologists and personal trainers partner with guests throughout their stay to help restore their physical health. This includes regular sessions in the gym, pool or yoga studio with an experienced health professional, in a program personally tailored and delivered for you.

Advanced genetic testing and nutritional consultations with a qualified nutritionist can assist guests to discover deficiencies and intolerances. Throughout their stay, guests have a personalised nutrition plan and supplement regime that assists in correcting any dietary issues. The meals will be nutritionally rich to provide the body with all that is needed to function optimally.

With the guidance and approval from our Lead Psychiatrist, The Banyans can accommodate young adults from 15 years old. Every staff member at The Banyans holds a Working With Children (WWC QLD Blue Card) approval. The Banyans is one of Australia’s only residential retreats that offer private programs for young adults under the age of 18.

  • Address 7/100 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

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