It’s time to start reclaiming what your addiction or substance misuse has cost you. Recovery Unplugged is ready to utilize music to help you or a loved one drown out the voice that tells you to use drugs or alcohol, guiding you toward long-term recovery and peace of mind.

Recovery Unplugged is a nationwide addiction treatment organization that incorporates music into every part of our care approach in order to make evidence-based treatment and recovery more accessible to you or a loved one. We provide medical detoxification, medication-assisted therapy, and comprehensive behavioral rehab to address the whole spectrum of substance use disorders while using music to affect your mood, energy, and treatment involvement.

You’re aware that you require treatment for your addiction, and you’re also aware that life is better when music is there. Recovery Unplugged is ready to assist you in infusing these two realities in order to help you create and live your best sober life.

Overcoming addiction necessitates comprehensive treatment that heals both the brain and the body. If you suffer from addiction or are forced to watch a loved one suffer from it, you already know how it affects every aspect of your life, from your physical and mental health to your family relationships, your profession and financial stability, and even your dignity and fundamental quality of life. Our treatment program at Recovery Unplugged is designed to address the physical, behavioral, and lifestyle consequences of addiction, with music serving as a common thread throughout each phase of care.

Whether you’ve been battling a long-term heroin addiction, a cocaine addiction that’s slowly killing your life, or are drinking more and more each day, it’s time to put down the drugs or booze, put on your headphones, and come see us. We’re here to assist you. You don’t have to go through this by yourself any longer. Recovery Unplugged is ready to assist you in reclaiming your life.

Everyone’s addiction therapy looks different, so we’ve created a menu of care alternatives to suit all types of clients. Inpatient treatment is available for those with a long history of chronic substance abuse; outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are available for those who can’t leave their families and jobs, and partial day programs are available for those who require more aid than an outpatient program. Treatment may include pharmaceutical support and sober living for clients who require long-term assistance, in addition to incorporating music into rehab.

Recovery Unplugged combines the highest treatment standards with music therapy to help clients overcome the destructive thought patterns that lead to substance abuse. Our program is a cathartic, interesting, and astonishingly successful technique to enable you or a loved one feels comfortable enough to open up and express themselves without feeling guarded or fearful. We’ve witnessed thousands of customers gain increased self-awareness and emotional release through music therapy, where standard talk therapy typically falls short, and we’re eager to assist you or a loved one achieve the same results.

Drug overdose killed over 70,000 Americans in 2017, with opioids directly responsible for 48,000 of those deaths. It has long been one of the country’s main public health concerns. Abuse of substances like heroin, cocaine, prescription opioids, and meth destroys users’ relationships, mental health, and quality of life on the route to overdose. Recovery Unplugged provides a wide range of drug rehab choices to assist you or a loved one reclaim their freedom and peace of mind from addiction. Stop the withdrawal symptoms and humiliation right now. We’re ready to assist you.

When it comes to overcoming alcohol and drug addiction, users frequently need to recuperate in a distraction-free and supportive atmosphere. Recovery Unplugged invites you or a loved one to heal in a safe, comfortable, and discreet environment where you will be helped rather than judged; where you will be treated as a person rather than a collection of symptoms; and where excellence and clinical care meet a safe, comfortable, and discrete living environment. We have inpatient rehab centers all across the country, and we’re here to assist you.