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Recovia is an Arizona-based treatment center that supports patients in regaining their normal functions and recovering from all active pain management and addiction issues. The facility offers multidisciplinary intensive outpatient programs utilizing evidence-based therapies and physical therapy, behavioral medicine, detox, nutrition, medication management, and recovery-based recreation, all under one roof. The staff at Recovia is focused on many other things besides addiction, pain, and substance use. They treat each patient as an individual functioning as a whole with no labels and provide them with a comprehensive plan to get back to their best.

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The unique outpatient approach that Recovia follows provides clients the flexibility to receive care and support discreetly while maintaining their work commitments and daily family obligations. The rehab proudly offers the only medical, functional, and behavioral outpatient program of its kind that integrates different aspects of healing in one system. By having access to all these services in one place, the coordination of care significantly improves and allows care team members to adjust the programs more effectively and avoid missing out on any opportunities for recovery. This program also saves a lot of time by reducing the need to commute to different locations for every specialty. The high success rates of treatment in patients who have sought help from Recovia validate its “biopsychosocial” model as the gold standard of healthcare that helps them achieve and maintain long-term success and recovery.

Services Offered at Recovia AZ Pain Treatment Center

Recovia Tempe AZ offers the following treatment and recovery programs to its clients:

Chronic Pain Program

The Chronic Pain Program at Recovia often integrates with the opioid detox program, including medication-assisted therapy, to provide the best outcomes for patients. The care team at Recovia believes that long-term management with opiates can sometimes contribute to pain over time; hence, such people can significantly benefit from a more effective pain management plan that treats chronic pain as a multi-dimensional issue. This program aims to help clients navigate various pain management methods to create a long-term plan for effective and harmless pain relief.

Chronic Pain with Substance Use Program

Recovia offers outpatient opioid detox programs using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help clients safely detox from opioids. The program helps manage the abuse of different medications, such as oxycodone, Percocet, morphine, codeine, etc. The medicines administered as a part of MAT are under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner to ensure safety and efficacy.

Substance Abuse without Chronic Pain Program

This program at Recovia AZ pain treatment center includes detox services through medication-assisted treatment to help clients cut off their opioid use safely and comfortably without focusing on an alternative method of pain management. The program helps reduce the use of prescription medications, such as morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, codeine, and Percocet. People with poly-substance abuse, i.e., misusing more than one drug at a time, can also seek help from this program once the experts have assessed them and deemed it safe to detox in an outpatient setting. The program involves the administration of alternative medication under the careful medical supervision of a licensed medical practitioner in an attempt to reduce dependence on the primary drug without undergoing a painful withdrawal.

Mental Health Wellness Programs

The mental health wellness programs at Recovia rehab Arizona pain management center have been designed to enhance clients’ overall functioning. Each program includes variable elements and is curated while keeping each patient’s unique goals in mind.

Active Care Program

The Active Care programs at Recovia have variable durations and lengths based on patient needs. The experts at this treatment center encourage patients to visit for an evaluation which can help them decide which programs might best suit their needs.

Supportive Care

Once clients have completed all programs at Recovia, they can opt for the Supportive Care program. This program usually lasts six months to one year following the completion of active care plans. The aim of the Supportive Care program is to amplify and promote the gains from the previous programs to guarantee long-term success. Each client’s supportive care visits occur on a tapered schedule with up to 12 sessions in six months’ time, where each session includes one hour of physical therapy and one hour of behavioral health therapy. The experts delivering supportive care tailor each program to meet the needs of every client in the best way possible.

Prehab Program

Recovia Tempe offers a Prehab program that offers medical management, behavioral health, and functional medicine under one roof. This unique program assists clients in eliminating the use of opioid medication while delivering functional conditioning tailored according to patient needs. As a part of this program, experts combine psychoeducational sessions on pain and recovery with increased functioning to promote medical outcomes for patients in their postoperative recovery period.

The reduction of opioid use before surgery through the Prehab program at Recovia Tempe AZ, significantly cuts down the risk associated with anesthesia while increasing the options for pain management in the postoperative time. Once the clients complete the prehab program and are done with their surgery, most usually come back to Recovia for supportive care, where experts monitor their opioid use and comfortably taper them off using functional and biopsychosocial programs.


What is the first step of seeking treatment at Recovia?

The first step of starting the recovery process at Recovia AZ includes calling the clinical coordinators at the rehab and having a discussion with them. This discussion allows the staff members to assess if the rehab’s unique treatment mode is fit for you. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website of the treatment center and fill out an application form available online. The clinical coordinators will review the form and will call you back within 24 hours. Clients are also welcome to stop by and tour the facility before starting their admissions process; however, they must make appointments for in-person visits.

What should I expect on my first day in the Active Care treatment program?

The first day in the Active Care program at Recovia will be informational and involve introductions with the team. You will have the chance to meet each provider individually, familiarize yourself with the layout of the treatment center and get comfortable in the new environment.

What should I bring with me to the treatment program?

Recovia will provide a small locker to each client at the facility. Clients are free to bring books, headphones, or any personal items they would like to use during their free time. If you are on any medications, bring all of them with you to your first appointment. The staff team also encourages clients to carry a water bottle and snacks, which can be kept in a refrigerator at the facility during the day.

Can I get a payment plan at Recovia?

The founders of Recovia understand how seeking treatment can be financially draining for certain people. Hence, it offers payment plans that can split the total cost into multiple installments depending on the financial stability of the clients and their families.

What are Recovia locations?

Recovia is currently operating from the following places in Arizona:

  • Phoenix
  • Mesa
  • Tucson
  • Tempe
  • Title Recovia