Oasis Bradford is a detox clinic run by a committed and passionate team of experienced addiction treatment nurses, recovery support workers, and other key workers. The rehab provides clients a unique understanding and insight into addiction, its common causes, and how to manage it successfully. The clinical team also incorporates their personal experience, qualifications, and training to inspire clients, instill hope, and help them set achievable goals to move them away from addiction. Clients benefit from a compassionate, warm environment free from judgments throughout their stay. The wholehearted approach clients receive throughout their journey with the Oasis team helps them transition from an active addiction state to a substance-free life with minimal discomfort and disruption.

What the Admission Process Looks Like at Oasis Clinic

Oasis Rehab Bradford has the following steps of admission to help clients successfully enter treatment:


As a part of admission, each client goes through a short assessment in which an expert asks them about their substance use history, past medical history, and other relevant information. This information is gathered to help determine the type of program that best suits each client.

Choice of Clinic

Based on requirements, Oasis gives a client the option to seek treatment across the United Kingdom, depending on what suits their circumstances the best.


Before admitting a client to rehab, the expert team explains the full fee and terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are also available for clients in writing for better understanding. Once a client has gone through the rules and decided to join Oasis, they must make a deposit.

Sober Transportation

The rehab staff encourages clients to travel to the residential facility with a loved one. However, for people who do not have someone to accompany them, the rehab arranges sober transportation services.


On arrival, a staff member will welcome the client and ensure they settle down and make themselves home. Later, they can meet the nurses, doctors, and fellow residents as they embark on their recovery journey.

Facilities Available at Oasis Bradford

Individuals who decide to join Oasis Rehab Bradford can expect to avail the following facilities onsite:

Ensuite Bedrooms

The detox clinic facility at Oasis Bradford has 19 beds. All bedrooms come with en-suite facilities, including everything a client needs to stay comfortable during their treatment tenure. The rehab also provides them with clean towels and linen upon request. 

Fully Residential Environment

As a fully residential detox clinic, Oasis manages everything in-house, including 24/7 medical nursing care, security, and ongoing support. Everything that a client needs to access during the detox phase is available in one room, and they do not need to leave the premises for anything. 

Holistic Therapies

In addition to providing conventional treatment therapies, Oasis Rehab Bradford also focuses on integrating holistic therapies into their recovery plan. For this reason, the rehab has its spa bath in a private room onsite. Interested clients can access the spa anytime, day or night, to ease muscle tension and pain and relax their bodies. The treatment facility also provides other holistic therapies, such as auricular acupuncture, yoga therapy, gong, guided relaxation, and meditation.

Oasis Recovery Communities Addiction Treatment Program

Oasis Recovery Rehab provides the following components in its conventional addiction treatment program:

Medical Detox

A medically-managed detox is available for all people suffering from an addiction involving different substances, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and heroin. Throughout the program, the client gets 24/7 monitoring and care from the medical staff, key workers, support workers, and nurses.

Personalized Plans

The treatment plan for each patient is highly personalized depending on their circumstances. The care team also continues to review their progress and change this initial treatment plan as and when needed.

Enhanced Care Levels

The detox clinics at Oasis Bradford ensure the safety and health of every client at all times. It has dedicated support and medical staff who check on all clients to ensure they cope well with their detox. The team also monitors their vitals, check their responses, and adjust enhanced levels per their needs.

Therapeutic Models

The staff team at Oasis Rehab Bradford routinely arranges games and challenges to engage clients in healthy activities. These activities include challenges, quizzes, and therapeutic duties that take their focus away from detox and help them remain motivated.

Healthy Eating

Each client gets three delicious meals a day prepared by an onsite chef throughout the stay. Oasis Rehab also accommodates people with mild to moderate eating disorders and can provide special meals depending on personal preferences and religious beliefs. The chef team ensures that all meals include fresh ingredients and deliver all nutrients and a delicious taste.

Treatment Therapies at Oasis Recovery Bradford

Oasis Rehab Bradford uses the following evidence-based therapies to direct patients toward a healthy, sober life.

12-Step Therapy

Experts at Oasis Bradford believe in the powerful and proven effects of the 12-step therapy program. Hence, it allows all residents to engage in this therapy program to keep their addictions under control.

Trauma Therapy

Many people with underlying addictions suffer from untreated trauma they encountered in the past. If left untreated, these traumatic memories continue to be a roadblock in recovery while increasing the possibility of a relapse in the future. For such people, Oasis Rehab provides trauma therapy to help them manage all co-occurring issues and ongoing addictions for complete healing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

During their stay at Oasis, all patients participate in cognitive behavioral therapy delivered by an outstanding team of highly trained and professional staff members. The treatment has been constantly proven to treat several addictions along with co-existing mental health issues.


Meditation helps patients focus on and stay in the present instead of dwelling in the past. This powerful tool has been helping lots of people connect with their authentic selves while finding tranquility and inner peace. Through regular meditative practices, patients at Oasis Rehab Bradford can support their detox process and heal from mental issues like depression and anxiety.

Music Therapy

Music therapy at Oasis allows patients to communicate with the world in their way. This therapy suits those who do not respond well to the more conventional communicative methods. The expert team at the rehab helps patients use music to heal and express themselves during their time in treatment and for the life ahead.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a valuable medium that allows clients to express themselves fully by adopting a creative route. Various art mediums are available to help individuals rediscover their inner creativity and find a channel to express their emotions and feelings.


What are the key highlights of Oasis Rehab in Bradford?

Oasis Rehab Bradford provides the following facilities to people interested in joining it:

  • 24/7 open
  • Luxury surroundings
  • Immediate admission
  • A multidisciplinary staff team to arrange everything on a client’s behalf
  • One-year-long free aftercare services

How much will it cost to seek treatment at Oasis Bradford?

The cost of treatment at Oasis Bradford can vary depending on how severe your addiction is, the required treatment period, and the services you need during your stay. The best way to find an estimated cost is by calling the rehab and undergoing an assessment so that someone can guide you better regarding your treatment cost based on your circumstances. 

  • Address 21 Bolling Rd, Broomfields, Bradford BD4 7BG, United Kingdom.