Operating from Virginia, The Farley Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab catering to people with all types of substance use disorders. The center is situated near Colonial Williamsburg in a quiet place next to a lush green park. The treatment center claims to be the first healing center in its area, and many people know it as a center of excellence that provides affordable addiction treatment. With a judgment-free, compassionate environment, rehab acts as a place where people can come to achieve recovery, and their families can find help and solutions to support their loved ones.

Farley Center offers various evidence-based treatment programs that integrate the 12-step principles throughout the patient experience. Every patient gets an opportunity to develop a fellowship of support through learning and the practical application of spiritual principles in their daily lives. They work collaboratively with a high-trained multidisciplinary team, including licensed professionals who design individualized plans to suit the treatment needs. These experts also help patients pinpoint issues that are likely to sabotage their recovery and help them control it for a healthier, sober life.

Programs at Farley Center Williamsburg

The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place provides critical treatment programs according to individual circumstances.

Detoxification Program

Detoxification is typically the first treatment step, where clients get to cleanse their bodies of all drugs and alcohol residues and fight their physical addiction. The Farley Center offers this treatment program to those with the following:

  • A substantial likelihood of continued drug or alcohol use
  • A high possibility that their continued substance use will put them or others at risk, such as driving under the influence of alcohol
  • The likelihood of experiencing side effects shortly

Throughout the detox program medical and clinical teams are available throughout the detox program to keep patients safer and comfortable while managing complicated withdrawal symptoms.

Evaluation Services

Farley Centers offers independent, comprehensive evaluations to patients in different situations. Utilizing its 30 years of experience, the evaluation team at the rehab effectively works to break down complex cases using specific criteria and provide actionable solutions and recommendations. The evaluation program typically takes two days, during which clients can stay in nearby hotels. The following are the components of the evaluation services available at Farley Rehab:

  • An addiction medicine evaluation
  • A biopsychosocial assessment
  • A comprehensive history followed by a physical examination
  • A psychiatric evaluation
  • A battery of comprehensive psychological tests
  • Toxicology using multiple methods

Additionally, experts may order polygraphs, neurocognitive testing, and other types of tests. During free time, participants can engage in groups and campus activities. The assessment and evaluation team usually includes an addiction psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician, primary addiction therapist, and neuropsychiatrist.

Once the evaluation concludes, the team conducts an out-briefing meeting that includes the participants, multidisciplinary experts, and third parties. Following the brief, each party gets a copy of the evaluation summary and a comprehensive report within ten days of the conclusion. This evaluation is admissible to the court or in a deposition.

Primary Addiction Treatment

At Farley Center, addiction remains a primary disease, and treatment is available based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. This internationally-recognized tool allows experts to plan addiction treatment effectively and assists them in making decisions regarding ongoing care and discharges through continued evaluations. The primary addiction treatment program at Farley Center integrates 12-step practices and approaches along with many other pharmacotherapies. Patients enrolled in the program get to understand more about addiction as a disease, reconnect with their feelings, identify the core triggers, and come out of denial. Moreover, they also closely work with licensed therapists and peers to learn relapse prevention strategies and coping mechanisms while involving family as needed to support their recovery goals.

Professionals Program

Farley Center has provided specialized treatment programs to help many high-functioning professionals for a long time. It is among the pioneer treatment rehabs in the country that target licensed experts with sophisticated defense mechanisms and helps them learn how to manage daily life stressors without relying on alcohol or drugs. The expert team works closely with each participant to provide a treatment setting that identifies their professional status and helps them recover while maintaining universal recovery principles.

The following professionals are eligible to participate in the Professionals Program at Farley Center:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Veterinarians
  • Military leadership
  • Pilots
  • Attorneys
  • Executives


How can I pay for treatment at Farley Center?

The Farley Center partners with many insurance providers, like Cigna, TRICARE, Value Option, MH Net, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Optima, to cover treatment. For those who require coverage for out-of-pocket costs, the rehab provides access to a company called M Lend Financial.

How does Farley Williamsburg rehab involve the family in the treatment process?

Experts at Farley Center consider addiction a family disease, and its recovery includes raising awareness among all family members. Hence, rehab involves every patient’s loved ones to help them understand more about addiction, how it affects a person, and how they can support them during their recovery treatment. The program runs over the weekend, and participants and their family members can participate in it to heal from addiction-related issues and renew their relationships.

Are staff members at Farley Center qualified?

The medical staff team at Farley Rehab includes registered doctors and doctors with MDs. The clinical staff members have certifications and licenses appropriate for their roles, such as licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, certified substance abuse counselors, nationally certified counselors, and certified recreational therapists. Many of these experts have master’s level expertise in their respective fields.

Will my treatment at Farley Center be confidential?

At Farley Center, confidentiality is critical to recovery, and the treatment team ensures to follow its privacy rules throughout the process. Unfortunately, addiction has a lot of stigmas surrounding it, which is why most people attending rehab like to keep their information private. Hence, the rehab keeps the information about their presence and attendance, along with current and past medical history, strictly confidential. Moreover, the team always seeks permission from a client before disclosing any of this information to anyone.

How can I convince my loved one to attend Farley Rehab for help?

Convincing a loved one to seek treatment is not easy, especially when they are struggling with addiction, as most people refuse to acknowledge their underlying issues. Most of them are also unwilling to seek treatment as they fail to recognize the negative consequences of their behaviors. If your loved one does not agree to addiction, consider arranging a formal intervention to help them get the support they need.

Will I need to quit my job to seek treatment at Farley Center?

Experts advise people in active treatment to stop engaging in any work-related activities. This advice aims to help them recover in a stress-free environment and learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can consider taking time off from work to engage in recovery treatment for better and faster outcomes. However, if it is impossible to take leave from work, consider joining a less-intensive treatment program, such as the intensive outpatient program, that allows people to continue working while seeking addiction treatment and recovery. This program is available to all adults 18 years and older with underlying substance use disorders, with or without co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

How long will I need to stay in treatment?

The duration of stay at Farley Center varies, depending on the severity of the addiction. Since no two adults are the same, not every patient is likely to get the same treatment. Many will recover within weeks, while others may require months to heal properly. The multidisciplinary medical and clinical staff members thoroughly assess every new patient, including social, biological, and psychological evaluations. The results of these assessments can guide them about the length of stay.

  • Address 5477 Mooretown Road, Williamsburg, VA, United States, Virginia