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The Lefay Luxury Resort is a health retreat located in Gargnano in the heart of the spectacular and renowned “Riviera Dei Limoni”.The resort features a spacious park of 11 hectares and is surrounded by gentle hills and natural terraces rich in woods and olive groves overlooking a spectacular view of the lake. The location of the resort offers you the experience of the Mediterranean climate. You can discover the unique vegetations and aromas of the surrounding in this dazzling destination.
The rooms and suites capture the sensations of the nature around them. They are spacious and comfortable and feature luxury fabrics that blend beautifully with technology and modern designs. Bright and spacious, the Prestige Junior Suites are located on the ground floor and open onto the gardens, directly overlooking to Lake Garda. The Deluxe Junior Suites are on the first floor and have a private balcony from which you can admire the beautiful view of the lake: the perfect solution for those who are seeking total privacy in a charming and relaxing atmosphere. The Family Suite is the best solution (73 sqm) for those who want to enjoy a holiday with their children or for those who need two bathrooms and two separate bedrooms within the same Suite. The Exclusive Suites (83 sqm) offer the freedom of a private living room, the pleasure of a Jacuzzi overlooking the lake and a series of exclusive services.

Lefay Wellness Residences feature a living space where the environment, wellbeing and luxury exist in harmony. Consistently with the Brand’s sustainable philosophy, the architecture has been studied to be integrated with the surrounding environment and the inner spaces use natural materials. New luxury, Italian style and wide bright spaces that touch nature are the recurring themes of Lefay Wellness Residences. Every single detail, from the first steps into the entrance to the inner rooms, has been designed to offer Owners an exciting and comfortable living experience.

Lefay Resorts has established a set of ethical principles which all staff members follow with passion and conviction. They focus on respect for the values and moral principles of the company. These protect the company image and ensure that guests receive the highest degrees of care and service.

For its health and well being the resort created a wellness approach from that combines between Classical Chinese Medicine and Western scientific research. This union is the basis of the Health Programmes Lefay SPA Method, personalised according to individual needs, to achieve a complete mental and physical well-being and to pursue different objectives. The resort also produces cosmetics and beauty products of the highest standards. These products are free from added colourings, parabens and preservatives, are “Vegan Ok” and “Cruelty-Free” certified, and are rich in natural ingredients and tried and tested medicinal plants.

The resorts luxurious spa serves as a temple for the body and the soul in which guests can rest and grow. It offers a broad selection of programmes each having its own benefits. The Discovery program helps you find balance and remove the chaotic pace of everyday life that strain the body. The “Recupero dell’Energia Originale” – Stress Relieving programme aims to help the body to stimulate the necessary resources for this exchange of forces. The Lightness And Plasticity”- Fitness programme is aimed at helping your muscles relax, revitalising the atonic muscles, correcting alterations to posture and bringing the body back to global well-being, with visible aesthetic improvements.

  • Address Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Via Angelo Feltrinelli, 136, 25084 Gargnano BS, Italy

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