Paracelsus Recovery is a private and exclusive addiction treatment provider based in Switzerland. They treat only one client at a time – very privately. Their treatment program is intensive and comprehensive: up to 8 hours of 1:1 therapy every day. A life-in therapist takes care of the individual 24/7.

Paracelsus treats clients’ body, mind and soul; their treatment program is efficient because they identify and treat the underlying reasons for addiction: biochemical, psychological, physical, social, and spiritual. The restoration of the body’s biochemistry is a priority; it is the missing link in most modern addiction treatment programs. A restored bio-chemistry facilitates proper functioning of chemical processes in the brain (and body), which reduces cravings and stress, and improves overall well-being significantly.

Paracelsus treats alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, co-dependency, eating disorders as well as psychiatric disorders such as personality disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Located in the beautiful capital of Switzerland, Zurich, Paracelsus offers a unique and soulful stay. surrounded by a stunning lake-front setting you will experience the beauty of nature from within the comfort of our exclusive clinical residences. The penthouse apartments are ca. 250 square meters in size, luxuriously furnished and include all necessary medical/clinical infrastructure. A master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is available for the client, whilst another separate bedroom and bathroom are set up for the assigned live-in psychotherapist who is present and available at all times. Various rooms are designated for therapy and treatments or activities. A fully equipped kitchen is used by our chef to prepare the meals. During your stay, a butler, chef, and housekeepers will ensure your comfort.

The Paracelsus staff are passionate about helping people recover from addiction or mental health issues. They practice their professions with compassion, tolerance, patience, and devotion. Each member is selected based on his qualification and experience. All members on our team are ready to give you the highest degrees of care and support to facilitate your recovery. The staff includes Psychiatrists who will assess your situations Therapists who look to heal your mind, A medical Team intended to heal your body, and other staff members who will tend to your needs.
Their multidisciplinary staff and expertise allow them to treat numerous issues and complication. The Paracelsus rehab can help you with any of the following:

-Alcohol Addiction Treatment
-Medication Addiction Treatment
-Opioid Addiction Treatment
-Drug Addiction Treatment
-Cocaine Addiction Treatment
-Heroin Addiction Treatment
-Marijuana Addiction Treatment
-Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment
-Eating Disorders Treatments
-Bulimia Nervosa Treatment
-Anorexia Nervosa Treatment
-Compulsive Overeating Treatment
-Binge Eating Treatment
-Orthorexia Treatment
-Treatment for Emotional Problems
-Depression Treatment
-Phobias Treatment
-OCD Treatment
-Trauma / PTSD Treatment
-Anxiety Disorder Treatment
-Narcissistic Abuse Treatment
-Co-Dependency Treatment
-Burnout Treatment
-Behavioural Addictions Treatment
-Gambling Addiction Treatment
-Sex Addiction Treatment
-Pornography Addiction Treatment

The treatment begins with a comprehensive and detailed assessment that helps the staff to draw a clear picture of your situation. After the evaluation is complete you will be briefed on your results so that you have an understanding of your conditions which will help you in recovering. According to your results, the staff will then tailor a treatment plan that suits you in all ways and that is best for a quick and full recovery. A detox plan will help you overcome the challenges of withdrawal in the case of addiction and guide towards a sober life. With the help of the latest technologies, such as Biochemical Restoration, the Paracelsus staff will bring balance to your mind and body. In order to fully understand the physiological causes of our clients’ addiction or other disorder, we analyse their bio-chemistry with comprehensive laboratory tests to identify
-imbalances of neurotransmitters in the brain
-imbalances of amino acids
-nutrient deficiencies
-hypoglycemia (glucose deficiency)
-inflammatory stress and oxidative stress on cell-level
-adrenal fatigue
-gut health (including gut biome, inflammatory parameters, food intolerances, parasites, etc.)
-hormonal levels
-gland functioning tests

Based on these findings the staff will provide you with a diet with all the needed nutritional supplements (including amino acids, vitamins and other micro-nutrients) and a personal nutrition plan. Together with adapted physical activity and purposive relaxation, the bio-chemistry can be restored and symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, depression or sleep problems can be reduced and often eliminated. In addition, the rehab offers family therapy as part of the rehabilitation process to build a supportive circle around the patient. To build consistency and resilience the rehab also created an aftercare program to help clients implement what they have learned in treatment and support them when difficult situations or decisions arise.

The Paracelsus rehab wants to make your stay to be fruitful but also entertaining and relaxing, thus they have created several activities and accommodations for you to enjoy yourself including a Spa. Clients also have daily access to exclusive facilities both for personal training as part of our treatment program, but also for relaxation and leisure between therapies.

  • Address Seehofstrasse 4, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Maged Ali

    Rating: 2 / 5

    They talk bullshit and deliver nothing. The owner is zero empathic and only money driven. A big portion of your money goes in to finder fees!

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