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The BICHINGER Wilhelmi is a state of the art health retreat situated in two locations, Marbella and Lake Constance. Buchinger Wilhelmi Lake Constance clinic is situated high above Lake Constance with breathtaking views over the forest-lined shores of the lake and Mainau Island to the snow-topped peaks of the Alps. Here, in this beautiful, almost Mediterranean landscape, Dr Otto Buchinger found the ideal setting for his fasting clinic – close to nature, spacious and inspiring. The residences of Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella stand in the shade of ancient palm trees with views of the Mediterranean. The clinic’s architecture is also light-infused and features natural materials and colours, allowing it to blend harmoniously with the Mediterranean landscape.

The retreat offers a variety of room options suitable for all tastes, from a snug retreat to a generously designed suite with breathtaking views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar. The retreat is unique for its professional and compassionate care. During your stay, you will be serviced by a team of qualified professionals with over 500 employees in the two clinics. A medical team of 20 doctors will look over your well being. To achieve the best possible result during your stay, your therapeutic relationship will start with detailed diagnostics, a thorough medical check-up and a confidential interview.
A day at the Buchinger clinic begins with a morning health check. A nurse will take your vitals such as blood pressure and sugar levels. You will then enjoy a warm cup of tea served at your room. You can choose from a range of activities such as walking or yoga to boost your energy and mood.

During your fast, you will enjoy freshly juiced fruits or vegetable consomme. After Midday, a nurse will give you a warm liver pack to stimulate your metabolism. The afternoon is for you to enjoy as you can choose to participate in a number of leisure activities. The evening features a collection of cultural programmes with concerts, lectures, and film rounds. More than 6,000 guests come here every year from all over the world – and more than half of them come back regularly. The reasons and medical conditions that bring them here are as individual as the people themselves. The Buchinger Wilhelmi programme is built around the fasting method developed by the clinic’s founder Dr Otto Buchinger (1878 – 1966). This method has been honed continually over three generations and in cooperation with university research centres.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting programme is based on more than 100 years of experience. It is designed to help you regain and preserve your quality of life, functional capacity and inner harmony. Besides unlimited amounts of mineral water, guests who are fasting are offered herbal teas, freshly made vegetable consommés and freshly pressed fruit juices – naturally all organic. Fasting begins with a light vegetarian meal on the day you arrive followed by a digestive rest day. After you have completed the fast, you gradually build up your nutrition again over a period of four days – an intense and pleasurable experience and one which is vital for the success of your stay in the long term.

The medical services offered at Buchinger Wilhelmi effectively combine modern diagnostics with complementary medicine, including naturopathic and alternative methods from western and eastern cultures as well as psychosomatic medicine. The main focus is the prevention of health complications and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the long term. Those who cannot or do not want to fast can enjoy a calorie-reduced diet from 800 kcal or our 2000 kcal wholefood diet with our organic gourmet cuisine. Nutrition is a vital aspect of health and well being which is why the Buchinger offers a wide range of incentives and suggestions to enable you to start a new lifestyle when you return home.

The clinic also has a group of outstanding therapists specialised in various treatments from all over the world – from China and Japan, Thailand and India, as well as classical European naturopathy. These therapists will help you choose a proper physical therapy regime that will keep your body in top shape. You can look forward to a varied programme of sports and relaxation at Buchinger Wilhelmi. In addition, you can try out various relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, meditation or yoga under expert guidance. Our personal trainers provide a more physical workout. Alternatively, you can go cycling, play tennis or golf.

You can also pamper yourself in the in-house cosmetics studios in Überlingen and Marbella and enjoy our treatments for greater vitality and a radiant appearance.

  • Address Wilhelm-Beck-Str. 27
    88662 Überlingen

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