Banbury Lodge is a private rehabilitation center operating from the beautiful countryside in Oxfordshire. Dedicated to supporting people in overcoming various drug and alcohol addictions, it has a well-experienced and highly supportive staff team that provides the best available care. The rehab also has all the necessary facilities to treat residents for alcoholism, drug addictions, and eating disorders. It caters to adult populations and runs specialized programs targeting teenagers and their specific issues.

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Banbury Lodge is a proud member of one of the largest recovery networks in the UK called the UKAT group. As part of this recovery network, the rehab believes that people who have recovered from addictions are the best ones to support others in similar circumstances. For this purpose, most of the staff team at Banbury includes people in recovery. Such a team can better provide patients with a homely and welcoming environment while understanding their concerns in a much more relatable way.

The Admission Process at Banbury Lodge

The admission process at Banbury Rehab is straightforward. In general, it includes the following steps:


During this step, a staff member will discuss an individual’s current condition, talk about the history of their illness and note any relevant medical information that needs to be kept in mind while tailoring a treatment plan.

Choosing a Clinic

Since Banbury Lodge is a part of the UK Addiction Treatment group, it can adjust a client in its clinic in Oxfordshire or any other rehab across the UK that best suits their needs.


Once a client has agreed to join the Banbury clinic, the team will take a deposit with the balance payable on admission.

Sober Transportation

Banbury Lodge has a sober transport service that can pick up and drop off clients as they join the rehab or are ready to leave after completing treatment.


When an individual arrives at the clinic, a staff member will welcome them and help them settle into their new surroundings. Each client will meet the team of nurses, doctors, and therapists and get to know their fellow residents.

Reasons to Choose Inpatient Rehabilitation at Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge offers various programs at different levels of care according to individual suitability. The main features and highlights of these programs make them worth joining.

A Well-Structured Environment

Banbury Lodge provides a structured and well-supported treatment program to all individuals interested in joining it. This includes a safer environment where individuals can focus on recovering well with continuous access to therapeutic and medical assistance. Each client has a clear plan of action that centers around recovery, and this clarity helps them gain the skills they need to acquire and maintain sobriety.

A Safer Detox Experience

Detoxification is the earliest and most crucial part of addiction rehabilitation. During this process, individuals attempt to get rid of any substances they have been using or abusing. At Banbury, an experienced clinical team conducts careful detox in a well-monitored environment while ensuring that every patient can always access nurses, doctors, and other experts. These careful considerations make the experience more effective and safer.

Easy Access to Resources

In addition to focusing on the traditional recovery methods, Banbury also ensures that every patient has easy access to resources that help them on the recovery path. These resources may include healthy lifestyle skills like exercise, nutrition, communication, and more. It also runs educational sessions to help residents understand what is happening to them. Other examples of resources include aftercare programs, peer support groups, 12-step programs, and more.

Supportive Community

Banbury Lodge provides all patients with the highest level of care and support through its staff members. Moreover, clients also get to engage with other residents and peers who have walked through the same journey and understand the difficulties that arise during treatment. In this way, each patient can harbor a community providing invaluable support and help during recovery while holding them accountable for a sober life.

Family Involvement

The staff members at Banbury Lodge regularly encourage the family members to stand up and get involved in treating their loved ones. The rehab also sends out invites to them to take part in family therapy. This family therapy is available as one-to-one sessions and in group settings, depending on what a counselor deems fit. The aim is to help the family reunite and move forward by rekindling their broken relationships.

Lifelong Aftercare

For most people, seeking active treatment inside a rehab is not enough to recover. They require continuous support and help even when they have left the rehab and reintegrated into everyday life. The staff members at Banbury rehab also believe that recovery does not end with the end of a treatment process. Hence, they offer all clients access to lifelong aftercare through a network known as UKAT Alumni. This alumni network allows clients to keep in touch with each other even after they have finished treatment and remain accountable for their sober lives. Enrolling in extended alumni programs also minimize their risk of relapsing for years to come. 


What facilities are available at Banbury Lodge?

The drug and alcohol rehab Banbury understands how difficult and nerve-wracking it can be to move to a new environment to seek help for addiction or mental health issues. The goal of the treatment facility is to create an atmosphere that offers relaxation, warmth, and comfort of a home so that clients can view it as a sanctuary away from home. The main campus has twenty-three solo rooms and two shared accommodations for clients per their living. Moreover, plenty of solitary and shared spaces, including a gym, are accessible to everyone in treatment. The rehab also has multiple individual and group therapy rooms, providing enough space for all residents to reflect and relax during their free time. All these facilities combine to create a perfect environment conducive to healing and recovery.

Why should I consider joining Banbury Therapy Center?

This private hospital Banbury offers state-of-the-art alcohol and drug addiction treatment services across the UK. It is also a certified member of the UK Addiction Treatment Group and provides treatment and help to people fighting alcoholism, drug addiction, and eating disorders. Banbury has multiple clinics spread to different parts, each having an experienced medical and clinical team, including doctors, support workers and therapists. All team members aim to deliver the individualized rehabilitation that every patient requires. Another reason to consider choosing Banbury is that the rehab has an approval from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It is also one of the very few residential treatment centers in the United Kingdom with expertise in treating alcoholism, eating disorders, behavioral illnesses, and drug addictions in teenagers.

What key specialities and facilities will I get access to if I join Banbury?

The following are the critical features of seeking help at Banbury:

  • Round-the-clock admissions
  • Eating disorder programs
  • Specialized therapy targeted at alcohol and drug addiction
  • Luxury en-suite accommodations
  • Teen-specific programs
  • Free aftercare services for a lifetime

How long will I need to stay in treatment at Banbury Lodge Rehab?

Experts at Banbury Lodge believe different people have varying needs; hence, they may require additional treatment durations to address their underlying issues. Clients can opt for a seven-day program based on their individual needs and treatment response. Other options, such as programs running for fourteen and twenty-eight days, are also available.

  • Address Banbury Lodge
    The Hawthorns
    OX16 9FA