Operating from multiple locations in Northeast Ohio, ARC Psychiatry is a mental health wellness treatment center providing a full spectrum of care to address various behavioral health disorders. Catering to individuals 18 and older, the rehab uses a compassionate team comprising various trained staff members who use cutting-edge treatments and testing. With unique modalities like electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and genetic testing, individuals approaching ARC Wellness Center can be assured they get high-quality treatment in a safe and effective environment.

Programs Offered at ARC Psychiatry

ARC Psychiatry Beachwood offers various unique therapies, including the following:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Also known as TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy available at ARC Psychiatry has various benefits that make it superior to medications for treating mental health issues. The rehab provides TMS in a safe environment to ensure patient safety and successful outcomes. The procedure involves the stimulation of neurons in specific brain areas that regulate mood. Some of the benefits of TMS in ARC Psychiatry include the following:

  • FDA-approved
  • Non-invasive procedure for medication-resistant mood disorders
  • Patients can resume their daily routine and activities following a session
  • Noticeable results


ARC Psychiatry offers patients a collaborative setting to work with a counselor to identify goals and solve their problems to optimize mental health. Therapy also focuses on helping patients improve coping skills and communication while strengthening self-esteem. The following are two types of treatment commonly offered at ARC Psychiatry:

  • Therapy for performance anxiety in athletes
  • Therapy to manage posttraumatic stress disorder

Medication Management

This program ensures all patients at ARC Psychiatry receive optimal therapeutic outcomes for their medications. As a part of medication management, trained providers at ARC Wellness Center review each patient’s current medications and dosage and evaluate if any adjustments are needed. Sometimes, they also pair medication management with counseling or therapy to achieve optimal results.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help experts analyze how a patient’s genes respond to medicines. The generated reports inform them which medications will work best for a patient depending on their DNA. With this technique, patients can expect quicker results with a shorter period of trial and error.

Psychological Assessment and Testing

Psychological testing and assessment at ARC Psychiatry are beneficial tools to determine, clarify, or help with a mental health diagnosis and its treatment formulation. The following are some aspects routinely tested at ARC Psychiatry:

  • Cognitive functioning, such as attention, memory, language, visuospatial skills, and executive functioning
  • Decision-making capacity
  • Dementia, memory problems, and neurocognitive disorders
  • Attention deficits and learning problems
  • Determining eligibility for academic accommodations
  • Differential diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Functional competence or ability to live independently

Telemedicine Services

These services have revolutionized the way experts handle treatment for people with behavioral and mental health disorders. Telehealth services at ARC Psychiatry allow patients to seek help and support remotely from the comfort of their homes instead of visiting the rehab in person. All meetings take place through online platforms, such as Zoom, and may involve video and audio calls depending on patient needs.

The Institute for Neurophysical Restoration at ARC Psychiatry

The Institute for Neurophysical Restoration is a program offered by ARC Psychiatry with the following three subdivisions:

Chronic Illness Management Program

This disease management program aims to help people with long-term illnesses, such as myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, long COVID, POTS, and other similar issues. The program aims to fill gaps for patients in acquiring adequate resources and provide flexible treatment options with customization according to individual circumstances. The program includes evidence-based medicine and utilizes a holistic approach to manage long-term symptoms. While the program is primarily based in Westlake, Ohio, it offers patients from other areas the opportunity to benefit from the services provided through telemedicine.  

Mental Wellness Division

The Institute for Neurophysical Restoration at ARC Psychiatry also offers a mental wellness program that continues for four months and is designed to optimize mental wellness through evidence-based methods. The program involves various modalities, such as group therapy, prescription medicine, and talk therapy, to help clients develop specific skills that help them achieve sound mental health. Other alternative treatments offered as a part of the mental wellness program in addition to psychotherapy to improve outcomes:

  • Genetic testing to check which medicines are more effective
  • Supplements
  • Follow-up care with the rehab or external providers
  • Transcranial magnetic brain stimulation
  • IV ketamine infusion/ ketamine therapy

Following are some components of a mental wellness program at ARC Psychiatry:

  • Psychotherapy: The aim is to help patients pick up new skills with support from a therapist in individual sessions with one-to-one interactions. Each program includes eight unique visits and a la carte visits on a need basis.
  • Group Therapy: In group therapy, patients can review their newly learned coping skills and apply them in a group setting. The goal is for each patient to become more comfortable with their diagnosis and learn how to navigate it through therapy. Each mental health wellness program typically includes 3 group therapy sessions, but clients can opt for more if needed.
  • Prescriber Visits: These visits involve spending time with a prescriber in a one-to-one session to seek general treatment recommendations, adjust medications, and manage the current medication regimen. Each program includes three prescriber visits with an option to add more as needed.


Does ARC Psychiatry have any affiliations?

The service providers at ARC Psychiatry have various hospital privileges in Northeast Ohio, allowing the facility to observe continuity of care where needed. The rehab also works with different primary care practices to deliver high-quality care associated with behavioral health services. ARC Psychiatry also provides consulting services and patient care to nursing homes, hospital systems, and independent living facilities.

Is it compulsory to complete an entire session as a part of the Institute for Neurophysical Restoration program?

Clients can also visit the rehab for individual appointments as a part of the Institute for Neurophysical Restoration program. Experts offer customizable plans within budget and according to each client’s needs and demands. However, remember that pricing may vary depending on the type of program a person chooses to avail.

Does the Chronic Illness Management Program at ARC Psychiatry accommodate bedbound people?

Experts delivering the chronic illness management program at ARC Psychiatry work with each client according to their comfort level. They understand that some clients find it difficult and exhausting to get care due to their disabling symptoms. For such patients, experts discuss their needs and create a plan that works best for them and is according to their preferences.

What should I bring for my first appointment at ARC Psychiatry?

Clients are instructed to keep certain things ready before attending the first appointment at ARC Psychiatry to save time and allow experts to deliver the best care. These items include the following:

  • A photo ID or driver’s license
  • A list of all current medications with dosage and frequency
  • Insurance card (where applicable)
  • New patient forms (completed)

What do ARC Psychiatry reviews say?

ARC Psychiatry reviews have highlighted the facility as a safe therapeutic place to get benefits for underlying behavioral disorders according to personal circumstances and preferences.

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