Recognized as the best detox in Florida, Aloha Detox is a rehabilitation center that offers a full range of services to assist and guide individuals on the road to addiction recovery through personalized treatment plans. The programs available at this rehab are innovative, comprehensive, compassionate, and cater to those with co-occurring disorders.

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The leading specialists at this rehab care for patients and provide the best treatment at multiple levels of care according to their unique needs.

Admission Process at Aloha Detox

The minute a patient calls Aloha Detox, the team responds as quickly as possible to provide the required assistance. For this purpose, the team first collects some background information from everyone to plan out the procedures and services for their recovery as effectively as possible. Together with the clients, the experts work on the best plan of action so that they can start living the best life once again. When the clients finally arrive at the facility, they undergo a thorough assessment process which helps experts determine their eligibility for care and the type of treatment they need during their stay.

Step One: What Aloha Detox Expects from Patients

Aloha Detox expects all its patients to outline their history of substance abuse and any other medical concerns. They should also inform the experts about their living situation and environment. Later during treatment, each client will also have enough time to talk about their eating disorder history along with any physical health issues they are suffering from. With all this history, experts will curate a detox plan specifically suited to each individual’s needs. 

Step Two: Insurance Verification

The staff at Aloha Detox believes in treating everyone with equal respect and dignity. It, therefore, directly works with the insurance providers of its clients to find out the best possible way to pay for treatment. The aim is to help clients focus on getting well and recovering without worrying about how they will pay the bills.

Step Three: Understanding the Treatment Plan

Before commencing treatment, experts will explain everything about addiction recovery and how their programs will help clients achieve it. This discussion aims to ensure that the expert team is on the same page about treatment with their clients so that the process can continue amicably without any unnecessary hurdles.

Step Four: Planning Journeys

The services offered at Aloha Detox also include helping clients plan how they will reach the facility. The dedicated team members will keep in touch with all clients throughout the process and determine the best routes and plan that they can adopt to reach the rehab in the most comfortable way possible.

Step Five: Arriving at the Facility

Finally, when clients arrive at Aloha Detox center, the staff members will quickly assess them to check their current state and offer the best level of care that they require at the moment.

Specialty Programs at Aloha Detox Treatment Center

Aloha Detox includes a team of specialists who aims to help and support addicts through specialized treatment programs. These treatment programs include:

  • Detoxification
  • Pre-hospitalization
  • Residential Detox
  • Inpatient and outpatient programs
  • Experiential programs with therapies like reiki therapy, acupuncture, and yoga

The policies at Aloha Detox are result-driven, and the expert team is committed to providing world-class outcomes to all patients as soon as possible. In addition to focusing on the primary patient, the rehab also aims to involve their families in the recovery program so that the results can be more widespread and sustainable in the long run.

The specialty programs available at Aloha Detox are based on a few ground rules, which include the following: 

  • The expert team knows that no single process or program can work equally well for all individuals suffering from an addiction. Hence, it keeps an open while determining the best treatment program for each client. 
  • Treatment specialists, aftercare services, and communication among these factors also play a role in defining treatment outcomes.
  • By focusing on other areas of life, such as spirituality, with experiential therapies, it is possible to amplify the recovery results.

With the principles mentioned above in mind, experts at Aloha Detox have in-depth discussions with all individuals and get to know them more. Finally, they combine all information sources to curate a specialty program to help you or your loved one achieve the recovery they deserve.


What happens if there is an emergency at Aloha Detox Center?

The rehab has properly established risk management procedures and practices, including emergency preparedness training. In case of an emergency with the patient, the rehab notifies their emergency contact as soon as possible and with all details. Throughout the entire emergency, patient safety is kept as the number one priority.

What is the success rate of Aloha Detox?

As per the rehab, the success rate for recovery varies from one patient to another, depending on various factors. The most important of these factors include the level at which a patient, along with their loved ones, is willing to introduce positive life changes.

How much will treatment cost at the rehab?

Fortunately, most programs available at Aloha Detox are acceptable by major insurance companies. For more information regarding this, clients can get in touch with the admissions department through the official phone number and find out about the detailed plan and coverage their insurance policy may offer. At Aloha rehab, addiction rehabilitation is considered a highly personal experience, and the associated costs depend on different factors, such as the underlying issue, its severity, the time a patient needs to spend in rehab for recovery, and the presence and absence of co-occurring disorders.

How long will I need to be in treatment at Aloha Detox?

The duration of treatment will again vary from one person to another based on their unique circumstances and needs. The clinical team at the facility will make a personalized treatment plan that ensures that every individual receives the treatment they truly need to recover.

What are the qualifications of the staff at Aloha?

Before appointing new staff members, Aloha rehab makes sure to conduct necessary background checks on everyone to make sure that all hiring complies with state regulations. The staff members at Aloha also have adequate training in providing CPR, first aid, and basic life support and have enough skills to support and enhance the quality of care of patients.

Will family members also get involved in treatment?

The rehab encourages the family members of all patients to participate in their loved ones’ journeys as much as possible. Moreover, it also believes that because addiction can easily impact the entire family, it is essential for them to also heal and recover alongside their loved ones.

Is there a continuing care program at Aloha Detox?

As one of the best detox centers Florida, Aloha Detox understands that achieving sobriety is only the beginning of the recovery process. Hence, the staff closely works with patients, their referral sources, and families to curate an in-depth discharge and aftercare program that includes helping people establish a support system. Moreover, it also helps these patients identify appropriate continuing care and support groups in the community.

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